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Monday, February 23, 2009

A Blogiversary

Happy 6th,

Happy Birthday!

This is Fighting's sixth, so happy birthday to all of you who check in every day, to hundreds of you who have written articles, and millions who have visited.
From the very day I started blogging in April of 2003, I've known that, should I desperately need some low-hanging fruit; something bloggable; something so easy to fisk or ridicule or place in a barrel for target practice that it practically mocks itself, I could always turn to the Uber-libs at It's like a Super WalMart of tinfoil-hat liberalism. Like a Ron Paul rally, but without that pesky Constitution.

Happy Birthday,, and may you have yet another six years of providing me (and the rest of the conservative Blogosphere'o'Cheese) with easy pickings.