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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bergstrom Letter to President Obama

John Bergstrom head of Bergstrom Auto recently wrote a letter to President Obama suggesting the Federal Government dish out $5,000 to new car purchasers to be matched $5,000 by the automaker.

Wow, that would make some models practically free, especially if you throw in other discounts.

However, the report I heard (not the one I am linking to) noted Mr. Bergstrom received a form letter back and it does not appears his idea is going to be started up.

What is most annoying about the letter is not the begging for slop to be put in the trough, but the apology for supporting and voting for John McCain. Why? President Obama is the president of those that voted for him and for those that voted against him. There is no shame in voting for the president's opponent. Come out and say it, but don't apologize for it.