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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Phil Garthwaite First Class Asshat

I just heard Socialist Representative Phil Garthwaite go on his rant in the assembly

Where he basically tells Business Owners in Wisconsin to leave the state if they do not like the constant attacks on them by the Socialist controlled State Assembly and State Senate.

"Get your Ass Back down to the South"

Yes and when all of these business finally say "Who is John Galt" and pack up and move down South. How is Ass Hat Phil Garthwaite going to pay for their workers paradise?

When will the Business Owners going to wake up and realize that Socialists like Phil Garthwaite will not stop till they have destroyed their businesses?

If you are a Business Owner and can do it move, why are you still in this state? People like Phil Garthwaite see you as nothing but a huge ATM machine and an evil one at that. Pack up your machines and move out of Wisconsin to states that want your plants or offices in them, states that understand that business is the backbone of our country not Government.

Run like Hell.