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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Scandal washed over the blogosphere late last week like wildfire over a field of loosely crumpled toilet paper. Sorry I'm just getting to it now. Had to do some...research.

Danica Patrick, (un)official IRL driver of the BBA (negotiations ongoing, although they'd be going better if Danica's people would return our phone calls) was...digitally altered in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


Sports Illustrated apparently had Danica Patrick’s tramp stamp photoshopped out of her recent photo spread in the Swimsuit issue. While you may debate whether her ink should be considered a “tramp stamp”, since the tattoo is a relatively classy depiction of an American Flag being morphed into a checkered flag, the fact still remains that it is missing from the photos posted online.
I know what you’re thinking: why aren’t I posting pics of a bikini-clad Danica, so you can compare the actual, tattooed version, to the airbrushed, tattoo-less version yourself?

Because, here at BBA, we respect Danica as a person and an athlete. You bunch of troglodytial lumps. That’s why. Plus, I really hate airbrushed pictures. And we know how to simply appreciate. And anyway, you can click on Gunaxin’s link to see them.

Pic to the left included to avoid conflict with RSM’s Fifth Rule of Blogging.