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Monday, February 23, 2009

#17 From Cambridge!

Who all watched the race last night from Fontana CA?

Good race all around. I root for the homers even if they are not driving a Chevy.

It was a good battle between Matt & Jeff last night. Matt was in the lead for a good long stretch in the middle of the race and Jeff Gordon slowly, methodically overtook Matt's lead. However, Kevin Harvick made a mess on the track and the yellow came out. Then it was teamwork. Matt's pit crew did quick work (Craig Biffle's crew messed up big time on this stop, it cost Craig nine positions) got him out and when Jeff & Matt were back on the track it was Matt in the lead to victory lane. Jeff's crew did good work too, but not quite good enough.

From the green Matt jumped out and took a solid lead and once again Jeff Gordon nibbled away on that lead and made it interesting, then Jeff faded away. The commentary was that Jeff had used his tires up and even I could see Jeff's back end shimmy. Still Jeff hung back there and with under ten laps to go you could tell Jeff was making one last push for the victory but it wasn't to be for him.

Good clean race, Harvick's mishap was the only yellow due to a car the rest were due to rain. Little E had to retire early due to engine problems and inability to maintain the minimum speed.

I want to apologize to Craig Biffle's crew. They did not mess up, Biffle did he overshot his stop point and stopped with a wheel atop the airhose. Craig had to back his car up and that all took time.

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