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Thursday, February 12, 2009

How I learned to love the Stimulus package

As the Congress races to pass this economy buster of a bill I had a thought that changed how I viewed it.

The Obama Stimulus package will be a gift to those of us who are Anti-Democrat(I am trying to find a new term to use instead of Republican) in the next 4 years.

I really believe like the Clinton health care grab this will be the gift that gives us Congress back by 2012.

I think as more of the worms are found from this massive can of worms are seen and understood people are going to be pissed and will turn on the Socialists. I think 2010 could be like 1994 if we do this right.

Now we just have to find Anti-Democrats to run who are worthy of trust. We need more Joel Kleefisch and Paul Ryan and less John McCain and Arlin Specter along with the Twins from Maine.

We are being given a chance to rebuild the Republican party as a party of people who are lean more Conservative or Libertarian. If we can replace the Rockefeller Republicans with those who we can trust at every level of government we can make this a party worth working for and fighting for.

So this week we will take another step down the road back to taking our nation back from the Socialists.