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Monday, April 27, 2009

Maybe it is time for all of us as movement to walk away from the Gay Marriage debate/fight

I am sure this will not make a lot of my fellow conservatives happy but I believe we are fighting the wrong fight when it comes to Gay Marriage.

If you take away the religious dynamic can you give me one reason to be against gay marriage?

I understand a lot of you are against this practice only because of religious reasons.

But if we as a nation decided to give the right/tax burden of marriage to same sex couples how would your personal life really be effected? I mean most states do not allow same sex marriage now but gay couples are still living together they are still having sex with each other. So how would giving the right to say they are a "married" couple really change anything.

I just feel there are far more important fights to fight and by making a tactical retreat on this issue we strengthen our long term strategic position.

Once again the principle of "The perfect is the enemy of the good" has to be applied here. This would take away a major issue of our socialist enemies. It would also allow us to focus on issues like Taxes, Abortion, Border Security/Immigration and the attacks on our rights. Issues that will actually affect you and your family in the here and now. When you really think about it Gay Marriage is more of a academic argument than a real world issue.

I have always said and I still mean it I would rather have a Conservative gay Adam and Steve living next door to me and my family than a Socialist Moonbat couple.

I would feel much safer leaving my sons in Adam and Steve's care for a day before I would leave them alone with any Catholic Priest(sorry cheep shot but I could not resist)

In truth the true Conservative movement should and does judge people on their actions not color, religion sexual preference. The Socialists are the true racists and bigots and, We as a movement are better than they are.

Backing away on Gay Marriage gives us another chance to prove that.

Thoughts anyone