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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And The Trees Were All Kept Equal By Hatchet Ax And Saw

Yesterday in a comment thread over at Folkbum's I believe I read the absolute dumbest thing I have ever seen written at any blog in the last three years.

"JJ, the poor have been working as hard as you are and probably as many of them play by the rules as in your class. Rather than succumbing to the GOP divide and conquer by fanning your resentment you should be thinking how you could band together with the poor.
Keith Schmitz

He then follows that up with this gem.

"All I am saying is that class warfare has been waged on us for the past thirty years, its time to push back and your allies would be the poor and the middle class."

I am sorry how much did we as a nation throw down the "Great Society" rat hole?

The only class warfare I have seen is the left attacking those of us who dare to try and live our own lives and take care of our own families.

If you work hard and get ahead you are greedy and evil and must have cheated or been given special treatment. They never give credit to those in society that actually EARNED everything they have.

If you do not like being poor do something about it, change how you are living your life maybe work harder stop looking for some politician to make your life better get off your ass and find a way for YOU to make your own life better. Accept that there is always going to be someone who has more than you and that most of them worked for it unless their name last name is Kennedy.

I guess that I am tired of being told I should feel bad that some smuck that did not finish high school and never took the time to learn a skill or trade does not have a better quality of life. Screw that this country will bend over backwards to help you get out of poverty if you are willing to put in the work.

I am not saying there is not a section of people who are poor who do not deserve our help, but I am talking about the permanently poor class, the people who have been on the dole for generations. The people who do not pay taxes but get tax refunds though the earned income credit. The people who bought too big of a house and now want You and I to help them out one more time because it really isn't their fault they bought a house they knew they could not afford. The people who go to town hall meeting and beg politicians to make their life better like some poor serf asking the manor lord to take care of them. These are the people I am ready to turn by back on.

We need to stop attacking the people who have earned their wealth and instead start holding them up as examples of what this country can still be if you willing to do the work.

The Socialist idea of life being fair is everyone being dragged down to some common state of suffering.

I know this will sound harsh to a lot of our enemies on socialist side of the aisle but I do not care what they think to be honest.

I just know I am tried of being made to help losers at the barrel of the governments gun. When the government forces us to help others who do not deserve it, it is no longer charity it becomes wealth redistribution.

Kevin you want class warfare keep attacking the people paying the bills in this country and see what kind of warfare you get. You push hard enough do you think we wont push back?

And the Trees were all kept equal by hatchet ax and saw.