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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why should the Taxpayers be paying these losers mortgages?

My first thought on the 75 Billion Dollar Mortgage bailout, is Screw them ,my second thought is Screw them and my third thought is Screw them.

There is no way in hell we should be using tax payers funds to bail these people out. If you bought a house you knew you could not afford then I have no sympathy for you. Once again screw you.

My wife and I could afford a much bigger house than the one we live in, but we made a resonsible choice to live with in our means. But instead of being rewarded we will be punished and made to help pay for losers who decided to live above their means.

And I know that I am not alone on this I am sure many of you are struggling to pay your mortgage and keep your home but you are not looking to government to carry your water. No because you are not a looter. You will tighten your belt and do what you needs to be done to keep your house. But because you are responsible you will be punished by President Obama's policy.

Why should your tax dollars go to help these mopes who bought above their ability to pay?

Once again Screw them let them lose their houses you reap what you sow and if you are a looter you should not expect us taxpayers to pay your bills.

It is time to turn our backs on those who do not deserve to be helped. We should and will help those who deserve our help through the charities we support or for a lot of you through your churches but those are choices you made. Charity at the point of a gun is not charity it is the Government stealing from producers and giving to the Looters.

If you are a looter Screw You and the Horse you rode in on