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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A BBA PSA: Cars and Electrical Poles do not mix

As you can see it got very exciting at Fortress Chris last evening and a serious flaw in my compounds defenses was brought to my attention. I need a much bigger back up generator.

An Asshat speeding down the side street lost control and of course hit the power pole. Then he flew back across the street ending up stopping inches from my back yard fence. I was not home(I was at gymnastics practice) but the Gruppenfuhrer was working from home and took these great photos.

There was a lot of luck in the air last night good and bad. Our neighbor across the street had been out 30 minutes before this with his 4 year old daughter riding her bike in their driveway. Right where the guy flew over it after he hit the pole. So that was an amazing piece of good luck. The asshat actually walked away from the wreck good luck for him. And he managed to come to a stop without hitting my fence which was good for him each one of those poles that holed up my fence go three feet down and have 2 bags of cement as their base.(I build things to last) so hitting them would not have been good.

I want to give a huge tip of the hat to the Oconomowoc Power guys who worked like crazy in the dark to replace the pole and get our power back on. They got the pole replaced in just over 5 hours which is pretty good by my watch. The kids got to do homework by flashlight and candle last night so they really appreciate electricity now.

I really do hope the judge throws the book at this asshat when he ends up in front of him.

So slow down the life you save might be your own.