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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Atty Richard Bernstein I Call BS On You!

By reading this paper I call BS on attorney Richard Bernstein.

Mr. Bernstein was on Jerry Bader's show this morning to discuss the ADA approach to roundabout destruction. One thing is he clearly conceded it is not roundabouts but the design and engineering of the intersection that make it difficult to impossible for blind people to cross roundabout controlled intersections. I have seen the solutions applied to roundabout intersections with a high volume of pedestrian traffic.

Still, Mr. Bernstein was attempting to claim that roundabouts are very few in the nation compared to traditional intersections therefore of course they have fewer accidents on them. This study shows accident rate reductions and compares snapshots of the intersection before roundabouts and after roundabouts. In addition, it looks at the numbers in other nations and finds the rate reductions noted here in the USA are in-line with those accident rate reductions overseas.

To be fair Jerry questioned Mr. Bernstein on the notion about accident rates vs. numbers and Mr. Bernstein said (from memory here) that there were no comparisons of rates only numbers. I did not even have to google that one to know Mr. Bernstein was trying to put one over on us.