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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If some is good isn't more better

Doyle to call for 75 cent increase in cigarette tax

Why stop at .75 why not $3.75 why not $10.75

I am serious here why just .75 I love the tobacco tax it is the only tax most of the looters in society pay.

Plus if you made a pack of smokes cost $15 wouldn't that make more people quit smoking.

Isn't that main reason behind raising the tax on cigarettes to make people stop using a legal product.

Once again you notice the hypocrisy of people like Jim Doyle and most anti-smoking politicians. They are as hooked on the tobacco tax dollars and the smokers are on nicotine.

Come on Governor Doyle go big or stay home if you do not have the stones to outlaw tobacco lets make that tax really stick it to the smokers

Class warfare goes both ways. Stick it to the poor ;)