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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Draft weekend, and I’m gonna be gone.

Due to family events taking place both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, I will not be in my accustomed spot – in front of my computer, mouse in one hand, TV remote in the other – all day long.

That's unfortunate, since it's NFL Draft weekend - an island of plenty in an otherwise desolate and lifeless place where grown men are afraid to go out in the rain.

Sorry about that. I’ll catch up tonight, if I can. Promise. In the meantime: hey Kevin! Pick up my slack!

A few pre-draft tidbits for you:

  • Here’s our BBA coverage from 2008, 2007, and 2005 (page down for the draft posts - we missed 2006 for some reason). Good times.
  • Lots of info over at JSOnline. I especially liked the team-by-team feature, found in the left sidebar.
  • As usual, I’m hoping for defense. Some pundits are saying Texas WR Michael Crabtree or Buckeye RB Chris Wells – I’m all for taking the best player available, of course. I’m just hoping that best player plays on the other side of the ball.

  • And, historically, I think we’re better off with a linebacker. Over the last ten years, the Packers have used their first-round pick on defensive linemen twice and defensive backs twice. All four have...well, maybe they haven’t all been busts, but none have had any impact.

    By contrast, the Packers have spent two first-rounders in the last ten years on linebackers. Both are starters who are here to stay.

    We’ve also taken Bubba Franks, Javon Walker, and Aaron Rodgers with first-round picks. All impact players.
  • I also wholeheartedly endorse trading down for more later-round picks. This is anecdotal, of course, but: Mark Tauscher; Donald Driver; Aaron Kampman. Two 7th round picks and a 5th round pick.
  • Gregg Easterbrook thinks the Pack will take cheese marketing pioneer James Kraft in the first round, and Ladarius Webb, CB from Nicholls State, in the seventh round.
  • Badger Beat has rounded up opinions on where UW players might end up, draft-wise. They’re predicting TE Travis Beckum and G Kraig Urbik possibly going as high as the third round – that’s the best of the bunch. Up to ten other players might be drafted and/or get free agent looks.

    If that holds up, it’ll be the third year out of the last four no Badger was taken in the first or second rounds.
Okay, so that's it until I get home tonight, at which time I will attempt to break my record of eight draft-day posts on a single Day 1.

Go Pack!