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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reince Priebus on Doyle's Budget.

RPW Statement on Doyle's Budget Mess

by RPW Communications

The Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Reince Priebus had the following statement regarding Doyle’s budget address:

“Tonight Governor Doyle talked a lot about hard choices, but it appears he means hard choices by taxpayers – not by him or state government. Governor Doyle has chosen to cut family budgets far more than the government budget. In fact, for every $1 cut in government spending, taxes are increased by $10.

Among the most troubling aspects of this budget is that it significantly raises taxes on small businesses which will drive jobs from our state, and it eliminates the QEO which has been essential to controlling property taxes over the long term. Not surprisingly, the governor’s allies in the education establishment were not asked to share the sacrifices asked of taxpayers.

As the governor stresses responsibility we must remind ourselves that this budget mess didn’t happen overnight. For six years, Doyle failed to make tough decisions to put our state on solid economic footing, and the taxpayers shouldn’t be punished with tax increases on everything from income to stock market earnings and gasoline.

Wisconsinites need their jobs back and others need to feel assured they won’t lose theirs. Increasing government spending and taking more money out of their pocketbooks during a recession won’t achieve that. Wisconsinites deserve better.”