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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why can't the Socialists just admit they just "Want A Taste"

The Socialists in Madison sit on their thrones and look around for more ways to get some of your money.

The newest victim is Digital Downloads Governor Doyle has been after that honey pot for a while and finally is going to get to get his beak wet.

But unlike a Mafia Don who will readily admit that he wants his "Taste" because you are working in his "Territory". But not the mobsters who make up the Socialists in Madison, no as is typical of the left they are cowards they hide behind euphemisms and out and out lies.

Check this flat out lie
""This is applying the sales tax in the same way to the same products," said Doyle spokesman Lee Sensenbrenner. "This change protects Main Street businesses."

Give me a fraking break since when has the Doyle administration cared about protecting business. Well unless you are a road builder or run an Indian Casino or Adelman Travel. But if you really believe this has anything to do protecting business you are most likely one of those fools who thinks the Stimulus Package will actually create real jobs.

No this was the State seeing people following the rules as they were and being able to not pay protection money to the State so what does Jim Doyle and the Socialists in Madison do they change the rules.

Think about it there is nothing the Socialist will not tax. What service did the state provide in this digital download transaction? Why do they deserve a taste?

You need to understand the Socialists hate the idea of private property and private wealth because it may allow you to have more than some other loser/looter who does not work as hard as you or is not as skilled as you. This cannot be so they will take from you and give to the looters/losers all in the name of fairness.

It is going to keep getting worse until we run these people out of office on a rail. Which will not be easy since they have a huge voter base that is made up of losers and looters who will fight to keep sucking off the Government tit.

That just means we will have to work that much harder and organize that much more.

If we are going to go down lets go down fighting.

Anyone up for a tax revolt?