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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do Liberals understand economics only when it suits them?

Chris Muller, writing about Governor Doyle's plan to raise cigarette taxes - again - this time by 75 cents a pack.

If taxes on cigarettes will discourage some people from smoking then isn’t it also true that taxes on income discourages some people from working? And taxes on business discourages entrepreneurs from starting a business? Or hiring more employees for a business they already have? And taxes on property discourages people from buying homes? The governor seems to get it. Taxes limit the activity that is being taxed. Apparently, though, he wants to discourage business and property ownership in our state.
Governor Doyle said in his budget address that this increase is aimed not at raising revenue, but at making people quit smoking. And he's right: that's Supply and Demand at work.

He understands: raising the price of cigarettes should cause people to stop buying cigarettes (at least in Wisconsin stores).

He doesn't understand: raising taxes on business will cause businesses to stop doing business in Wisconsin.