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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A scene in the Obama White House

Aide #1: We have to shut up those bloggers named Burri somehow.

Aide #2 (shaking): Yeah, but how?

Aide #1 (slaps Aide #2): Pull yourself together! We'll just pick a fight with the Swiss.
ZURICH, Feb 21 (Reuters) - The right-wing Swiss People's Party (SVP) called on Saturday for retaliation against the United States over a U.S. tax probe into the country's biggest bank UBS that threatens prized banking secrecy.
Aide #1: Then when the war starts...

Aide #2: Brilliant! Then we can force those Burris* into interment camps and forget about them!

* Note that this is the plural form of the proper noun "Burri," not the singular form of the proper noun "Burris." We regret any confusion.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

I will keep asking a quesion till the Anti Smoking Nazis give me an answer

Are the people who make up groups like the group Tee Bee introduced us to "Holding our Breath for a Smoke Free Wisconsin" willing to go all the way and call for a total Prohibition of the sale of tobacco in all of its forms.

They stand there telling us how evil tobacco and its by products are. They stomp all over the private property rights of business owners with the help of their Socialist allies in Madison. But they say nothing while the state collects millions of dollars in tax revenue from the sale of this vile and evil product.

In my book any Anti Smoking group that is not calling for tobacco to be declared an illegal substance is nothing more than a bunch of frauds and hypocrites.

That goes double for Anti Smoking politicians like Governor Doyle. I would love to just once have a member of the MSM ask the Governor why he is not working towards a total prohibition of tobacco in Wisconsin. I would love to hear him stammer and sputter through that answer, since he would not be able to admit they do not want to give up the taxes they collect on the sale of this vile and evil product.

I tried to find a contact email for these holding our breath people to try and ask them this question but could not locate one. So I left it in a comment we will see if we get an answer.

How can any government in good faith collect taxes on a product they are saying is evil?

some day I will get an answer(an honest one) on this question.


Newest weapon in push for Wisconsin smoking ban

"Holding Our Breath for a Smoke-Free Wisconsin" has a super-powerful weapon in their arsenal:

Heather Betsinger.
She's young, pretty, and articulate. And she almost died from lung cancer, having never smoked in her life. She was the pretty college kid serving you drinks in that smoky tavern to pay her tuition.

Scarier? Their ally, your tax dollars:

Those in favor of the ban say they're hopeful the support will push a Wisconsin ban through the legislature.

"We are very optimistic, with what the governor has in his budget and the way things are going right now. Yes, very optimistic," says Dan Duquette, who sits on the American Cancer Society Board of Directors.

Friday Grumps Gun Porn: The Marlin Youth Model .22lr

Sorry for the lateness of this post the boys had the day off of school and we slept in ;)

I am going to the other end of the gun vault this week. From the my Sturm Gewehr to my oldest sons single shot .22 rifle.

These are the most important guns in the vault the ones that teach our children how to safely shoot and introduce them to the shooting life.

This rifle is a Marlin .22 Youth Model. As you can see it is a single shot bolt action. For you non shooters that means you must cycle open the bolt and reload it every shot. It has no magazine so it is a true single shot.

My oldest son who is 8 has been shooting this rifle since he was 5 years old under strict adult supervision. He has finally grown into the rifle and can shoot it with the stock in his shoulder now. He is now one of the safest shooters I know he will even scold adults for not using the safety on their guns. My guess is he has put close to 750 rounds down the barrel of this little tack pounder. He will sit and shoot all day if you would let him. I pity the squirrel and rabbit population when he is old enough to be unleashed on the woods ;)

I had to laugh a while back when Tank Johnson of the Bears was arrested in Illinois for some trumped up gun charge and the media kept making such a huge deal that he had 500 rounds of ammo in his house lol what a piker only 500 rounds hell my Son has over a 1000 rounds of .22 ammo down in the vault at this moment(it comes in blocks of 550 known as bricks) Now my son cannot access this rifle or the ammo without me since I keep it locked up when not in use along with most of my other guns. Just to put you anti gun bed wetters to easy.

Little guns like this are important in ways most anti gun nuts could not understand they will never know the joy of sitting and just banging away with a gun like this when you are a little kid. It also is a pretty tame gun when it comes to recoil and noise so smaller kids can get accustomed to the noise that goes along with shooting. That is not a problem with son he has been around deer camp when we bring out the cannons and he has never flinched at the noise he just talks about how cool it will be when he is big enough to try the "Big guns"

Teach your children well get them shooting at an early age so they can have gun safety and proper handing of guns drilled into them till it becomes second nature.

Plus you never know you might need the little ankle biters help when you go out to loot ;)

A proud parent of a junior American Rifleman.


How do you know you are shopping in Texas

Thought this might go nicely with Chris' gun porn.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A word to Fred

Fred's asking a disturbing question over at Real Debate Wisconsin:


Maybe I should give up MRQ for lent?
A word, please, Fred.

I know that keeping up with MRQ now must seem awfully anticlimactic, what with having awarded the 2008 MRQ of the Year to…

who was that again?

But come on: it’s entirely possible that there are even better days ahead. Not likely, maybe, but possible.

Hey, did the NFL cancel the 2008 season because the Giants-Patriots Superbowl was soooo good? No! And what did they get? The Steelers-Cardinals Superbowl. Another great game!

So buck up there, Fred. Keep those MRQs coming.

The Secret to Doyle's Budget

I've been reading a lot about Jim Doyle's budget for the state of Wisconsin, and one thing has become very clear to me. He is going to get his way by overwhelming us with absurdities. There are so many breathtaking components to his spending plan that his opponents, people like us, are all over the board in what we are discussing. That's to his benefit because as we scatter-shoot on all of the disgusting parts of his spending plan, we are unable to focus the electorate on two or three specific items that would resonate with them and lead them to oppose his and the Democrats' spending plans.

Unless we begin to crystalize oppostion against two or three outrageous items that the public will resonate with, he and his party is going to win the short term battle. And by the time the public comes to its senses, we're going to be left holding such an ugly bag that we'll be left nostalgic for Scott McCallum's ill-advised tough love campaign.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Har Har Har Mine is an evil laugh

Since I am in a Browncoat mood today, I will post my favorite scene from Firefly

Wash and his Dinosaurs

My six year old and I can do this whole scene together.

"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal"

You cannot stop the signal

Yes I know there are serious political things going on but all revolution and no play makes us dull boys and girls.

I managed to stimulate an economy just not ours

Last night I decided to skip listening to the Messiah lie about raising taxes et al. I instead decided to try and stimulate the economy and went searching to find somewhere I could buy a Jayne Cobb Hat because I want one.

I did manage to find a lady who knits them and can make a special order to fit my planet size head. The only "bad" thing is she is from Canada so I will be stimulating their economy not ours. But I am a free trade guy so I am good with that.

I guess this lady is kind of the Queen of Jayne hat making as this video shows

The lady with the glasses is the one making my hat.

A man walks down the street wearing that hat shows he isn't afraid of anything.


Madison Shushes Breast & Baby Haters

So, Wisconsin is on the verge of joining 14 other states that restrict speech in order to shield moms from possibly hearing even gentle criticism of their breast feeding manner. I think there are legitimate gripes that can be made against this bill, but I'm afraid that if I criticize the boobs & babies in Madison, I'll be slapped with a $200 fine, too.

I've been informed that the original language, which said "no person may interfere with," was changed to "no person may prohibit." So if a woman is being wildly indiscreet about feeding, you may still say something to her without being at risk of a $200 fine. The property rights issues are still there, but the speech issues are not.

Carry on with your double entendres in the comments.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wayne Laravee's Back Page Report

Kevin picked up on this story a few days ago. Today Wayne Laravee focused on the story for his Back Page Radio report. In addition, Jerry Bader talked about this on his show today.

Jerry played Wayne's blurb all over again. The upshot of it all is the question: do coaches of successful NCAA coaches deserve the large salaries they get? My first hearing of the report was as I was in & out of sleep this morning and it started off with me believing Wayne was all for Jim Calhoun [Coach of the University of Connecticut's men's basketball team] giving back some of his salary, but in closing Wayne clarified and unequivocally supported Jim Calhoun and other coaches. In short, there is an agreement in place and NCAA athletics is about the only things that actually bring in more money to the universities than they cost.

First off, I do have some quibbles. Wayne is the Keith Olbermann of Wisconsin sports (perhaps not so bad, but he makes it very obvious he is a lefty) and took a shot at President Bush during his monologue — we don't need to infect sports with that stuff Wayne! In addition, Wayne's tendency to take a neutral stance even broadcasting Packer games had me off balance. That is one thing that annoys me about Wayne, him getting excited during a Packer game does nothing to tell me if the play is beneficial or detrimental to the Packers, I have to wait for Larry's groan or excitement. You see, if I am busy and paying attention to something else I can not follow the broadcast closely. Anyway.

In the end Wayne was correct in his assessment. Coaches are worth it.

Some years I was listening to WImP radio and they had a phonestorm session. They asked people to call in and briefly give their ideas on getting our state budget under control. One guy called in to suggest the elimination of UW Athletics. When the host pointed out UW Athletics actually made money of the UW the caller snorted and said to close it down anyway!

And The Trees Were All Kept Equal By Hatchet Ax And Saw

Yesterday in a comment thread over at Folkbum's I believe I read the absolute dumbest thing I have ever seen written at any blog in the last three years.

"JJ, the poor have been working as hard as you are and probably as many of them play by the rules as in your class. Rather than succumbing to the GOP divide and conquer by fanning your resentment you should be thinking how you could band together with the poor.
Keith Schmitz

He then follows that up with this gem.

"All I am saying is that class warfare has been waged on us for the past thirty years, its time to push back and your allies would be the poor and the middle class."

I am sorry how much did we as a nation throw down the "Great Society" rat hole?

The only class warfare I have seen is the left attacking those of us who dare to try and live our own lives and take care of our own families.

If you work hard and get ahead you are greedy and evil and must have cheated or been given special treatment. They never give credit to those in society that actually EARNED everything they have.

If you do not like being poor do something about it, change how you are living your life maybe work harder stop looking for some politician to make your life better get off your ass and find a way for YOU to make your own life better. Accept that there is always going to be someone who has more than you and that most of them worked for it unless their name last name is Kennedy.

I guess that I am tired of being told I should feel bad that some smuck that did not finish high school and never took the time to learn a skill or trade does not have a better quality of life. Screw that this country will bend over backwards to help you get out of poverty if you are willing to put in the work.

I am not saying there is not a section of people who are poor who do not deserve our help, but I am talking about the permanently poor class, the people who have been on the dole for generations. The people who do not pay taxes but get tax refunds though the earned income credit. The people who bought too big of a house and now want You and I to help them out one more time because it really isn't their fault they bought a house they knew they could not afford. The people who go to town hall meeting and beg politicians to make their life better like some poor serf asking the manor lord to take care of them. These are the people I am ready to turn by back on.

We need to stop attacking the people who have earned their wealth and instead start holding them up as examples of what this country can still be if you willing to do the work.

The Socialist idea of life being fair is everyone being dragged down to some common state of suffering.

I know this will sound harsh to a lot of our enemies on socialist side of the aisle but I do not care what they think to be honest.

I just know I am tried of being made to help losers at the barrel of the governments gun. When the government forces us to help others who do not deserve it, it is no longer charity it becomes wealth redistribution.

Kevin you want class warfare keep attacking the people paying the bills in this country and see what kind of warfare you get. You push hard enough do you think we wont push back?

And the Trees were all kept equal by hatchet ax and saw.


Wisconsin: "Roundabouts are haaarrrddd!!!"

Roundabouts are not hard. They are easy and have too many benefits to ignore, including no batches of big electrical monoliths at each intersection to support and repair, repair, repair. Imagine all that electricity saved for more big screen TVs.

All the damned things need are a simple sign at the main entrances, like I've seen in England and France. It has a basic drawing of the roundabout with arrows indicating where to go, etc. Some examples include the amazingly simple

to the much more informative (heh).

Add text at the bottom for complete clarity:

Use inner lane to approach far side exits.
Use outer lane for the next exit.

Re Danica

First: I note that Danica's... um... decorative marking is not in evidence in the photo you chose, Lance. Compare:

pshopped VS au naturale

Is it there? Is it gone? Is it strategically "covered" for certain appearances? Something to think about ;-) .

Second: I loved the link to McCain's "How to get a million hits on your blog in less than a year," (which you linked to invoke rule No. 5 about, er, personality) especially this part under No. 4:

... don't confuse cyber-venom with real-world hate. Maybe Ace of Spades really would like to go upside Andrew Sullivan's head with a baseball bat, I don't know. But at some point you understand it's just blogging about politics, and you start wondering if maybe it shares a certain spectator-friendly quality with pro wrestling. For all we know, Ace is spending weekends at Sully's beach shack in Provincetown.

Unlike the guy in Choke. Kick. Girl., I love MMA but I'm only Lucy Liu kicking everybody's actual butts in my best daydreams. Everything else? It's all good.

Atty Richard Bernstein I Call BS On You!

By reading this paper I call BS on attorney Richard Bernstein.

Mr. Bernstein was on Jerry Bader's show this morning to discuss the ADA approach to roundabout destruction. One thing is he clearly conceded it is not roundabouts but the design and engineering of the intersection that make it difficult to impossible for blind people to cross roundabout controlled intersections. I have seen the solutions applied to roundabout intersections with a high volume of pedestrian traffic.

Still, Mr. Bernstein was attempting to claim that roundabouts are very few in the nation compared to traditional intersections therefore of course they have fewer accidents on them. This study shows accident rate reductions and compares snapshots of the intersection before roundabouts and after roundabouts. In addition, it looks at the numbers in other nations and finds the rate reductions noted here in the USA are in-line with those accident rate reductions overseas.

To be fair Jerry questioned Mr. Bernstein on the notion about accident rates vs. numbers and Mr. Bernstein said (from memory here) that there were no comparisons of rates only numbers. I did not even have to google that one to know Mr. Bernstein was trying to put one over on us.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Military Avenue Roundabouts Rescinded!

Jerry Bader on his blog reports the decision to construct six roundabouts in Green Bay on Military Ave. is rescinded. As I said, it was probably a pretty good chance the funding would get put to referendum.

As I said before, you can imagine I find this to be a bloody shame.

No Jerry, that sucking sound is the sound of gas and time being sucked up by vehicles as they wait for the timers to turn the lights back to green.

One interesting thing to note:
Jim Schmitt's performance on the issue of roundabouts on Military Avenue has been embarrassing, to say the least. Schmitt had a chance to veto the roundabouts and whiffed. He then talked Alderman Tom Weber into bringing the matter back for reconsideration. Why he asked Tom to do this and why Tom went along is mind-boggling to me. It was seen as a charade by opponents of the roundabout and simply steeled their resolve.

Seems to me any opponent of an approved measure that once again goes down to defeat in reconsideration will never characterize the reconsideration as an open minded process.

A Blogiversary

Happy 6th,

Happy Birthday!

This is Fighting's sixth, so happy birthday to all of you who check in every day, to hundreds of you who have written articles, and millions who have visited.
From the very day I started blogging in April of 2003, I've known that, should I desperately need some low-hanging fruit; something bloggable; something so easy to fisk or ridicule or place in a barrel for target practice that it practically mocks itself, I could always turn to the Uber-libs at It's like a Super WalMart of tinfoil-hat liberalism. Like a Ron Paul rally, but without that pesky Constitution.

Happy Birthday,, and may you have yet another six years of providing me (and the rest of the conservative Blogosphere'o'Cheese) with easy pickings.

#17 From Cambridge!

Who all watched the race last night from Fontana CA?

Good race all around. I root for the homers even if they are not driving a Chevy.

It was a good battle between Matt & Jeff last night. Matt was in the lead for a good long stretch in the middle of the race and Jeff Gordon slowly, methodically overtook Matt's lead. However, Kevin Harvick made a mess on the track and the yellow came out. Then it was teamwork. Matt's pit crew did quick work (Craig Biffle's crew messed up big time on this stop, it cost Craig nine positions) got him out and when Jeff & Matt were back on the track it was Matt in the lead to victory lane. Jeff's crew did good work too, but not quite good enough.

From the green Matt jumped out and took a solid lead and once again Jeff Gordon nibbled away on that lead and made it interesting, then Jeff faded away. The commentary was that Jeff had used his tires up and even I could see Jeff's back end shimmy. Still Jeff hung back there and with under ten laps to go you could tell Jeff was making one last push for the victory but it wasn't to be for him.

Good clean race, Harvick's mishap was the only yellow due to a car the rest were due to rain. Little E had to retire early due to engine problems and inability to maintain the minimum speed.

I want to apologize to Craig Biffle's crew. They did not mess up, Biffle did he overshot his stop point and stopped with a wheel atop the airhose. Craig had to back his car up and that all took time.

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Liberal/Socialist Thought Police on the march

"Democratic lawmakers are proposing a bill that would require the state to investigate complaints about American Indian mascots in Wisconsin schools."

Funny how the people who say proudly "Keep your laws off my body" have no problem trying to force their views and laws on everyone else.

Amazing with all the problems in this state they find time for shat like this.

We need to stop these asshats before they PC again.

a proud graduate of Mukwonago High School "The Indians"

Even Obama cannot stop us from having fun.

I scored Buffet Tickets for the Alpine Valley Show in August.

Anyone else going to the show?


Roundabout Ruckus in Green Bay

The City of Green Bay is hashing out adding six roundabouts to Military Avenue. The decision has already been considered and approved, reconsidered and reapproved, but still the opponents fight on.

Let it be known I like roundabouts, I detest having to come to a stop for one car held up by a red light in the crossroad when they could have proceeded without hindrance a minute previous my arrival. Of course, you stop, they go, and you wait, wait, and wait. Then the old E = ½mv2 formula kicks in. Of course, sometimes you just get caught by the timer and watch an empty intersection. Stew on that the next time gasoline is $4.00/gallon or while you are in a hurry. If you don't have to stop, why stop?

Anyway my purpose here is mainly not to argue for or against roundabouts, but to inform and discuss about how the opponents are planning to overturn this decision by the Green Bay City Council.

Jerry Bader this morning is talking about the plans A, B, and C for rolling back the roundabout proposal.

Plans 1, 2, and 3 (A, B, and C respectively):

  1. The GB City Council will have to come up with project financing (most likely a paper sale) and will shortly vote on that. Opponents have 30 days after the financing plan is approved to force a binding referendum on the funding plan.

  2. An ADA lawsuit. A Michigan attorney contends roundabouts violates The Americans with Disabilities act. The argument focuses on the inability of blind people to safely cross roundabouts

  3. Lastly a recall — mainly targeted at Mayor Jim Schmidt

Here is what I say to all three such arguments — mainly with a view to general appropriateness & likelihood of success.

  1. This approach is the strongest plan they have and far and away the most appropriate. The citizens of Green Bay may decide they do not want their money to be spent or sell paper for this project. I have zero qualms & problems with this angle of attack. It is straight to the question and gives the citizens of Green Bay another check upon their city government.

  2. This is nothing extra engineering and cost can not overcome. There is nothing fundamental to a roundabout that prevents the blind pedestrian from crossing them. Try again. Plans for a given roundabout may be deemed in violation of the ADA but then the city & engineering firm just adds features that make roundabout intersection safe for the blind.

  3. This is a wholly inappropriate and extreme measure. I do not think a recall will happen nor do I think a majority of people in Green Bay will support it. Recall for reasons of corruption and outright incompetence, not because of disagreement over a roads project.

Opponents of the new College Avenue bridge in Appleton worked their opposition through the city council and via referendum, where they lost and lost. This bridge is currently under reconstruction (Thank God, I am glad for it!). However, I think the roundabout opponents in Green Bay have a fairly realistic shot about getting this project canceled or delayed.

I understand roundabouts are fairly new to the area & region so people are not quite certain how to deal with them.

Prior entering, traffic in the roundabout has the right of way. If the roundabout has multiple lanes and you are going left take the inside lane and prior exiting signal and clear your blindspot, if all is safe exit. If you are going straight I always opt for the center or right lane (if no center lane is present) and again signal - clear - exit. Right is easy stay in the right lane - signal - clear - exit (yes I am a fanatic about clearing my blindspot). Yes, it is possible to be cut off and if that happens take another spin through it. In my six years of heavy roundabout driving getting cutoff in the roundabout maybe happened once a year.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lambeau, Lombardi, McGuire, and…Uecker!

What four faces would you put on Wisconsin's Mount Rushmore of Sports? has been running state-by-state polls on that question – pick four people to be on your state's Mount Rushmore. Every state has one.

Wisconsin's four, according to ESPN, are: Hank Aaron, Brett Favre, Vince Lombardi, Al McGuire.

Lombardi's a lock. Aaron? He hit his 500th, 600th, 700th, and 755th home runs in Atlanta, not Milwaukee. He's on Georgia's Mount Rushmore, too.

Favre? My hero-worship of Brett Favre is wholly documented and without peer. But putting him on the list…we'll come back to him.

Al McGuire – I have no personal memories of the 1977 Marquette Warriors, whom McGuire coached to the NCAA championship. That's why these things are never left up to one person.

Here's my list: Lombardi, and Curly Lambeau with him. Wisconsin is a football state – the three biggest sports teams here are the Packers, Packers, and Packers. Winning, losing, whatever. Lambeau and Lombardi are two of the most hallowed sports figures in the country, not just in Wisconsin.

They go on.

Here's the thing about McGuire: if we put him on there, how do we not put Barry Alvarez on there, too? Or "Badger" Bob Johnson, who coached Wisconsin hockey to three NCAA titles? Harvey Kuehn?

If we put Favre on, do we not also have to include Robin Yount? And why them, but not Bart Starr?

Had I my druthers, we'd have a Mount Rushmore with two big heads – Lombardi's and Lambeau's – and then a bunch of smaller ones – McGuire, Alvarez, Johnson, Kuehn, Aaron, Favre, Yount, Starr…

You get the idea.

I'll pick four if you put a gun to my head. Probably go with McGuire and Mr. Baseball, Bob Uecker – nationally known, universally loved, the most prominent face of the Brewers we've got. What, you'd prefer Bud Selig?

But I won't be satisfied with those.

In fact, forget that: I want Uecker and Yount. Screw basketball. No, wait…gah. This is harder than it looks.

Got it. Danica Patrick. At least our Mount Rushmore will get more hits than anybody else's.

This is fun. And it brings up some other questions, like: what would Wisconsin's political Mount Rushmore look like? Fighting Bob seems like a lock, whatever we think of his current status as the "progressive" patron saint. Proxmire? Thompson (Tommy, not Ed)? Aspin?

Don't leave James Duane Doty and Henry Dodge off there. Those are two of the greatest characters in Wisconsin's political history.

What about military? General Billy Mitchell. Admiral William Leahy – he was born in Iowa, but grew up in Ashland. The unfortunately-named Richard Bong – a WWI ace and test pilot. Chief Black Hawk. We can lay claim to General Douglas MacArthur, if we want – his father won the Medal of Honor fighting with the 24th Wisconsin Infantry.

Quick, somebody name some artists. No, wait: bloggers. Wisconsin's blogging Mount Rushmore. Thanks, but really, I have to decline. No, no, I mean it. My humility demands that I not accept.


Scandal washed over the blogosphere late last week like wildfire over a field of loosely crumpled toilet paper. Sorry I'm just getting to it now. Had to do some...research.

Danica Patrick, (un)official IRL driver of the BBA (negotiations ongoing, although they'd be going better if Danica's people would return our phone calls) was...digitally altered in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


Sports Illustrated apparently had Danica Patrick’s tramp stamp photoshopped out of her recent photo spread in the Swimsuit issue. While you may debate whether her ink should be considered a “tramp stamp”, since the tattoo is a relatively classy depiction of an American Flag being morphed into a checkered flag, the fact still remains that it is missing from the photos posted online.
I know what you’re thinking: why aren’t I posting pics of a bikini-clad Danica, so you can compare the actual, tattooed version, to the airbrushed, tattoo-less version yourself?

Because, here at BBA, we respect Danica as a person and an athlete. You bunch of troglodytial lumps. That’s why. Plus, I really hate airbrushed pictures. And we know how to simply appreciate. And anyway, you can click on Gunaxin’s link to see them.

Pic to the left included to avoid conflict with RSM’s Fifth Rule of Blogging.

Do Liberals understand economics only when it suits them?

Chris Muller, writing about Governor Doyle's plan to raise cigarette taxes - again - this time by 75 cents a pack.

If taxes on cigarettes will discourage some people from smoking then isn’t it also true that taxes on income discourages some people from working? And taxes on business discourages entrepreneurs from starting a business? Or hiring more employees for a business they already have? And taxes on property discourages people from buying homes? The governor seems to get it. Taxes limit the activity that is being taxed. Apparently, though, he wants to discourage business and property ownership in our state.
Governor Doyle said in his budget address that this increase is aimed not at raising revenue, but at making people quit smoking. And he's right: that's Supply and Demand at work.

He understands: raising the price of cigarettes should cause people to stop buying cigarettes (at least in Wisconsin stores).

He doesn't understand: raising taxes on business will cause businesses to stop doing business in Wisconsin.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why can't the Socialists just admit they just "Want A Taste"

The Socialists in Madison sit on their thrones and look around for more ways to get some of your money.

The newest victim is Digital Downloads Governor Doyle has been after that honey pot for a while and finally is going to get to get his beak wet.

But unlike a Mafia Don who will readily admit that he wants his "Taste" because you are working in his "Territory". But not the mobsters who make up the Socialists in Madison, no as is typical of the left they are cowards they hide behind euphemisms and out and out lies.

Check this flat out lie
""This is applying the sales tax in the same way to the same products," said Doyle spokesman Lee Sensenbrenner. "This change protects Main Street businesses."

Give me a fraking break since when has the Doyle administration cared about protecting business. Well unless you are a road builder or run an Indian Casino or Adelman Travel. But if you really believe this has anything to do protecting business you are most likely one of those fools who thinks the Stimulus Package will actually create real jobs.

No this was the State seeing people following the rules as they were and being able to not pay protection money to the State so what does Jim Doyle and the Socialists in Madison do they change the rules.

Think about it there is nothing the Socialist will not tax. What service did the state provide in this digital download transaction? Why do they deserve a taste?

You need to understand the Socialists hate the idea of private property and private wealth because it may allow you to have more than some other loser/looter who does not work as hard as you or is not as skilled as you. This cannot be so they will take from you and give to the looters/losers all in the name of fairness.

It is going to keep getting worse until we run these people out of office on a rail. Which will not be easy since they have a huge voter base that is made up of losers and looters who will fight to keep sucking off the Government tit.

That just means we will have to work that much harder and organize that much more.

If we are going to go down lets go down fighting.

Anyone up for a tax revolt?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Grumps Gun Porn Mak-90/AK47 addition

First a special announcement I have decided to name this Friday Feature in Honor of our number one anti-gun wet your pants liberal Grumps. This is a working title so if you can think of a better title that keeps Grumps name in it let me know :)

On to this Fridays Centerfold

The Mak-90 in 7.62x39mm

This is the Chinese made version of the AK-47 but the civilian version it does not shoot in Full Auto.

This one is mine and I just pimped it out this summer.

Below you long time readers of my old blog will recognize it in it's old configuration with that nasty ugly post ban stock and wooden fore grips.

I had those removed and went to a telescoping stock and black synthetic fore grips and a new pistol grip hand grip. The fore grip also can have rails put on so you can attach things like tactical lights and laser sites but I do not have them on at the moment.
Below you can see it with the stock telescoped fully out. It is now one size fits all
I have three sizes of magazines for this gun
The short 5 round clip I use for hunting, Yes Grumps I have used this gun deer hunting.
The standard 30 round mag for use during Civil Unrest or Revolt ;)
And the Bid Daddy, The 75 round Drum Mag for use during Zombie Infestations.

I personally just love the Mak-90/AK47 I think it is one of, if not the best gun ever designed, simple rugged reliable. It is the perfect balance of firepower and simplicity. It was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov a man who if he had been born in the West would be mentioned in the same breath with John Browning, Samuel Colt and the Mauser Brothers.

You could lay this gun in a mud puddle for 3 days pick it up pour water down the barrel to clear it, slap a mag in and it will work.

If you came to me and said "Chris tomorrow society is going to fall apart and you can only choose one gun to protect you and your family"

I would choose the AK-47 without a seconds thought, it is the one right answer.

Another reason I loved this gun is because it is the Boogy man gun when it comes to the left they see a photo of the AK and they just wet their pants and go fetal. You have to love something that has that kind of physiological effect on the Socialists LOL. They think it is some kind of death ray which is really funny when you stop and think that I have photos of tiny little Phelony Jones blasting away with this gun.

So there you go in Honor of Grumps the Mak-90/AK-47

"the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Keep your powder dry

Get out and go shooting if you do not know how learn to do it you will never regret it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Supply & Demand in Action

Right now gas is flirting with $2.00/gallon up here in the Fox Valley. Some are at $1.93 or so and some at $1.99. This is up from lows in the $1.50/gallon range.

People are starting to grumble about how oil is going sideways but gasoline is creeping upwards in price. That can't be supply and demand can it? Those dirty rotten buggers are GOUGING us as usual, right?


The tango of supply and demand is very very interesting and that dance has a very real impact upon producers who have to pay for raw materials, capital, and labor. That dance is one I have danced from both sides. Obviously I am a US resident I consume a fair amount of energy and food - I am a demander. However, during the summer some friends and myself run a booth at Appleton's Octoberfest selling pork barbecue on a stick -- Filipino style.

The first summer we made said product we sold them for $1.00. We profited, we worked our tails off both to produce the product and prepare it for sale at the fairs (Farmer's Market too). Next summer we raised our price to $2.00, still we profited more, but demand and work was just the same. We were moving about the same volume of product. We had long lines, busy cooks, long waits for product.

For our last outing we set our price at $3.00/stick and produced less. For Octoberfest (we didn't participate in The Farmer's Market last summer) we were used to selling about 1,500 sticks or so (plus soft drinks & some lumpia), but last fall we came to town with 1,100 or so sticks (no strict accounting going on here). This time, our lines were smaller, our customers had less wait, we were able to put in less effort, and our take was very comparable (pretty much the same) to previous years! That is, despite selling less product we made the same gross and hence our profitability increased!

Why in the world, would we want to go back to $2.00 or $1.00 sticks? Now, notice, it was a process of discovery. Now, I have not closely tracked what our expenses did in the years, but I am guessing they have not significantly increased -- that is they did not go up by 200% as our prices did.

So, why are gasoline producers any different? If they can make the same profit by working less why would they work more to make less profit?

Get on the other side of the demand curve and see how price points affect sales, revenue, and profit.

One disclaimer. The above epiphany was by chance, we did not make a conscious decision to cut our production, I was just in a pi$$y mood when planning it and the local licensed kitchens made things hard for us. Still, it worked out nearly perfect.

One last thing before I go. I would guess the market would not bear $4.00/stick. Sure, we would sell some, but I am guessing the drop in sales would overcome the increase in price, plus there are other vendors on street with comparable products.

You know I finally got an answer to the "Tax Question" I have been asking the socialists for years.

Since I started blogging I have been asking the Socialist when it comes to taxes how much was enough.

Most of the time they would never give me a straight answer.

But now that they are in total power we see the answer.


Remember during the Clinton era that email about the new Clinton Tax form that only had two lines.

Line One "How much did you make"

Line Two "Send it in"

We chuckled at that but it does not seem so funny does it?

Get angry people, get mad as hell and start fighting back.


Why should the Taxpayers be paying these losers mortgages?

My first thought on the 75 Billion Dollar Mortgage bailout, is Screw them ,my second thought is Screw them and my third thought is Screw them.

There is no way in hell we should be using tax payers funds to bail these people out. If you bought a house you knew you could not afford then I have no sympathy for you. Once again screw you.

My wife and I could afford a much bigger house than the one we live in, but we made a resonsible choice to live with in our means. But instead of being rewarded we will be punished and made to help pay for losers who decided to live above their means.

And I know that I am not alone on this I am sure many of you are struggling to pay your mortgage and keep your home but you are not looking to government to carry your water. No because you are not a looter. You will tighten your belt and do what you needs to be done to keep your house. But because you are responsible you will be punished by President Obama's policy.

Why should your tax dollars go to help these mopes who bought above their ability to pay?

Once again Screw them let them lose their houses you reap what you sow and if you are a looter you should not expect us taxpayers to pay your bills.

It is time to turn our backs on those who do not deserve to be helped. We should and will help those who deserve our help through the charities we support or for a lot of you through your churches but those are choices you made. Charity at the point of a gun is not charity it is the Government stealing from producers and giving to the Looters.

If you are a looter Screw You and the Horse you rode in on


It is time to raise the Black Flag

You do not have to be a genius to see that we are under a full out assault by the Socialists on both the State and Federal level.

The days of saying that we can work with the Socialists are long gone, the nation we all love is going to be fundamentally changed if we do not stop these people.

I will not go down the whole list of assaults on our way of life but after seeing what is going on with the Budget Process in Wisconsin it is time to get pissed off and motivated to not just fight these people but do destroy them as a political force. Now before people like Jay and Capper et al get all freaked out I am not talking about violence. I am talking about working with in the rules to retake power and when we do shoving them to the side telling them what they can do with their version of bipartisanship.

Rebuilding and remaking the GOP and working to increase our seats in all houses of government at every level. And when we get to the point that we have super majorities, steam rolling the Socialists in the same manner they are steam rolling us. That has to be our long term goal.

For those of you who do not know, raising the black flag on a battlefield was a message that you would fight to the death, you would take no prisoners no quarter would be asked for or given.

In just the short time the left has been in total power they shown us that they are ready to fight by these rules. It is now time for our side to understand this and start fighting with the same resolve.

And if the people running the GOP do not understand this it is time to replace them on every level that we need to.

It is time to stand up to these socialists and let them know we will not let them and their looters minions destroy our Nation and State.

The time for talking is over it is time to fight. Really what do we have to lose it is better to go down fighting than live in the Workers Paradise the Socialists are building.

I refuse to stand by and let this happen.

It is time to get to work people the Looters and Barbarians are not at the gate they are through the gate and running wild in our streets, time to take back what is ours.

And that is another thing it is time we on the Right understand the Socialists on the left are not our friends or our buddies, they do not want the same things that you want. You must get over this mistaken Idea that we are alike. Ask yourself are you like President Obama or Governor Doyle, do you want the same things as Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi. Do you want this nation to be run by the likes of Barnie Frank or Maxine Waters? We are so very unlike these people. That is key we need to start seeing these people for what they are, our enemies trust me that is how they see us.

It is Us or Them time and you have to come to grips with it. People like us built this nation not people like them. The founding Fathers were more like us than the people who make up the Socialist left in this country.

It was people like us who drove this nation across the continent and built it into the Super Power that it was and can be again.

It is time for each and every one of us to stop and decide what kind of future we want for our children and our grand children and decide which side we are on.

I know what side I am on. I have no doubts in my mind about this.

Your nation is in great peril no more sitting on the side lines it is time to get in the fight.


Kick Me!

Does anyone know what: Taxidea taxus is? No, it is not the Wisconsin taxpayer walking around with a kick me sign, but it certainly fits!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Doubt About it, when it comes to Criminal vs.Taxpayer Jim Doyle will side with the Criminal every time.

Sentencing changes could make 3,000 felons eligible for early release

My only hope is they all move into Jay and Grumps neighborhoods.


Reince Priebus on Doyle's Budget.

RPW Statement on Doyle's Budget Mess

by RPW Communications

The Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Reince Priebus had the following statement regarding Doyle’s budget address:

“Tonight Governor Doyle talked a lot about hard choices, but it appears he means hard choices by taxpayers – not by him or state government. Governor Doyle has chosen to cut family budgets far more than the government budget. In fact, for every $1 cut in government spending, taxes are increased by $10.

Among the most troubling aspects of this budget is that it significantly raises taxes on small businesses which will drive jobs from our state, and it eliminates the QEO which has been essential to controlling property taxes over the long term. Not surprisingly, the governor’s allies in the education establishment were not asked to share the sacrifices asked of taxpayers.

As the governor stresses responsibility we must remind ourselves that this budget mess didn’t happen overnight. For six years, Doyle failed to make tough decisions to put our state on solid economic footing, and the taxpayers shouldn’t be punished with tax increases on everything from income to stock market earnings and gasoline.

Wisconsinites need their jobs back and others need to feel assured they won’t lose theirs. Increasing government spending and taking more money out of their pocketbooks during a recession won’t achieve that. Wisconsinites deserve better.”

Stunned just plain stunned

After seeing the Doyle Budget I am speechless at the moment.

My only hope is the people who lose their jobs because of the coming tax hikes are the fools who voted for Doyle

I really have to believe that if Governor Doyle was on the Titanic he would have been trying on dresses so he could get on a life boat.

You get the government you deserve and people of Wisconsin who voted for this fool are going to get what they asked for.

Why do we live here? We must all be mental to stay in a state like Wisconsin.

It is not even 10am and I need a drink


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An Obama signs the Stimulus Bill pick me up

I figured this might have some of the troops down out there so I thought I would find something to fire us up.

I cannot think of anything that will fire you up like the Haka, the War Dance of the New Zealand All Black Rugby Team

You have to love the throat cutting motion at the end ;)

Watch it a couple of times and you will be ready to go to war with the Left

Oh in case you are wondering the team in green is the South African Springboks another famous team in the world of Rugby


If some is good isn't more better

Doyle to call for 75 cent increase in cigarette tax

Why stop at .75 why not $3.75 why not $10.75

I am serious here why just .75 I love the tobacco tax it is the only tax most of the looters in society pay.

Plus if you made a pack of smokes cost $15 wouldn't that make more people quit smoking.

Isn't that main reason behind raising the tax on cigarettes to make people stop using a legal product.

Once again you notice the hypocrisy of people like Jim Doyle and most anti-smoking politicians. They are as hooked on the tobacco tax dollars and the smokers are on nicotine.

Come on Governor Doyle go big or stay home if you do not have the stones to outlaw tobacco lets make that tax really stick it to the smokers

Class warfare goes both ways. Stick it to the poor ;)


I need one of you Law Talking Guys to answer a question

Does this mean if I wear the holster outside of my cloths I can carry a hand gun in public?

"West Allis man not guilty in open carry gun case"

This quote from that story is what has peaked my interest.

"Cain argued that the U.S. Supreme Court last summer in the case of D.C. v. Heller concluded that open carry is "an individual right that shouldn't be abridged by law enforcement. That's what the case is generally all about."

I am serious does this mean you can carry if you do it openly?

Man grumps must be hiding under his bed after this case ;P


Who the hell are these people - GM lobbyiests?!?

Nothing else I can think of explains why anyone would do this - "Group hopes funds help retain GM" - and yet they have a name for their group: The GM Retention Task Force.

Seriously. I'm thinking it works like this: GM pays them to try to get the state to get the federal government to shovel money their way. Then they either get their regular GM jobs back or go back to the GM mothership.

Then, when it all falls in the toilet again, they shake their heads and say the state didn't do enough to help them. 'Cause apparently getting a solvent business together is completely off the table.

Monday, February 16, 2009

That explains all those 100-foot tall crosses I've seen in Illinois and Kentucky

Don't get me wrong - I love my cellie. But I'm not sure what to think about this:

US Cellular is asking the City of Janesville for permission to build a cell tower at St. Mark's Church on Mount Zion Avenue by the interstate.

Gale Price, manager of building and development services for the city, says the tower is proposed to be free-standing in a corner adjacent to a green belt. US Cellular wants to build a 120-foot tower with lattice frameworks extending out for cell equipment.

This technology is not unusual for ecclesiastical properties. A cell tower disguised as a light pole is in the works at a church parking lot in Beloit, and there's one hidden in a church steeple in Janesville's Fourth Ward.

If it's a win-win situation, I guess churches have to pay the bills like the rest of us (tax-exempt status doesn't mean free power and water).

On the other hand, it's one thing to make a smaller tower look like a light pole, and cleverly hiding one in a steeple is a good enough joke to let it go. But this thing's gonna look like a Metallica-designed Giant Redwood from the planet Regulus V.

Shhhhh! Don't mention that I back-dated this post - someone'll accuse me of falling down on the job and having something like a real life.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vote Tuesday

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Paul Ryan, using up my column inches in the New York Times

Yeah, okay, so I'm glad he did:

CONGRESS has made a terrible mistake. Amid a rhetorical debate centered on words like “crisis,” “emergency” and “catastrophe,” it acted too fast. While arguments were made about the stimulus bill’s specific components — taxpayer money for condoms, new green cars and golf carts for federal bureaucrats, another round of rebate checks — its more dangerous consequences were overlooked. And now the package threatens a return to the kind of stagflation last seen in the 1970s.

To get a sense of the pressures ahead, we must first assess our fiscal health. We started this year with a projected trillion-dollar budget deficit for the 2009 fiscal year. In 2008, we spent $451 billion just to pay the interest on our debt.

With the stimulus bill now becoming law, we’re digging even deeper into debt. The headline price tag of $787 billion doesn’t include the extra $348 billion it will take to finance the new debt, or what it will cost when Congress extends the spending programs in the bill, as is likely — as much as $2 trillion more. Add in the billions that are being used to prop up the financial system, and when the dust settles on 2009, with millions of baby boomers retiring and entitlement spending exploding, taxpayers will face a financial nightmare.
And that's not all. Read the whole thing.

Extra links here and here, in case this post's title confused you.

Give us a kiss...oh, um, okay

Via Ann Althouse, who's thanking somebody named Chris.

Happy V Day

To all my BBA valentines, especially demotivator fan Lance:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Raking Over Associated Bank

Associated Bank is headquartered in Green Bay and is in hot water. According to this report by Dan Bice Associated Bank was sending 100 top performers to a resort in the Puerto Rico. Well once Bice's story got out the pressure on the bank was huge and forced to cancel the trip.

Jerry Bader today spent some time talking about this on his show. His take was Associated Bank is still a private entity and should be able to compensate/reward its employees as it sees fit. I am in agreement here. However, taking that money opens up a whole new set of concerns doesn't it? Associated Bank is still profitable (you are welcome) and needs to motivate its employees and retain top performers. Yes, the whole group is not going to up and quit but a few may, a few may lose some motivation. It is not cheap to replace an employee who is a good performer. Not only do you lose that performance, quite likely a competitor will get that employee. Then one has to consider the cost of hiring a new employee.

Callers suggested those taking social security and the like should now wonder if they will be dictated to. Possible, people on the dole (food stamps, welfare, etc) are dictated to based on the same thoughts. We are giving you charity for a basic survival not so you can eat fine food on our dime.

One of the problems is (and this is in general with the TARP) President Bush and his administration did a poor job of communicating what the purpose of the TARP is/was. My recollection is the banks were not even lending to each other and there are reports of a major run on the money markets back in September. If your foundation is weak and breaking down, replacing the broken window in your house is not a priority.

Obama Lied And The Economy Died!

Obama Lied And The Economy Died!

There is our bumper sticker slogan for the next 4 years.

Damn I am good

Once he signs the stimulus package we should start printing these.


Friday Gun Porn: The Springfield Armory XDm in .40sw

Behold this weeks Centerfold, This is the newest addition to my stable. The Springfield Armory XDm in .40sw mated with a Streamlight TLR2 tactical Laser/Flashlight. It is now my home defense gun it resides in the hand gun safe next to my bed.

View from the right side with the slide closed and the laser attached.

A close up of the TLR2 which is a tactical laser and flashlight for you nonshooters it puts out the red dot laser sight and a very bright beam of light. These things are great once aligned with the gun the laser sight allows you to hit where ever you put the red dot and having the flashlight on the gun frees up your other hand. So hitting a head shot on someone wearing body armor becomes much easier.

That fact also places this gun high on the Zombie Repellent list.

The only real issue I have had with this gun is trying to find a holster that allows you to keep the TLR2 attached but I finally found one it is a tactical holster ie built to Military/Law enforcement specs I have to get off my ass and actually order it.

So there you go this weeks addition of Gun Porn

I think I am really going to like this serial post the scary/wonderful part is I can go a month or two before I have to use a gun that isn't mine ;)

"the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Keep your powder dry
Chris, The BBA Master at Arms

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The "Final Solution" Language

Wow. Dad29 brings some powerful words to the fight against the health provisions in the stimulus. And Wisconsin's own unbearable Dave Obey is behind said "Final Solution" language.

Meanwhile Along the 41 Corridor

Another Bergstrom story this one relating to the expansion of the business. Bergstrom is planning to open more car dealerships.

Bergstrom has a series of upscale auto dealerships right off of Highway 41 at the Northland Avenue (Appleton) exit. They also have dealerships across from Wittmann Field in Oshkosh but are working to add three more dealerships. Those dealerships will all be Asian brands.

Interesting, that sounds like a bullish on the economy mood to me. Of course, those dealerships will not be open and selling for a while. Also, of course, those dealerships do not directly help the US Auto Industry but they will help the economy in other ways. Plus even though the name says Honda it could be built by people in Kentucky.

Bergstrom Letter to President Obama

John Bergstrom head of Bergstrom Auto recently wrote a letter to President Obama suggesting the Federal Government dish out $5,000 to new car purchasers to be matched $5,000 by the automaker.

Wow, that would make some models practically free, especially if you throw in other discounts.

However, the report I heard (not the one I am linking to) noted Mr. Bergstrom received a form letter back and it does not appears his idea is going to be started up.

What is most annoying about the letter is not the begging for slop to be put in the trough, but the apology for supporting and voting for John McCain. Why? President Obama is the president of those that voted for him and for those that voted against him. There is no shame in voting for the president's opponent. Come out and say it, but don't apologize for it.

What Is The Over/Under on...

The days to the appearance of the first 419 Scam notes relating to the stimulus? Have you received any yet? I have seen TV shows on the 419 scam and just read through the Wiki entry. Incredible, according to an estimate on the Wiki a good 419 scam operator can get a success rate of .1% to .2%.

Dear Sir,

My name is Alex Snead and I work in the US Treasury. I have secretly appropriated $1.2 billion dollars from the stimulus plan and if you will help me arrange for it to be secreted out of the US government accounts I will let you keep $250 billion. All you need to do is setup an account in the Cayman Islands with an minimal deposit of $10,000....

BTW, the above note is completely fictional names made up any resemblance to a real person living or dead is co-ink-i-dental.

A Small Win for the Good Guys

Federal judge calls state's gas markup law unconstitutional

My guess is this is the first step in many I am sure the state will appeal this because you cannot stand to see you pay less for anything.

Or Governor Jim Doyle will just ignore the courts like he is known to do when he does not like their ruling.


Will Life Imitate Art

Last night I was watching "Death Race" in all the splendor that is Blu-Ray HD.

I had to laugh the opening cut scene "In 2012 the US Economy Collapses"

How did they know that Obama was going to destroy the economy ;)


Great movie by the way if you like explosions and lots of blood not near enough nudity if you ask me but that is just my opinion. ;)

How I learned to love the Stimulus package

As the Congress races to pass this economy buster of a bill I had a thought that changed how I viewed it.

The Obama Stimulus package will be a gift to those of us who are Anti-Democrat(I am trying to find a new term to use instead of Republican) in the next 4 years.

I really believe like the Clinton health care grab this will be the gift that gives us Congress back by 2012.

I think as more of the worms are found from this massive can of worms are seen and understood people are going to be pissed and will turn on the Socialists. I think 2010 could be like 1994 if we do this right.

Now we just have to find Anti-Democrats to run who are worthy of trust. We need more Joel Kleefisch and Paul Ryan and less John McCain and Arlin Specter along with the Twins from Maine.

We are being given a chance to rebuild the Republican party as a party of people who are lean more Conservative or Libertarian. If we can replace the Rockefeller Republicans with those who we can trust at every level of government we can make this a party worth working for and fighting for.

So this week we will take another step down the road back to taking our nation back from the Socialists.


Bud needs to give Roger Maris back his single season home run title also

Selig might make Aaron the home-run king

If the Commish does this he has to make Roger Maris the single season home run king once again. Since every person who has broken his record was on the juice.

If you are going to make things right Bud make them all right.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shhhh! Don't tell Chris

He will not like this. "Democrats undercut aid for U.S. workers":

With all the hoopla over greasy pork being stuffed into President Barack Obama's near trillion-dollar spending bill, it's what is being cut out that's receiving too little attention. And once Americans realize it, they won't be happy.

What's been quietly stripped is a provision that would have required any businesses receiving federal stimulus cash to use an easy computer program called E-Verify to make sure that the jobs they generate go to American citizens or documented foreign workers, not illegal immigrants.

If your a Dem and you don't like it, perhaps you should heed Chris's advice here, switching the word "Democrat" for GOP.

When the National GOP calls you asking for money

Tell them no, not another dime till Specter, Collins and Snow are out of the party.

Hit them where it will hurt maybe they will start listening.


Senate and House reach agreement on wrecking the economy

Well the Economy is about to hit the Ice Berg thanks to President Obama and his minions in Congress, If the GOP had any stones they would ask Specter Collins and Snow to please leave the party.

I thought this video was a fitting one for where we are now headed.

The Looters are running wild, the damage they are going to do to this nation will take decades to fix. If we can fix it at all.

All we can do is sit back and do what ever we can to protect what is ours

Another Sad Day for America


A BBA PSA: Cars and Electrical Poles do not mix

As you can see it got very exciting at Fortress Chris last evening and a serious flaw in my compounds defenses was brought to my attention. I need a much bigger back up generator.

An Asshat speeding down the side street lost control and of course hit the power pole. Then he flew back across the street ending up stopping inches from my back yard fence. I was not home(I was at gymnastics practice) but the Gruppenfuhrer was working from home and took these great photos.

There was a lot of luck in the air last night good and bad. Our neighbor across the street had been out 30 minutes before this with his 4 year old daughter riding her bike in their driveway. Right where the guy flew over it after he hit the pole. So that was an amazing piece of good luck. The asshat actually walked away from the wreck good luck for him. And he managed to come to a stop without hitting my fence which was good for him each one of those poles that holed up my fence go three feet down and have 2 bags of cement as their base.(I build things to last) so hitting them would not have been good.

I want to give a huge tip of the hat to the Oconomowoc Power guys who worked like crazy in the dark to replace the pole and get our power back on. They got the pole replaced in just over 5 hours which is pretty good by my watch. The kids got to do homework by flashlight and candle last night so they really appreciate electricity now.

I really do hope the judge throws the book at this asshat when he ends up in front of him.

So slow down the life you save might be your own.


Call Chuckie Tell Him You Care

The DC Office of Senator Chuckie Schumer

Phone number is 202-224-6542

Let Chuckie know that you are one of the American People and you do care about the Pork.


Senator Schumer, I am one of the American People and I do care

Yes, yes, the serfs do not mind hell let them eat cake while they are paying for this all those porky amendments.

The Arrogance of the Liberal Ruling Class comes to the surface once again.

This is the party of the people???

Chucky you sir are another fine reason we should have term limits.

The good people of New York should be proud they keep putting a man like this in the Senate.

The Looters are not even trying to hide it anymore. Hell they are about to loot this nation in a manner that will make New Orleans during Katrina seem like a church social.

The Storm Clouds keep gathering on the horizon stand by for High Winds and Heavy Seas.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A good day for the looters

Senate passes Obama's economic recovery plan

State Senate votes to raise minimum wage

More storm clouds on the horizon on both the State and Federal level.

I will be totally honest I am glad I am not a business owner in the state of Wisconsin.

As for the Stimulus bill, start greasing the skids towards making a recession into a depression.

I lived through Carter, I remember how bad it was and how miserable this country was under that Mopes leadership. I have the feeling that when "The One" gets done with our economy the Carter era is going to look like the good old days.

I wonder what it is like to get up every morning and hope that the Federal Government and the State Government will take care of you.

After listening to a number of the questions that the Messiah got at his two "town hall" meetings. I am actually worried about the long term survival of this nation.

When did we become a nation of losers always looking for a handout I mean I was shocked by these people begging Obama to take care of them. What happen to the Nation that put men on the moon and once fought a global war to save Western Civilization? When did our vision and need to do great things leave us? When did we become a nation of serfs just looking for the next hand out for our Lords in Washington or Madison? We have a large percentage of our population that is content to live on the dole how did we ever let it get to this point. It just boggles the mind.

I for one refuse to be a serf I will not look to Washington or Madison to take care of me or my family. I know that a lot of you feel the same way the question is is there enough of us left anymore?

Yes it will get much worse before it gets better, but I still believe it will eventually get better.

It is just how long will it take is the question now


Monday, February 09, 2009

Obama's a Klutz, a Buffoon!

Well, probably not, but if this were George W. Bush, I can assure you that the left would be portraying it that way, only with much saltier language.

And just to prove that stuffing ballot boxes really does work...

...RealDebateWisconsin's 2008 MRQ of the Year Award goes to...



Oh, you probably figured it out just by the way I'm setting it up. Click over and see for yourself.

I am now officially retired from compulsively voting for my own MRQ entries.

Hey, is there a logo or something? Something I can put in a sidebar?

UPDATE - geez, I forgot to thank all the people who voted for me. The people I hounded, relentlessly, to vote for me. Again, and again, and again.

Thanks. I'll stop now.

My plucky Valentine...

I know you're asking the same question I am: What, oh what to get Lance for V-day?!?

Happily, Insty Glenn comes to my rescue:

... the all-important bacon-related Valentine’s gifts. Because nothing says “love” like . . . bacon! Except maybe a Baconnaise gift pack. With bonus bacon-flavored lip-balm!


Answers to Zogby's all-important questions:

1. Only if animals are allowed to barbecue and eat their lawyers at the end of the litigation.

2. Sunstein is right; we should stop eating meat because it's bad for us. I vote we start as soon as Sunstein and everyone in the new administration stop eating meat.

3. Is this a trick question? Everyone knows that you'd have to clean up the hurricane coast to get oil refineries back online - you can't just put those things willy-nilly in Ted Kennedy's backyard. Even Obama knows there's no point in putting good money into Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, or Florida. Plus, green is my favorite color in a car, although I'm not sure why we need to spend money to develop new kinds...

4. This follows a precise formula: undocumented worker = slave. slave = unpaid. Therefore undocumented workers don't get paid.

5. I'm gonna have to follow the advice of those in the financial industry and who thus know more about this than I do. I would put the money into liquid assets, lobby Congress for $1 billion to shore up my failing profits, then take my cronies to the Bahamas for an executive retreat to brainstorm how we got into this prediciment.

6. This one clearly targets the poor. The only people who need those stupid boxes are non-cable subscribers, ie people not making the minimum welfare payout. So all you want to get them is a converter, and leave them with that crappy 19" tv? Pony up and buy them big screens, you bigots!

7. This one works if you don't tell the people, and just call it a holiday for cows with so many years on the job (thereby appeasing Sunstein and his animals-are-people-too politics). Also, this only works if it doesn't affect ice cream prices.

8. Man, this Zogby guy is dumb. "Fair" means everybody gets some. Geez, do your homework, Mr. Think Tank Guy.

9. Frankly, I'm surprised by this last one, since Acorn and those women voters were such a problem during the election. So I vote against Acorns and women voters. Or do I vote for them? How about you give me the money and I'll take care of it, since I'm the only one around here who understands what fair is.

Did this make anyone besides me think of Fawn Liebowitz?

Classes canceled at Dominican after kiln mishap(MJS spelled canceled wrong lol)

For those of you who do not remember, In the movie Animal House, Fawn Liebowitz was the name of the sorority girl Otter pulled out of the obituary section to try and get a date with her sorority sisters. She was killed in a Kiln explosion.

Sorry but that was the first thing that shot through my twisted and warped mind when I read that head line.


With "Friends like these"

Once again the two Rockefeller Republicans from Maine Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe have sold us out along with usual sell out Arlen Specter. I mean this bill is so bad even John McCain is going to vote against it.

But not these three turncoats. It is not that their votes will help pass the bill the Libs and President Obama do not need Republican votes to do anything. But this allows Obama to say it was a Bipartisan effort even though Republican had nothing to do with writing this piece of crap bill.

Why don't Mr Specter and the two Senators from Maine just switch parties if you are going to vote with the Dems go become one.

I mean these three Senators make France seem like a reliable ally.

I would rather lose those seats now so we at least know where we stand and can start rebuilding the party.

At least when Obama Stabs us the knife is in our chest unlike when Mr Specter does it where it is always in our back.

Just keep swimming right?


I just got Zogbyfied and thought some of the questions there were worthy of discussion.

President Obama's regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, has argued that animals, this includes animals being used for medical research and animals that are hunted, should be entitled to initiate lawsuits with humans representing as their lawyers and guardians. Do you agree or disagree with this idea?

In a 2007 speech at Harvard University, President Obama's regulatory czar Cass Sunstein said we ought to eliminate hunting and the practice of eating meat. Do you agree or disagree with Mr. Sunstein?

The current stimulus bill would spend $3.5 billion to develop green car technologies but no funds are currently allocated to help build new oil refineries, nuclear power plants or to develop clean coal technology. Do you agree or disagree with this spending priority?

The Stimulus bill would allow undocumented workers, who are also referred to as illegal aliens, who are working and paying taxes to collect a tax rebate check of $500 per person. Do you agree or disagree with this provision?

If you were to receive a government check of $500 as an individual or $1,000 as a couple as part of the stimulus package, would you spend that money or would you put it into savings?

The current stimulus package supported by President Obama contains $650 million, renewing funding to help Americans buy digital cable converter boxes. Do you favor or oppose this spending provision?

The currently proposed stimulus bill contains money to subsidize dairy farmers so that they can take their dairy cows out of production in order to drive the price of milk up. Do you agree or disagree with this provision?

Thirty-two states are constitutionally required to maintain a balanced budget while 17 states do not have such a provision. Do you think it is fair or unfair for states without balanced budgets to receive stimulus money?

The current stimulus package supported by President Obama contains nearly $4.2 billion for neighborhood stabilization activities that could go to organizations such as ACORN or the League of Women Voters, that would spend it on voter registration activities and other community involvement programs. Do you favor or oppose this spending provision?

OMG OMG OMG OMG I think I know where I will be the first weekend in April

The Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point KY.

Home of the worlds largest Machine Gun Shoot and Military Gun Show.

You can actually rent time on a fraking FLAME THROWER droollllllllllll

Consider this my Birthday Wish List I want one of everything in the video.

About the only thing I did not see in the video was the "Phased Plasma Rifle in the 40 Kilowatt Range"

I wonder if the guns laws in Oconomowoc would allow me to park a large breech fed cannon in my back yard? I would tell you this a flame thrower would keep those kids from the Lutheran School off my lawn.

Now I have to go and start begging the Gruppenfuhrer to let me go to this for the weekend.

"the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Monday Morning Video Mad World Version

This Monday's Video: Mad World by Gary Jules

I figured this would a perfect video as the Senate is about to pass the Pork Laden Stimulus Bill.

I fell in love with this song when Microsoft used it in their ad campaign for orginial Gears(for you non-gamers Gears of War)

The song was also used in the Movie Donnie Darko