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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Senator Specter confirms what we all knew he is not a RINO he is a Rat

Senator Specter is going to make it official and join the party he has been a part of for a long time. He is going Socialist and hopefully he will not let the door hit him in his Rat ass on his way out the Republican Party door.

This has nothing to do with his beliefs he knows he was going to lose his primary challenge so instead of doing the honorable thing and trying to win the General Election as a Independent like Joe Lieberman did he switches parties like the bitch he has always been.

Specter is a coward and once again proved it today.

This is a great day for the GOP and Conservatives everywhere, Yes it will offically give the Socialists their Super Majority once Senator Stuart Smalley gets confirmed but hell they had that already with Specter and Snow et al voting with them anyway.

We can win this seat back in 2010 and it will mean that much more.

Let me repeat it is a great day to be a Conservative in America.

Now if we can just knock Senator McCain out of his office.