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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mike McCabe bashes WEAC

Credit where it's due. Wisconsin Democracy Campaign's Mike McCabe calls sleaze sleaze:

I look at WEAC's TV ad in the school superintendent race, for example, and can't help but see it as self-serving, misleading and sleazy. The union even photoshopped a picture of candidate Rose Fernandez to take the smile off her face. Seriously. Watch the ad and compare it to the photo that accompanies this story about the race. It's obviously the same photo but it's been retouched to give Fernandez a dour, rather gruesome expression. To me, that's sleazy.
I disagree with McCabe on the issues, generally, but he isn't a gutless partisan.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel starts to circle the drain

"Journal Communications suspends dividend"

But Eugene Kane is still drawing a pay check any wonder why no one pays to read their paper


Nonscientific consumer poll spawns new game:

Rename Hooters.

With the same connotation, and keep in mind that children are enjoying the outing and telling their little friends and their teachers where they went to dinner last night.

Phil Garthwaite First Class Asshat

I just heard Socialist Representative Phil Garthwaite go on his rant in the assembly

Where he basically tells Business Owners in Wisconsin to leave the state if they do not like the constant attacks on them by the Socialist controlled State Assembly and State Senate.

"Get your Ass Back down to the South"

Yes and when all of these business finally say "Who is John Galt" and pack up and move down South. How is Ass Hat Phil Garthwaite going to pay for their workers paradise?

When will the Business Owners going to wake up and realize that Socialists like Phil Garthwaite will not stop till they have destroyed their businesses?

If you are a Business Owner and can do it move, why are you still in this state? People like Phil Garthwaite see you as nothing but a huge ATM machine and an evil one at that. Pack up your machines and move out of Wisconsin to states that want your plants or offices in them, states that understand that business is the backbone of our country not Government.

Run like Hell.


The Song Remains The Same. Mayor Barrett whines for more money

Milwaukee mayor objects to stimulus spending tilt to suburbs

Wow nothing changes how much money do we throw down the Rat hole that is Milwaukee every year and it is never enough.

Here is an Idea Tommy boy lets spend these tax dollars on the people who actually pay taxes.

As a Waukesha County Tax Payer I am used to getting less money back then I send to Madison and Washington DC.

Just once wouldn't it be nice to hear a Milwaukee Politician say something other than "We Need More of Your Non Milwaukee Resident Tax Money" to fix our shit hole of a city.


Something fishy about conviction

The Janesville Gazette trumpets: "Pastor convicted of obstructing justice."

I hope the jury is privy to info the reporter wasn't. What's reported:

Fogderud, the founder of The Overflowing Cup Total Life Center in Beloit, saw the boys at Burger King, 400 W. Centerway, and invited them to the concert, attorneys said.

The [teenage] boys were scared, attorneys said, and they reported an attempted kidnapping.

Meanwhile, Fogderud left in his vehicle, and he was later pulled over on Centerway and Main Street, attorneys said.

The police stopped Fogderud, but he wouldn't cooperate, assistant district attorney Mary Bricco said. Fogderud wouldn't tell the officer his name, turn off his vehicle or allow a search, Bricco said.

"He wasn't going to cooperate," Bricco said. "He made their job more difficult, and he did it intentionally." Fogderud's attorney, Jeffrey Livingston, said Fogderud didn't know he was under investigation for attempted kidnapping.

The officers were aggressive and never explained to Fogderud why he was stopped, Livingston said.

Fogderud wanted to know why he was being treated so harshly for a traffic stop, Livingston said. "The officer didn't explain his actions whatsoever," he said.

Fogderud claims he did eventually turn off his car, get out and allow a search; the cops don't dispute this.

The attempted kidnapping charges were dismissed. So how much of a threat otherwise could the man, caught in town, present? Was he really a flight risk? Does he have a record? Did the kids claim he was physically threatening?

Not known, but entirely germane for the treatment he received.

Think it's no big deal? Fogderud faces a $10,000 fine and nine months in jail.

Obama Budget Cuts Visualization

Nonscientific consumer poll

Question: is Hooters the stupidest idea for a restaurant or what?

I'm pretty sure there are children involved along with the "world famous" Hooters girls.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MPD switching from Glock to Smith & Wesson

Due to continuing malfunctions with the Glock G-22, including a stovepipe jam during an incident when an officer was shot, the Milwaukee Police Department has decided to switch over to the Smith & Wesson M&P .40. Bruce has the details, including a copy of the memo regarding the switching from Glock to S&W.

This comes about a week after the MPD announced that they would switch from shotguns to new Smith & Wesson "patrol rifles," a semi-automatic version of the M-4.

Interestingly, these new weapons will come at no cost to the MPD.

It's only $172 a year, Right

"Proposed Regional Transit Authority tax: $172 for average household"(this is the Dane County RTA not the SE Wisconsin one)

The Socialists will say "it is only $172.00 a year pocket change. But then you add that to the $91.00 a year on your property tax bill and the higher fees we are going to pay for everything and lets not forget the gas tax increase that is coming one way or another.

Don't these dolts in Madison realize or care that all of these "little" increases add up over time. Remember you are already spending more on your gas just because you live in Wisconsin.

At what point will the Socialists say it is enough? $1000.00? a year $2000? $3000 a year? Sooner or later the people in this state who actually pay taxes are going to say enough is a enough and either leave if they can or hopefully start voting these tax and spend Socialists rats out of office.

A great quote in the article shows you the mindset of the Socialists in Madison.

"Pocan said the more contentious debate will focus on a separate RTA proposed for southeastern Wisconsin. "Our hope is that as people are debating and critical of that RTA that they leave ours alone," he said."Mark Pocan Socialist Legislator Madison

Nice so their plan is to use the fight over the SE Wis RTA as a smoke screen to hang this loser of an RTA on the taxpayers of the Dane County area. It is amazing how the party of the "people" is trying to sneak and ramrod through a lot of their agenda. That is why they are hiding all this shit in the budget. They have seen that we can mobilize to stop individual bills like we have in the past so they are just not going to give the voters and taxpayers a chance to stop their pet projects and tax increases this time.

Every day we see how important the 2010 election cycle is going to be we have to stop this madness and start the trend back to some sort of legislative sanity with that election.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gay Marriage trois

Given our current interpretation of Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, this is a difficult issue.

The main reasons for enshrining traditional marriage fall into two main categories: religious and scriptural tradition, and modern common sense based on mammalian reproduction and studies demonstrating father/mother parenting benefits.

It's clearly biased to simply negate these opinions and beliefs - and proof - as backward or outdated because they stand in the way of what some people want to do.

Nonetheless, they do stand in the way of people conducting their private lives, in an inappropriate and intrusive way.

That doesn't mean the answer is to abandon prevailing beliefs about legal marriage - we should be extremely careful of grand gesture as law, and of the law of unintended consequences. In truth, marriage may convey rights, but it presents as many challenges to its traditional practitioners through singular determinations by state of rights and property and inheritance.

Married people must do many things that non-married partners do in order to control and convey their property and even their lives - thank you, Terri Schiavo - because of the laws of marriage that try to but don't follow personal needs.

Need I say "pre-nup"? "Blended families"? Dr. Greenspan and Mr. Bernie Madoff (one hopes thus thinks Mrs. Madoff)?

Particularly as conservatives, we should acknowledge that the law is never perfect, only good and hopefully just, and should be as unintrusive in private lives as is tenable for the safety of others.

The only answer I find acceptable is for government to get out of the marriage business. Rewriting a tradition to gain legal standing is as bad as any law-bending. And to what end? The law will never be perfect; we must rely on civil liberties.

Still, I think it is troubling to jump into that just now. Time, discourse and "common sense" must gain a reasonable consensus. Unintended consequences (I don't mean dogs and cats marrying) must be probed.

Specter has been in the US Senate for 29 years

Just another reason we need term limits so people like him and Teddy "The U-Boat Commander" Kennedy cannot spend their whole life living in the Government Ivory Tower.

Term Limits an Idea that more needed now than ever.


Senator Specter confirms what we all knew he is not a RINO he is a Rat

Senator Specter is going to make it official and join the party he has been a part of for a long time. He is going Socialist and hopefully he will not let the door hit him in his Rat ass on his way out the Republican Party door.

This has nothing to do with his beliefs he knows he was going to lose his primary challenge so instead of doing the honorable thing and trying to win the General Election as a Independent like Joe Lieberman did he switches parties like the bitch he has always been.

Specter is a coward and once again proved it today.

This is a great day for the GOP and Conservatives everywhere, Yes it will offically give the Socialists their Super Majority once Senator Stuart Smalley gets confirmed but hell they had that already with Specter and Snow et al voting with them anyway.

We can win this seat back in 2010 and it will mean that much more.

Let me repeat it is a great day to be a Conservative in America.

Now if we can just knock Senator McCain out of his office.


Game On:

"It's official: Walker in race for governor"

Time to go over the top and remove that Taxing Abomination we have in the Governor's Mansion in Madison.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Re: Marriage

Heck, I'll bite.

Chris, reading through your post, I think you've spent more time reading Meghan McCain than any actual Defense of Marriage proponent. It's late, and I'm tired, so instead of writing a long rebuttal I'll leave the moral issues aside and just speak to your political point.

Since 1998, thirty states have passed constitutional amendments protecting the definition of marriage in one way or another. All passed - none has ever failed. Of those thirty, only 8 passed with less than 60% of the vote.

How is it that "we strengthen our long term strategic position," as you put it, by siding with a clear political minority?

Maybe it is time for all of us as movement to walk away from the Gay Marriage debate/fight

I am sure this will not make a lot of my fellow conservatives happy but I believe we are fighting the wrong fight when it comes to Gay Marriage.

If you take away the religious dynamic can you give me one reason to be against gay marriage?

I understand a lot of you are against this practice only because of religious reasons.

But if we as a nation decided to give the right/tax burden of marriage to same sex couples how would your personal life really be effected? I mean most states do not allow same sex marriage now but gay couples are still living together they are still having sex with each other. So how would giving the right to say they are a "married" couple really change anything.

I just feel there are far more important fights to fight and by making a tactical retreat on this issue we strengthen our long term strategic position.

Once again the principle of "The perfect is the enemy of the good" has to be applied here. This would take away a major issue of our socialist enemies. It would also allow us to focus on issues like Taxes, Abortion, Border Security/Immigration and the attacks on our rights. Issues that will actually affect you and your family in the here and now. When you really think about it Gay Marriage is more of a academic argument than a real world issue.

I have always said and I still mean it I would rather have a Conservative gay Adam and Steve living next door to me and my family than a Socialist Moonbat couple.

I would feel much safer leaving my sons in Adam and Steve's care for a day before I would leave them alone with any Catholic Priest(sorry cheep shot but I could not resist)

In truth the true Conservative movement should and does judge people on their actions not color, religion sexual preference. The Socialists are the true racists and bigots and, We as a movement are better than they are.

Backing away on Gay Marriage gives us another chance to prove that.

Thoughts anyone

Sunday, April 26, 2009


The Packers' picks go DT, OLB, OT, FB, OT, DE, CB, and OLB. Looks to me like they addressed their greatest need - defense, especially needing more players who can man the 3-4 scheme - and got some prospects for the offensive line.

Hey, Clifton and Tauscher are getting older, and Tauscher's coming off knee surgery. Let's not forget: they both started as rookies, and Tauscher was a 7th round pick.

As usual, it'll take some years before we really know how good/bad this draft was, but I'm pleased. Disappointed that I wasn't in front of my computer for the whole thing, but pleased.

Next year I'm spending the weekend at my computer for sure.


Four Badgers total...

...and all in the third round.

Defensive end Matt Shaughnessy went 71st overall, to the Raiders (as Kevin mentioned earlier). Linebacker DeAndre Levy went 76th overall, to the Lions.

Hope you guys enjoyed the winning seasons you had at Wisconsin.

More: OT Kraig Urbik went 79th overall, to the Steelers; and TE Travis Beckum went 100th overall, to the Giants.

Congratulations, guys, and best of luck. And good luck to the other Badger hopefuls who didn't get drafted - free agency awaits!

UPDATE - after placing only 6 players in the first two rounds, the Big Ten placed 9 in the third round alone: 25% of all third-round picks.

Matt, We're So Sorry.

The first Wisconsin Badger has been chosen. DE Matt Shaugnessy, has been picked with the 71st pick (3rd Round).

He's going to the dysfunctional entity known as the Oakland Raiders.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Draft done for the Badgers chosen

This'll be the third year out of the last four that UW hasn't placed a player in the first two rounds of the draft. Tight end Travis Beckum and offensive tackle Kraig Urbik have been projected as high as the third round.

The Big 10 only had six players taken in the first two rounds. By contrast, the Big 12, ACC, and SEC each had ten players taken; the Big East had nine; the Pac 10 had twelve. That kind of sucks.

Roundup of B.J. Raji info

JSOnline's Packers Blog has a nice roundup of stats and opinion - almost all of it very, very positive. The one knock on Raji seems to be his work ethic - if he commits himself, he could be great, but we're not sure he'll do what it takes.

Anyway. Raji had 8 sacks last year. From the DT position. Got to like that.

As expected, a surprise move

Wow, the Packers traded up to get another first round pick. Kid better be worth it.

Clay Matthews, LB, USC. 6'3, 240 pounds. Long blond hair. But we've already got a long-haired linebacker!

They're gonna start calling them the Barbie defense.

He was a walk-on with the Trojans and worked his way up to a starting spot. Must have a pretty good work ethic.

Huh, a third-generation NFL player. Wonder how many of those there are.

JSOnline's blog has a round-up of opinions. Some good, some bad. All guessing.

Let's go to the tape:

CBS Sports has another highlight video.

I like Ted Thompson's usual policy of hoarding draft picks - nobody really knows which pick is going to pan out and which isn't, so you're doing yourself a favor by having more.

Still, trading up like that is bold, it's exciting, it gives Green Bay not one, but two headliner picks. The cold analytical part of me wishes he hadn't done it, but the rest of me likes it.


Nice job, Kevin.

You even had their pick nailed before they picked it.

Putting out a Fire before it Starts

In case you hear something in the grapevine about Raji and Drugs at the Combine... is now reporting that the positive drug test for B.J. Raji--one of several potential first-round NFL draft picks named in an NFL Draft Bible report two weeks ago--was bogus intel, and that Raji came through the draft's screens clean as a whistle, as Raji and his agents claimed from the start.

Sports Illustrated's Tony Pauline reported the same news using unnamed sources, and has refused to retract his story...
SI later did retract the story.
An report posted earlier this month incorrectly stated that Boston College defensive tackle B.J. Raji's name would appear on the NFL's list of players who tested positive for drugs at the NFL Scouting Combine in February. We regret the error.


A Thing of Beauty

Just drool if this is the Vikings, Bears, or Cowboys offensive line.


With the 9th Pick of the NFL Draft...

the Green Bay Packers select, B.J. Raji, Defensive Tackle from Boston College.

Here's YouTube of his college highlight from last year. Guy plays much like a young (thin) Gilbert Brown.

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The Picks So Far...

Your NFL Draft to Date Packers Fans.
  1. Lions - Matthew Staffard, QB - Georgia
  2. Rams - Jason Smith, OT - Baylor
  3. Chiefs - Tyson Jackson, DE - Louisiana State
  4. Seahawks - Aaron Curry, LB - Wake Forest
  5. Jets (In Trade from Browns) - Mark Sanchez, QB - Southern Cal
  6. Bengals - Andre Smith, OT - Alabama
  7. Raiders - Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR - Maryland
  8. Jaguars - Eugene Monroe, OT - Virginia
  9. Packers -

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Ok, So It's Just Me

Well, so much for the Lance and Kev Show...

Ah well. ESPN is reporting Stafford is a done deal, and even report his number will be #9.

More as we get this thing on the road.

(Unless I take a nap or something...)


Draft weekend, and I’m gonna be gone.

Due to family events taking place both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, I will not be in my accustomed spot – in front of my computer, mouse in one hand, TV remote in the other – all day long.

That's unfortunate, since it's NFL Draft weekend - an island of plenty in an otherwise desolate and lifeless place where grown men are afraid to go out in the rain.

Sorry about that. I’ll catch up tonight, if I can. Promise. In the meantime: hey Kevin! Pick up my slack!

A few pre-draft tidbits for you:

  • Here’s our BBA coverage from 2008, 2007, and 2005 (page down for the draft posts - we missed 2006 for some reason). Good times.
  • Lots of info over at JSOnline. I especially liked the team-by-team feature, found in the left sidebar.
  • As usual, I’m hoping for defense. Some pundits are saying Texas WR Michael Crabtree or Buckeye RB Chris Wells – I’m all for taking the best player available, of course. I’m just hoping that best player plays on the other side of the ball.

  • And, historically, I think we’re better off with a linebacker. Over the last ten years, the Packers have used their first-round pick on defensive linemen twice and defensive backs twice. All four have...well, maybe they haven’t all been busts, but none have had any impact.

    By contrast, the Packers have spent two first-rounders in the last ten years on linebackers. Both are starters who are here to stay.

    We’ve also taken Bubba Franks, Javon Walker, and Aaron Rodgers with first-round picks. All impact players.
  • I also wholeheartedly endorse trading down for more later-round picks. This is anecdotal, of course, but: Mark Tauscher; Donald Driver; Aaron Kampman. Two 7th round picks and a 5th round pick.
  • Gregg Easterbrook thinks the Pack will take cheese marketing pioneer James Kraft in the first round, and Ladarius Webb, CB from Nicholls State, in the seventh round.
  • Badger Beat has rounded up opinions on where UW players might end up, draft-wise. They’re predicting TE Travis Beckum and G Kraig Urbik possibly going as high as the third round – that’s the best of the bunch. Up to ten other players might be drafted and/or get free agent looks.

    If that holds up, it’ll be the third year out of the last four no Badger was taken in the first or second rounds.
Okay, so that's it until I get home tonight, at which time I will attempt to break my record of eight draft-day posts on a single Day 1.

Go Pack!

Live BBA Coverage of NFL Draft

As is an annual 'tradition' of sorts here at the Badger Blog Alliance, Lance Burri and I will be likely live-blogging the NFL Draft today, which starts at 3 PM CT.

Early things we know for sure:
  1. The Lions will draft Matt Stafford, QB-Georgia, No. 1 Overall. ESPN is reporting he will be paid an ungodly amount of money ($78 million for 6 years, $41.7M guaranteed) even though he hasn't played a down in the league.
  2. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is reporting Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree is the Packers #1 guy they'd like to draft. This is highly unlikely, since most boards have him going in the top 5 easily. That will be well past the Packers pick at #9.
  3. Expect the Pack to go with Boston College DT B.J. Raji is your likely 1st Round Pick by your Green Bay Packers. So says the Green Bay Press-Gazette.
Expect more updates and discussion, as well as check Twitter for both me, Lance, and any other BBA-ers on it. Lord only knows what we might be talking Draft-related there.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Gun Porn: The Winchester Model 1897 Trench Gun

In honor of the Chief Flynn and his "Troops" of the MPD turning in their shotguns for assault rifles. I choose the Model 1897 Trench gun a 12ga shotgun first used by US troops in World War 1

US Marine carrying a model 1897 in WW2

I find it funny in a way the article makes it seem like the shotguns they are turning in are pop guns. The only draw back with shotgun is range other than that they are just monsters in close quarter combat.

To give you and example of how scary the Model 1897 was when the Marines started using them when they attacked German trenches in 1917, the Germans were scared shatless by that gun. They tried to get it outlawed as inhumane. Think about that the people who were using Poison gas wanted this shotgun outlawed because it was just destroying their troops when the Marines got into the trenches with it. Seeing a US Marine coming at you with that gun and its bayonet must have just put the fear of god into the German troops. Well for that second or two that they were still alive ;)

That story always makes me chuckle.

So there you go this Fridays Gun Porn the Winchester Model 1897 Trench gun


And the people who work at Newspapers wonder why people are happy they are going out of business

The Wisconsin State Journal ran an editorial on Tuesday with this headline

"Gun nuts misfire with ammo panic"

There unnamed editorial writer goes on to chastise those of us who have been buying ammunition in bulk and used the term "Gun Nuts" or Nuts multiple times.

Nice very nice and you expect me to pay to read your paper hmmm, as the first commenter on the article points out the WSJ or its sister "paper" the Capital Times would never use the terms

Global warming "nuts"

Animal rights "nuts"

Madison biker "nuts"

Doyle administration "nuts"

Obama administration "nuts"

Left-wing extremists "nuts"

Socialist "nuts"

Tax and spend "nuts"

WSJ editorial writer "nuts"

But they are totally cool with calling people who choose to buy ammunition in bulk "Gun Nuts" technically wouldn't they be ammo nuts. People purchasing ammunition in bulk are breaking no laws, they are paying for a product it is their money and they are free to use it as they see fit. I have been buying ammo in bulk for years long before the current Socialist Administration was elected. Once again it is my money and I can spend it as I see fit. Ammo price rarely go down so I try and save my money by going the bulk route. Volume discount is the American way. Ammunition does not go bad if stored properly and I use a fair amount of it over a year and guess what I am guessing buying today will still be cheaper than buying in 3 years like I said ammo prices rarely if ever go backwards.

Oh and the article goes out of its way to say as a gun owner I have nothing to fear from the Current Socialist Administration. To that I will say this in the less than 100 days since "The One" took office how many promises has broken? I would not trust a promise from the Obama Administration for longer than 5 minutes since we see that any promise he makes comes with an expiration date. And if my mistrust of my government plays a small role in my reasoning for buying bulk ammunition so be it. Last time I checked this was still America and I was free to spend my money on any legal product I choose to.

Now if some ammo manufactures like Scott Young of Wisconsin Cartridge do not want to sell to people in bulk that is his right but I am sure there are other local ammunition manufacturers who will be a happy to take that business I have never bought ammo from Wisconsin Cartridge and guess what I doubt I will in the future.

But lets get back to original premise of this post why does the WSJ think it is appropriate to call bulk ammunition buyers "gun nuts" did they ever even take a second and think they might be insulting current or future customers of their newspaper? I doubt they care which is why the Industry is in the mess it is in.

It is this condescending attitude from newspapers like the WSJ that has turned many of us against the whole industry, it is why many of us see the industry as an enemy of our way of life and take great pleasure every time a paper goes out of business.

Unless you are a comedian at a comedy club insulting your customer is not a very good business plan

Some day in the future if the WSJ is forced to shut down or go to online only like its weak sister the Cap times I will take a special moment of Schadenfreude as these newspaper nuts are laid off

And they wonder why we do not like them


Thursday, April 23, 2009

You're clearly just yanking my chain


Perez "Gay as a Tulip" Hilton is a judge in a national BEAUTY contest and lobs a question about okaying gay marriage to a finalist (whom Perez clearly had no idea was a student at a Christian college /sarcasm), and nukes her with a zero for her answer - the only right answer is "Gay marriage and abortion should always and everywhere be legal and acceptable and encouraged" - and she loses.

Perez makes it known that his scoring of the question undoubtedly cost her the crown.

The question from Hilton was especially pointed as it came just five months after the passage of Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in the state of California. Prejean, 21 [Miss USA 2009 finalist], may not be the first religious Californian to suffer because of her position on the issue.

The director of the largest non-profit theater in California resigned in November after it was revealed he had donated $1,000 to help pass Proposition 8. Gay activists called for a boycott of the California Musical Theater in Sacramento until its director, Scott Eckern — a member of the Mormon church — stepped down after 25 years of service.

There you have it: beauty queens and theater directors are keeping the gays down by having beliefs and taking an incredibly minor part in the democratic process. And they must be stopped.

All the organizers - that includes you, The Donald - have to say is chirp, chirp chirp, chirp.

Racine, Wisconsin Tea Party Highlights

Kudos to Matt Nelson for creating this video.

"We're not going to start with the assumption that you are within your rights."

Can you imagine the wailing and mashing of teeth on the left if Chief Flynn had said this about anything other than Open Carry?

Come on these people think showing a photo id to vote is a war crime but Chief Flynn can piss all over a protected by not one but two constitutions right and they are just fine with it.

Chief "I do not give a damn what the law says" Flynn uttered that great line in a article in the MJS on Gun Violence.

Two things about that article which you know the MJS put out there to back up Flynn and Barrett since they are both shitting themselves over this ruling by the AG.

First they never mention that the vast majority of that gun violence is committed by Milwaukee City Residents, I am guessing you could have counted the gun murders in Waukesha County on one hand.

Second they make a huge deal that 450 is the average number killed by gun violence a year in Wisconsin once again the vast majority in the city and county of Milwaukee anyone know how many people died in car crashes last year in Wisconsin?

589 with a five year average of 774 as per the Wis DOT

I would love to see what the numbers for gun deaths are in Wisconsin if you take Milwaukee out of the equation

Back to Chief Flynn and his refusal to obey the law as it is currently written(I say that because we already see how the Socialists are scrambling to fix this law that gives citizens too much power only the government should be armed in their world view)If he persists in going down this road when the City and MPD is sued over this can they sue the Chief personally? What about a Civil Suit or Civil rights case if the MPD carries out his orders.

Oh and where is the ACLU, if this was the any other group of citizens or even non citizens who were having a Police Chief and his "troops" blatantly ignoring a rights law like this they would he already suing someone one. But then we remember the ACLU really only cares about the rights of Liberals and Socialists and Non Americans.

Every day I get up and my view point that Milwaukee really sucks just gets reinforced.

Hey Chief Flynn why don't you stop worrying about people who are not breaking any law and start worrying about the real crime in your shit hole of a city?

Chief Flynn it is not a menu you do not get to pick and choose which laws you will obey.

Fight the Power ;P


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nice web, Mr. Crack Spider

Sharing the joke with Capper:

Tony Rezko's House

Today we visited Hyde Park and got as close to Tony Rezko's (I don't consider the home's as Obama's) house as we could. Both ends of the street were baricaded & open only to local traffic and Chicago police were present to make sure only local traffic entered.

Its amazing how quickly the neighborhood turned, what looked like dealers on the corner you blink your eyes and then you are in a swank neighborhood. Rezko's house not as large as I had imagined nor was the lot all that big either. Still, it was a nice looking house (we managed to get a glance from across the block).

Since I am telling everyone off today, Screw Americans United for Separation of Church and State

As the resident Atheist here at the BBA I am all for separation of Church and State. But filing a federal lawsuit to stop a Public High School from holding their graduation ceremonies in a church building is down right stupid.

Here is the story on the Brookfield Now website.

First just because you are holding a ceremony in a Church building you are not "practicing" any form of religion. It is just a building hell you could hold a Rave in there if they let you and I doubt you would call it a religious activity.

Idiotic lawsuits like this give the rest of us Atheists a bad name.

It would be different if they were asking the students to attend a mass before the ceremony or during the ceremony. But they are not, nothing will happen if they hold the ceremony at Elmbrook Church that would not happen if they held it our on the football field. There is nothing religious about this other than the High School Seniors thanking what every power they believe in for letting them finish school.

Save these lawsuit for important fights not stupid ones like this.

Oh and the supposed Anonymous Senior they are filing this lawsuit for is a coward. If you believe in this enough to try and to go court to mess up everyone graduation be man or woman enough to put your name on the lawsuit.


While I am at it, Screw Police Chief David M. Banaszynski of Shorewood too.

Chief David M. Banaszynski is the police chief of Shorewood and head of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association and he is on the radio flapping his gums saying now we should have to take some sort of training before we are "allowed" to practice our Open Carry Right which to his credit he admits is legal unlike that asshat Chief Flynn in Milwaukee.

So what other rights should we have to get training for before we practice them how about political correction classes before you use your free speech right.

I know someone will say "well you have to take classes to drive why not for carrying a gun" Sorry driving is a privilege not a protected by the constitution right. You should not have to earn the right to practice a right.

Time for a quick disclaimer if you have not figure it out I personally have little to no use for the Police. I think they are little more than Armed tax collectors who would rather give out a speeding ticket than stop a mugging because the speeding ticket earns their municipality money where stopping a violent crime actually cost money. If you are putting your hopes on a Police Officer actually protecting you from a crime you are waiting for a train that will not come. These are personal opinions of mine and do not reflect the views of the other posters here.

As for taking a class before I carry a firearm sorry I do not need one Chief I have been carrying handling and shooting guns since I was 10 years old I have never shot anything I did not intend to shoot I have never had a accidental discharge of a firearm I was carrying. My guess is I could out shoot most "beat" cops and would give most tactical officers a run for their money. I resent Chief Banaszynski saying I must earn the right to practice one of my rights. By not breaking the law and becoming a felon I have already earned the right to practice my gun rights.

I am sick and tired of these police chiefs always coming out when we have a debate about Concealed Carry or Open Carry and acting like we gun owners are a bunch of Anarchists. Chief Banaszynski most gun owners probably believe in the rule of law more than most of the elected officals you and the rest of your chiefs work for.

I am tired of these people assuming that just because you want carry a fire arm that you are going turn into some sort of maniac. If you trust people who believe in the rule of law and acting civilized you will have nothing to fear from people like me carrying a weapon.

To be honest after some of the scandals that Milwaukee Police dept it is funny they are so worried about people like me(let the record show I have never helped beat a man half to death at a party like members of the MPD)

Here is an idea why don't these police chiefs go worry about important things like making sure their troops meet their traffic ticket quota for that month you know your municipality is counting on that revenue stream.

Once again this is my opinion and not the opinion of my fellow BBA posters


Just wait till I do my State Patrol Rant ;)

Chief Flynn declares the City of Milwaukee Above the Law

Chief Flynn declares Milwaukee a police state where what the law says matters not one bit to Chief Flynn and his troops.

"My message to my troops is if you see anybody carrying a gun on the streets of Milwaukee, we'll put them on the ground, take the gun away and then decide whether you have a right to carry it," Flynn said. "Maybe I'll end up with a protest of cowboys. In the meantime, I've got serious offenders with access to handguns. It's irresponsible to send a message to them that if they just carry it openly no one can bother them."(From the MJS)

Well isn't that nice first he says he will ignore the law when it comes to open carry and then he throws in an insult calling those of us who might practice our rights "Cowboys"

I love it when a Public Servant forgets who he works for.

First Chief Flynn I hate horse so I am no cowboy and are you personally going to pay for the lawsuits that will be coming when your Officers "take down" a citizen who was legally practicing his open carry right. I cannot wait to see the fire storm if one of those citizens is a Black or Hispanic business owner. I hope you cost your shat hole of a city millions with your policy Chief Flynn.

I do find it scary how quick you are willing to and take away the rights of law abiding Citizens.

When will the left and the public officials get their minds wrapped around fact that these are rights we are talking about not privileges. As a Public Servant you do not have the right to decided what are rights and what are privileges

Just another reason that Milwaukee is a shat hole Chief Ed Flynn

I am glad my tax dollars are not paying this asshats salary.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trial NRA Membership — FREE!

Visit this site, fill in the form and receive a one year trial NRA membership! I filled it out earlier today.

Our Second Amendment rights are going to come under tremendous pressure in the next four to eight years. They will work every angle to erode the Second Amendment until it is meaningless. The only way we will overcome these challenges is by sticking together.

Democrats voting for illegal additions to the state pension system.

Assemblyman Robin Vos is accusing state democrats of breaking Wisconsin Law.

His release.

How Much Will Democrats Cost Taxpayers?Budget Vote for New Pension Program Could be Milwaukee Pension Scandal Part II

Madison…Democrats on the Joint Finance Committee rubberstamped a Doyle budget proposal today that irresponsibly adds thousands of part-time school district employees to the Wisconsin Retirement System without a study detailing the actual costs to state taxpayers. State Representative Robin Vos (R-Caledonia) cautioned that they could be setting the state up for another Milwaukee-style pension scandal.

“In a time when most individuals in Wisconsin are worried about losing their jobs and having their pensions and benefits reduced,” said Vos, “The Democrats are giving away entirely new full-time retirement benefits to part-time employees.”

Under current law, modifications may not be made to the state retirement system unless they have been heard before the Joint Committee on Retirement Systems in order to vet the possible costs and effect on the actuarial soundness of the retirement system. Since this law was not followed today by the Democrats on Finance, it’s possible this provision isn’t even legal.

Vos warned this unlawfulness is eerily similar to the 2001 Milwaukee County scandal in which county supervisors approved a plan without fully understanding the details, allowing hundreds of county employees to bilk the fund of almost $50 million.

“It’s obvious the Democrats are using this provision as a political payback to the union machine that worked to get them elected last fall, said Vos. “They know that the only way to get it done is to quietly slip it into the budget because it wouldn’t hold up in the light of day.”

Finally, Vos noted that not only does this provision threaten the potential solvency of the Wisconsin Retirement System, but it also puts an undue burden on local property tax payers by requiring schools to provide the 10.4% contribution required to fund the system.

“There is no higher priority in Wisconsin than a quality education for every child,” remarked Vos. “It’s unfortunate that the Democrats have eroded that priority today by forcing school board members to choose between funding education programs for our kids and paying a brand new pension benefit only available to government employees.”

How does a President and Poltical Party that encourages people to kill the unborn

Lecture us on Morals of any kind.

President Obama has the gaul to lecture us on the Morals of the United States as he dismantles our anti-terrorist efforts.

How can a man who is the head of a political party that doesn't just support abortion on demand, they celebrate it think he can lecture anyone on morals?

Please it is impossible to take seriously any pro abortion Socialist who talks about morals.


(Way to much coffee this morning can you not tell) lol

Here comes the rights grab by the Socialists in Madison

What is the first thing the Socialists do when they see you have a right they do not approve of? Well try and take it away from you of course.

I just heard on the Radio Leon Young is already talking about sponsoring a Bill to make Open Carry illegal.

and the MJS has a story how the criminals best friend Gov. Doyle, is already whining about this and they said "Doyle stopped short of calling on the Legislature to change the law" Yeah right maybe in public you know if the Socialist in the State Assembly and Senate send him a bill taking away our Open Carry right the criminals best Friend Gov. Doyle will sign it.

I have an idea maybe all of us gun owners should form a PAC and give Gov. Doyle a huge reelection donation. That seems to be the only way to get the Governor to actually care about what you think. The Governor is a prostitute you have to buy his love. WEAC has shown us that he is a good prostitute once you buy him he stays bought.

But I digress, back to my original point

The Socialist find out you have a right they do not like they go into action to take it away.

The pay back when we regain power is going to fun.


Ed. note it is Leon Young not Leon Todd my mistake.

Waukesha, Ozaukee and Dodge and Washington Counties are awash in guns

But not one person was shot in any of those four counties this weekend.

I am confused guns and having guns leads to crime and people getting shot at least that is what the anti-gun crowd tells us right.

Then why is it that almost all of the gun crimes occur in Milwaukee County but not the 4 surrounding counties?

I am going to keep beating this drum, it is not the guns it is the people who are the problem.

When guns are owned and kept by people who believe in and follow the rule of law 99% of the time you see no problems.

Just saying

Since we have been vindicated on Open Carry you might need this website.

This is a candy land or toy store if you will for hand gun holsters.

I bet PJ could find a nice leather one that matches her thigh highs ;) lol


We should go out of our way to upset the Socialists

A quick Question to all my friends on the Right.

Why do we give a rats ass if we upset the Socialists with our views

Sorry Freedom means you have the right to annoy the hell out of people you do not like.

I am so tired of people on our side who think we should play nice with these asshats.

I think as a movement we should tell everyone on the left to take their PC rules and fake outrage and shove it up their collective asses.

We should take a certain amount of Schadenfreude every time we upset "Those People" across the aisle.

I mean almost every one who is or was a conservative blogger has been verbally attacked and insulted by people on the left. Hell for some of us it is a daily event. Do you ever see people on the left saying "hey we need to really make nice with the Conservatives?" No they could care less what you think of them and they show us daily what they think of us.

So lets stop playing by their rules and do what we want.

Come on it will be a lot of fun and it will piss off the Socialists


Jim Doyle and the State Socialists are cowards.

"Doyle plan would allow more young people to clear their criminal records"

Now seeing that Jim Doyle is doing something that is pro criminal is not a surprise is it. Governor Doyle has shown in that past he is all about being pro criminal and is more worried about criminal rights than victim rights.

But what really bothered me was this line in the story

"The Legislature’s budget committee is scheduled to vote on the matter Tuesday. It is one of dozens of policy changes lawmakers will consider in writing the 2009-11 budget over the coming weeks."

Why are all these policy changes being done through the budget process why are Doyle and the Socialists trying to hide these changes? What is wrong with making these changes in the light of day, by going through the State Assembly and State Senate. Lets get on record for each change make people vote for the actual change not cover them and just say "I voted for the state budget. I did not know that was in there"

We need to start demanding that the budget process stays about funding not about policy and we have to make both Republican and Socialist politicians keep their policy changes out of the budget process.

It is a shame we cannot round up all the politicians in America and have a round or two of decimation, maybe the rest would wake up and remember who they work for. I mean when the Romans would decimate a unit it usually got it shat together in a hurry and started working the right way. ;)

(Dept of Homeland Security disclaimer, that was a joke ok, black humor(are we still allowed to call that type of humor black humor) I am not advocating anyone doing any harm to any elected official at any level ok. but I would not shed any tears if Zombies or Aliens ate a bunch of them for lunch)

Time for politicians to grow a pair and start voting for the "Changes" they want in the light of day not hiding it in the budget and hoping no one notices what their up to.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Why do we live in this tax hell again?

I was in Minneapolis this weekend and I was able to buy gas for $1.88 per gallon. When I bought my wife gas this morning back in Oconomowoc it was $2.15 a gallon a difference of .27 cents a gallon.

Now for a 20 gallon fill up our Socialist Friends will say that is only a measly $5.40 difference the price of a Soy Moca Latte on the fashionable East Side of Milwaukee.

But stop and think of that $5.40 times the number of times you fill up a year lets say one tank a week I do more than that but I travel to West Allis from Oconomowoc 4 to 5 times a week for practice so I am most likely above average.

So 52 weeks a year 1 fill up per week that is $280.8 more a year to fill up your car just because you live in a tax hell like Wisconsin. And that is only one car what if you are a two car family that number could jump to $561.60 more to fill up in Wisconsin.

It is the same gas, but it costs more in Wisconsin due to our sky high gas tax. Now I know some our Socialist friends will say paying even an extra $561.60 is not that bad. Funny how people who say they do not have any money since we evil rich Conservatives have it all think numbers like $561 and $91 do not add up over time.

And please do not tell me they do not repair their roads in Minnesota because their gas tax is lower than ours, every where I turned they had roads tore up and being replaced. Highways and surface roads were both being replaced all over the Twin Cities. Have you driven on most of the roads in Wisconsin? They suck unless you use the Marquette Interchange or that wonderful stretch of redone freeway in Wausau or as I like to think of it, where David Obey's pork goes to die :)

We pay a ton more in gas tax and get little to no benefit from it, Doyle steals the money from the Transportation fund to give our tax dollars to the fools who make up WEAC or what ever other special interest group he owes favors to. Then we are told we must pay more so we can fix the roads that were not fixed because Governor Doyle game the money to his special interest masters.

I am stuck here until Doyle and his fellow Socialists finally drive my Wife's Evil Multinational out of Wisconsin, but why are you people still here? What is your excuse for staying in a state that sees you only as a ATM machine?


Most Polled think Doyle Sucks

Doyle's approval rating at all-time low

Damn my day just keeps getting better first I find out I can actually practice my 2nd amendment rights and openly carry a holstered hand gun and not be hassled by the Police or as I like to think of them armed ticket and tax collectors. You have to love it when the Just, are backed by the Constitution and the Law.

But than I see that Governor Doyle's approval numbers are at historic lows for him, with less than 45% of those polled approving of our tax and spend governor.

You want to know why his numbers suck because of wonderful ideas like this?

"Doyle would consider gasoline tax hike instead of tax on oil company sales"

Ok, I am supposed to think a 3 cents hike in the gas tax is a good thing Oil Company tax that is passed on to Consumers or straight up increase to the gas tax either way we private citizens will pay. Does Jim Doyle think we are all as stupid as the Residents of Milwaukee and Madison? How is this any better than the Oil Company tax other than we will not have to spend tax dollars defending a increase in the gas tax like we will if they pass their moronic Oil Company tax. Hey Jim maybe if you had not raided the transportation fund to balance your budgets you would have money to fix bridges and roads. And you would not be talking about raising taxes on gas or oil companies at all.

I think the people of this state are finally seeing Diamond Jim Doyle for the Tax and Spend freak that he is.

Yes to Quote the Prophet Ice Cube,

"Today I didn't even have to use my A.K.
I got to say it was a good day."


National Geographic Special: 'Nice web, Mr. Crack Spider'

Ah, spring. Thinking about the North Woods, lazy days fishing and swimming, and long walks in the woods?

Enjoy some woodland thoughts now: Who's Who in the Hinterland.

I did not know the Canadian Wildlife Service considered "popped a cap in his ass" a scientific term.

Seriously, I laughed so hard my stomach hurts.

'Engineering-grade bacon'

Is it coincidence that it's called the Bacon Lance?

I think not. Note how the vegetarian version doesn't hold a candle to the power of the Bacon Lance:


This one will make a bunch of leftie heads explode.

If you are anywhere near Grumps or Capper, duck.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Does he know this has been tried before?

"President Barack Obama said Sunday that he "strengthens our hand" by reaching out to enemies of the United States"

Chamberlain thought it strengthen England's hand when he reached out to their enemies too.

Of course all the Latin American Tin Pot Dictators want to deal with President Appeasement, they know he going to roll over for them. You couple that with the knowledge that there is no credible US Military threat to them now that President Appeasement is call the shots and Hugo and Raul know they are golden.

Peace in our Time unleashed on the world one of the worst monsters we have ever seen and contrary to what the left says Hitler was a lot worse than George Bush.

When will the Left learn you do not negotiate with people like Hugo Chavez or Raul Castro?

"All This Has Happened Before, And It Will Happen Again"BSG


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Government health care = less health care

From the Wall Street Journal:

Here's something that has gotten lost in the drive to institute universal health insurance: Health insurance doesn't automatically lead to health care. And with more and more doctors dropping out of one insurance plan or another, especially government plans, there is no guarantee that you will be able to see a physician no matter what coverage you have...

More and more of my fellow doctors are turning away Medicare patients because of the diminished reimbursements and the growing delay in payments…

The problem is even worse with Medicaid.
Ask your dentist about this the next time you have an appointment. If you've got an hour or so.

Give me an ice cream cone. Now.

Got the idea from Donald Douglas at American Power.


Hundreds of thousands of people show up at hundreds of Tax Day Tea Parties around the nation to protest taxation, overspending, and ridiculously irresponsible levels of debt being piled onto our grandchildren by our current governmental leaders.

Subsequently, the Dow Jones Average rises for three straight days.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Whaddya mean there's no running water?!?

God bless those Peterson kids, who bring you another short break from your daily work drudgery:

Madison, Wisconsin Tea Party Taxpayer Rally, April 15th, 2009

Just in time for tax day

See Chris? Not everyone on the left is okay with being bilked by big brother:

This burdensome, idiotic requirement was adopted on a 10-4 vote without much thought at all. The justification behind it is absurd.

“The Common Council finds that a disproportionate number of vehicles that are for sale on public property are unlicensed, unregistered or are offered for sale by individuals who have no legal authority to do so,” the newly-expanded ordinance

Poppycock. Show me the data on that one. And how the hell is requiring a $40 permit for a street sale going to prevent someone from selling a stolen car through some other — any other — means?

It gets better:
Technically, the ordinance prohibits parking any car for sale on public property, whether there is a “for sale” sign on the vehicle or not. You can get busted for driving the car and parking at the library, even if you leave the “for sale” sign at home. That is not what the council intended, but it is what the ordinance says.

There you have it: Gretchen Schuldt, tax revolter.

Not once does she ask what great communal good the funds will bestow.

Friday Gun Porn

Who says we don't give and give?

Imagine you're out in the rolling prairies with your buddies and your new Grendel 6.5mm:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leinenkugel's DC Tasting Party

I want all you Leinenkugel's fans to be jealous of Kevin and I. We got to drink some of Leinenkugel's new Classic Amber, nosh on sliders, shrimp, bratwurst, and cheese, and hang out with Jake Leinenkugel himself. Jake was in the DC-area to promote the new beer. After having a pint or two (or three) I must say they've got a hit. It's a well-rounded beer that can be quaffed during a football game or while having a good steak. The best part is Leinenkugel's is smart enough to have gotten DC-area bars to have it on tap.

Beer Tasting with Jake Leinenkugel

Kevin also took some pictures, but notice none were of him and Jake.

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Liberals Dismiss Tea Parties as "Organized"

That would explain the black-suited Ninjas who attempted to abduct me Tuesday night. Had I known then what I know now I wouldn't have tried so hard to fight them off!


Friday Gun Porn A Day Early: The M1 Garand

I will be on the road to Minneapolis Tomorrow bright and early for the Regional Gymnastic Meet that will be held at the U of M this weekend(NCAA Men's tournament is also going on at the same site if you are in the Twin Cities this weekend and like Gymnastics stop in)So I thought I would post the Friday Gun Porn a day early since I know it would be missed by some people really dear to me if I missed a Friday ;)

This week I give you the M1 Garand the main battle rifle of the United State Military for World War 2 and Korea. This the gun your Great Grandfather and or Grandfather carried ashore at Normandy and Iwo Jima. This is the gun that helped save the world from madmen like Hitler and Tojo

It fired the same .30-06 round as the 1903 Springfield rifle it replaced. It held 8 rounds that were loaded through the top of the weapon with a stripper clip. If fired only in Semi-Auto ie every time you pulled the tripper it fired one shot then you had to pull it again for the next shot.

This is a solid heavy gun I have shot these and they weigh a ton you could beat a Nazi to death with it and not hurt the gun. It was a real war club.

I do not own one but it is very high on my Need It list.

The First photo gives you a good view of the stripper clip that was used to load the gun.

You live in a free country pretty much because this gun. There is not much more you need to say.

I would rate this gun High on the Zombie Repellent list: It makes up for only carrying 8 rounds with its accuracy and stopping power and the fact you can grab it by the barrel and smash zombie heads with it when you run out of ammo ;)

You could go into battle with a lot of worse weapons than the M1


Another Example of why dealing with these people is a waste of time

We were lucky enough to be visited by a Liberal Blog Troll who goes by the handle of


who left this comment

go read it then ask yourself would you want to be friends with a person like this?

I did reply to his comment

But I thought this was worthy of being pointed out this is the people we are dealing with when you interact with the Left.

Have to wonder why would you want to interact with people like this.

I understand he is going for shock value that is what Leftist trolls do Hell that is what all Trolls do.

But in this case his actions just reinforce my views that I do not want to have anything to do with those who make up the Left. The sooner we turn our backs on these people the better we will all be.

Have a Nice Day(I am thinking of going to Have a Nice Day as a blog signature what do you all think?)

Compare and Contrast if you will

Smiling Conservative Protesters with

Always angry and screaming Liberal Protesters

Our two movements in a nutshell, pictures really do say a thousand words don't they.

Thanks to Lance who I borrowed the photo of the Hottie Conservative Protesters ;)


Better to be the Tea Bagger than the Tea Baggie

I know the MSM and the Moonbat Socialist blogs have taken to calling those of you who went to or supported the Tea Parties "Tea baggers"

This is their attempt at being snarkie and condescending because that is what the smartest people in the room do when they do not like what the great unwashed are doing.

But they screwed it up this time in my opinion

In the Video game world when you Tea bag someone it is the ultimate sign that you had totally defeated them and are showing them no respect on top of beating their ass like a drum. I will not describe what Tea Bagging entails but you are all worldly adults use your imagination. ;)

So if you are the Tea Bagger, it means you are the one standing over your fallen opponent. You are the Victor.

Now we know when it comes to taxes and bending over for the Government most of the Socialists would rather Catch than Pitch ;) But that is not how we on the Right roll

So if the Socialists want to paint themselves as little bitch's let them it is their right as Americans


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party

Met this guy there today:

The unofficial count is 5,000 people. I have no idea if that's accurate or not, but it was a lot more than the last time, and that's including the union guys who outnumbered tax protesters 3-1 then. Very few protesters this time. Lots and lots of angry taxpayers.

Oh, and...who was it that did this? Fred? Or Josh Schroeder? Or who?

More at TrogloPundit. Fred has more, too.

From garbage to green

This is what I'm talking about:

RecyGrow would use green technologies to grow plant life from processed recycled materials. In Janesville, it would grow sod and other groundcover plants indoors on racks under grow lights.

The company's four partners have met with Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan, D-Janesville, and state officials in an effort to convince the state to buy the company's products for road, restoration and reclamation projects. Sheridan said the state would work with the company to see if it can use the products.

Local jobs, green technology, money stays in state, product sold in-state.

Death of a 1000 Cuts.

I was wandering through some blogs that popped up on the the old BBA sitemeter.(I am a huge sitemeter whore)

On one of the Socialist blogs who I will not name or link to they were going on about how the Doyle Tax increase would only raise your taxes $91 and then went on belittling those who were not just pleased as punch that Government was taking more of their money.

Yes it will be an EXTRA 91 dollars if your house is assessed at 166k if your house is worth more that amount EXTRA will be higher.

The comments were amusing as Socialist after Socialist was more than happy to spend other peoples money saying "it is less than .25 cents a day blah blah blah.

Two thoughts on this:
The first one is, if the Socialists think paying more in taxes is so great then put your money where your mouth is and send the Government an extra $365 this year. come on it is only a $1 a day you can afford that, if giving the government your money is so noble then why not double or quadruple that number. Send the government $1,460 dollars more than you owe on this years tax bill hell lets just round it up to and even $1,500. Lets see one of you tax loving socialists step up and sent that amount in above and beyond your current tax bill. Prove to us how painless it is to just hand your money over to Madison and DC. It would only cost you $4.10 a day for that $1500. Come on that is one less Latte a day and it is for a good cause.

Now we know that will not happen since Socialist like to pay their bills with other peoples tax dollars. It is easy for them to say we should all freely give more when they know they will not be the ones required to do the sacrificing.

What our foolish friends on the Socialist Left to not understand is that it is not the $91 or more increase in our tax bill that we are upset about, it is that increase on top of the already too high taxes we pay in this State and Country. That $91 dollars does not include the increases in Fees and other taxes we will also be suffering increases in. The outrage over that $91 dollars is coupled with the fact that in a down economic period our idiotic Governor and his fellow Democratic idiots in the State House are going to increase the amount spent in his next Budget they are going to spend more money at a time when they should be making Budget Cuts. It is the cumulative amount of taxes that has us seeing red.

The tax payers of this state are dying the death of a Thousand Cuts, and it will only get worse if we do not do something about it.

I will tell you this I believe that you and your family deserve that $91 dollars more than MPS or Governor Doyle new Choo Choo train.

Remember issues like this and how the Socialists just laugh and makes jokes as the Government takes more and more of results of your hard earned labor.

Start to understand these people are not our friends or our countrymen. The Socialists are as big a threat to our nation and our way of life as any Muslim terrorist hell in some ways they are more of a threat to us.

We must stop trying to reason or work with these people because it is a total waste of time, they will not stop till they have destroyed the country our Great Grandfathers and Grandfathers left us.

The Tea Parties today were a nice gesture but that in the end is all they were gestures we need to start working to stop the madness that is the Left in this country.

And for starters we need to stop interacting with these people. Why bother leaving comments at their blogs they do not want to hear what you have to say. They laugh at what your believe are, they think you are selfish and greedy and trust me they think we are all stupid. If you stopped and wrote out a list of things you believe in I can guarantee you that they would be against and would mock most if not all of your beliefs.

You need to start seeing the left for what it is, a threat to your/our way of life

It really is that simple when you get right down to it.

It is time to turn out backs on these people and start spending our time digging in to fight for the Country we really do love and cherish. It is time to stop sitting idly by as they kill us one cut at a time.

(here is the disclaimer for any Dept of Homeland Security personnel who are reading our little blog in their efforts to identify and keep track of us scary Right Wing Extremists, when I say fight I mean in the totally legal non violent way ie by winning elections so relax no need to send a squad of DHS personnel to make me an Unperson.) ;)

Will the left be calling for this guy's head?

Nah. He's no Scooter Libby.

For one, he's paid for his "expert" testimony:

Prosecutors called Shaibani to bolster their case that Plude drowned his wife in the toilet of their northern Wisconsin home in 1999. Plude had claimed his wife committed suicide.

Shaibani falsely told jurors that he was a clinical associate professor at Temple University. The Wisconsin Supreme Court concluded last year that was a lie and overturned Plude's conviction.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flee tax hell, or take advantage of economy

Sure, I posted this under Chris's post about more companies fleeing tax hell Wisconsin, but as people sort themselves out in this climate, it's worth repeating:

People need to pay attention to the market and jump in, not wait for Nanny Doyle to tell them what businesses and jobs for them he'll bring.

Give control to the government and you end up working in a chicken/SUV/furniture/car parts/vacuum parts/pen factory, and having no job skills beyond those to market when things change. And things always change.

People need jobs, banks want to loan money, and there are empty facilities and equipment that must be auctioned off, and the state's there willing to hand $250 million "packages" to business owners.

For the right people, this could be the chance of a lifetime.

Child beating, colleague assault, and mom's drug trafficking have no bearing on "aldermanic duties", says Willie Hines

So Chris, do you think Ald. Ashanti "No Wire Hangers" Hamilton will do jail time yet?

Council President Willie Hines won't try to remove Hamilton from his committee assignments "at this time" because "it is a domestic issue not related to his aldermanic duties."

So I guess none of this had to do with his aldermanic duties either:

Hamilton has a reputation around City Hall for being smart and hard working, but his personal life has been fraught with problems. His divorce from Muhammad dragged on for two years, and he obtained a restraining order against her shortly before they filed in 2006. His mother, Myra Hamilton-Horton, pleaded guilty in 2007 to maintaining a drug-trafficking place.

In 2007, a bank foreclosed on Hamilton's previous house because he had failed to pay the mortgage. A few days later, he was ticketed for disorderly conduct for allegedly getting into a fracas with a political opponent.

Don't know where this is coming from, but I like it

Bob Donhal is emailing a note he sent to Doyle, with a 'gift':

Dear Gov. Doyle,

Please don't ruin our state.

My family settled here in 1856, have paid taxes all of that time but have seen you and the liberals destroy our economic base the last few years. Tommy built it up, you are tearing it down.

As a true conservative I am sending you my tea bag, used though. I will not waste anything in this life, unlike our governmental bodies like MPS and the state of Wisconsin.

See you at the tea/tax rally on Wednesday at the Capitol.

Bob and Jean Dohnal

Send your note and gift today - be sure to use it first, though! And if you can't go to the Capitol, find a party near you.

'Voices from the heavens'

Here's a fun vid* on YouTube to give you ideas for the lovely spring weekends to come. Completely Safe for Work (breaks)!

Lady Marmalade? Old Errol Flynn clips? Watch for the credits and you'll get it.

* Sadly, the embed is disabled. Stingy!

He pimp whipped a 6 year old girl

Hamilton accused of felony child abuse

If this story turns out to be true and he gets convicted I would be willing to bet a large part of his voter base would still vote for him.

He is charged with whipping a 6 year old girl with a coat hanger you know what group of scum bag uses that motivational method also? Pimps

What is it about the Milwaukee that as a community you suffer politicians like this.

If these charges are true this guy is a lower form of life than Mini McGee and that takes some work to gain that status.

Has there been any outrage from the Socialist Bloggers who live in Milwaukee? Do actions like this from one of their politicians bother them?

My guess is they will look the other way and go on writing how Scott Walker is evil personified.

No wonder Milwaukee is the shat hole it is.


Monday, April 13, 2009

It is a sad sad day at least in my household.

Marilyn Chambers dies at 56

First Shame on the MJS for not having this story

If you are in my age group 40 plus Marilyn Chambers was Jenna Jameson before Jenna was.

I personally think Behind the Green Door was a Terrible movie as 70's porn movies go but it was the vehicle that introduced a whole generation to Marilyn.

So you will understand why I am a bit grumpy over the next day or so ;)


Once again Wisconsin loses Jobs to a Right to Work State.

Thomas Products plant in Sheboygan to close.

Once again Wisconsin with its high cost of living and anti business atmosphere is losing jobs to a "Right to Work State"

I am sorry but no company in its right mind would pick Wisconsin to move to or consolidate in.

Kevin at LL asks the $64,000 question "Anyone know off-hand when was the last time any company consolidated work in Wisconsin?"

Seriously, Wisconsin is a known anti-business pro Union state with some of the Highest Taxes in the United States. The Weather Sucks 7 months out of the year and our Governor and State House are tools to the trial lawyers.

I am amazed we still have any Industry left in this state at all. I go to bed every night asking my Ganesha statue

That I wake up to a head line in the MJS that the Evil Multi-National my wife works for is relocating out of Wisconsin to some place in the South East. Just leaving Wisconsin would be a massive pay raise. Between the lower taxes and lower cost of living.

This why the Unions are so fired up to get Card Check because they know when they have to compete on a fair even playing field they will lose almost every time.

Look for the Union Label then run away as fast as you can.



Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase

If you are one of those who's kind of new to all this but interested in becoming a member of the 'new media', read on. Twitter is more that just a tool to tell people what you had for lunch today -- it can be a valuable reporting tool, especially if you have a BlackBerry, iPhone or WindowsMobile device. Click here to find a wide variety of twitter clients -- applications that you can use to create updates from any computer.

Once you're equipped to tweet anywhere, please use the #teaparty and #madtea hashtags when you tweet on events related to the national or local scene. Attending the event elsewhere? You can start your own hashtag for that event -- I'll be happy to publicize it here...

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Sometimes Violence is the Answer

One Shot One Kill is the motto of every Sniper School in the world.

Nice to see the US Navy Seal Snipers lived up to that mantra.

Nice to see "The One" actually make the right call for once.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let's make sure we only blame the gun in this shooting

"A Milwaukee police officer suffered multiple gunshot wounds in an exchange of fire with a man who displayed a handgun during a mid afternoon dispute, then ran when police attempted to arrest him."

Now I am sure all we will hear from those socialists who shall not be named and most likely Mayor Barrett that this is all the 9mm hand gun that was used to shoot the officer fault. Because we know that inanimate machines plan and commit crimes all the time. But as usual the Socialists and Mayor Barrett will be wrong.

You know who we should be blaming for this Police Officer getting shot?

Judges that is right the Judges who kept putting this mope back on the street

A couple of important lines from the MJS story:

"The suspect, 45, also was wounded. He previously pointed a gun and attempted to fire at Milwaukee police in January 2000 and is on federal probation for that offense, according to a Milwaukee Police Department news release."


"The suspect's record includes arrests for robbery, aggravated battery, burglary, drug possession and carrying a concealed weapon, police said."

The question has to be asked why was this piece of human garbage walking the streets. Oh and you will note that the Criminal the judges refused to lock up ignored a number of gun laws that were already on the books, being a felon on Parole he did not have the right to possess that weapon. The anti guns peoples answer to this will be to restrict law abiding citizens access to guns instead of asking why was this guy not in prison for his past crimes.

If we had a system that had gun crime laws like I have advocated use a gun in a crime you start with 20 years right off the top this asshole is still in prison and that officer would have went home last night.

But the left never wants to blame the criminals or the weak judges they will continue to blame the inanimate object and try and take away or restrict our rights.

Spend you time worrying about taking the criminals off the streets instead of trying to take away law abiding peoples guns and a lot of the crime problems would go away.