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Friday, February 27, 2009

I will keep asking a quesion till the Anti Smoking Nazis give me an answer

Are the people who make up groups like the group Tee Bee introduced us to "Holding our Breath for a Smoke Free Wisconsin" willing to go all the way and call for a total Prohibition of the sale of tobacco in all of its forms.

They stand there telling us how evil tobacco and its by products are. They stomp all over the private property rights of business owners with the help of their Socialist allies in Madison. But they say nothing while the state collects millions of dollars in tax revenue from the sale of this vile and evil product.

In my book any Anti Smoking group that is not calling for tobacco to be declared an illegal substance is nothing more than a bunch of frauds and hypocrites.

That goes double for Anti Smoking politicians like Governor Doyle. I would love to just once have a member of the MSM ask the Governor why he is not working towards a total prohibition of tobacco in Wisconsin. I would love to hear him stammer and sputter through that answer, since he would not be able to admit they do not want to give up the taxes they collect on the sale of this vile and evil product.

I tried to find a contact email for these holding our breath people to try and ask them this question but could not locate one. So I left it in a comment we will see if we get an answer.

How can any government in good faith collect taxes on a product they are saying is evil?

some day I will get an answer(an honest one) on this question.