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Thursday, June 11, 2009

If a tree falls in a forest

Kevin - they've been trying to blame the storms for this Air France crash from day one.

I appreciate the "global warming" humor, but if anyone believes it, pardon the pun, it won't fly. The pilot had been monitoring the storms and was/would have been flying fairly high in an attempt to get above them. The velocity theory doesn't work well either, for the same reason:

Both of these difficulties, had they become critical, would have been reported by the pilot, but no such transmission was received.

These theories will stand, however, unless the black box is found, which doesn't look like it'll happen - the proof is in the silence until the black box proves otherwise.

Best part of not knowing: If terrorists killed themselves and the rest of the Air France passengers and crew to draw publicity and support to their cause, they failed miserably.