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Monday, February 23, 2009

Military Avenue Roundabouts Rescinded!

Jerry Bader on his blog reports the decision to construct six roundabouts in Green Bay on Military Ave. is rescinded. As I said, it was probably a pretty good chance the funding would get put to referendum.

As I said before, you can imagine I find this to be a bloody shame.

No Jerry, that sucking sound is the sound of gas and time being sucked up by vehicles as they wait for the timers to turn the lights back to green.

One interesting thing to note:
Jim Schmitt's performance on the issue of roundabouts on Military Avenue has been embarrassing, to say the least. Schmitt had a chance to veto the roundabouts and whiffed. He then talked Alderman Tom Weber into bringing the matter back for reconsideration. Why he asked Tom to do this and why Tom went along is mind-boggling to me. It was seen as a charade by opponents of the roundabout and simply steeled their resolve.

Seems to me any opponent of an approved measure that once again goes down to defeat in reconsideration will never characterize the reconsideration as an open minded process.