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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Secret to Doyle's Budget

I've been reading a lot about Jim Doyle's budget for the state of Wisconsin, and one thing has become very clear to me. He is going to get his way by overwhelming us with absurdities. There are so many breathtaking components to his spending plan that his opponents, people like us, are all over the board in what we are discussing. That's to his benefit because as we scatter-shoot on all of the disgusting parts of his spending plan, we are unable to focus the electorate on two or three specific items that would resonate with them and lead them to oppose his and the Democrats' spending plans.

Unless we begin to crystalize oppostion against two or three outrageous items that the public will resonate with, he and his party is going to win the short term battle. And by the time the public comes to its senses, we're going to be left holding such an ugly bag that we'll be left nostalgic for Scott McCallum's ill-advised tough love campaign.