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Thursday, April 23, 2009

"We're not going to start with the assumption that you are within your rights."

Can you imagine the wailing and mashing of teeth on the left if Chief Flynn had said this about anything other than Open Carry?

Come on these people think showing a photo id to vote is a war crime but Chief Flynn can piss all over a protected by not one but two constitutions right and they are just fine with it.

Chief "I do not give a damn what the law says" Flynn uttered that great line in a article in the MJS on Gun Violence.

Two things about that article which you know the MJS put out there to back up Flynn and Barrett since they are both shitting themselves over this ruling by the AG.

First they never mention that the vast majority of that gun violence is committed by Milwaukee City Residents, I am guessing you could have counted the gun murders in Waukesha County on one hand.

Second they make a huge deal that 450 is the average number killed by gun violence a year in Wisconsin once again the vast majority in the city and county of Milwaukee anyone know how many people died in car crashes last year in Wisconsin?

589 with a five year average of 774 as per the Wis DOT

I would love to see what the numbers for gun deaths are in Wisconsin if you take Milwaukee out of the equation

Back to Chief Flynn and his refusal to obey the law as it is currently written(I say that because we already see how the Socialists are scrambling to fix this law that gives citizens too much power only the government should be armed in their world view)If he persists in going down this road when the City and MPD is sued over this can they sue the Chief personally? What about a Civil Suit or Civil rights case if the MPD carries out his orders.

Oh and where is the ACLU, if this was the any other group of citizens or even non citizens who were having a Police Chief and his "troops" blatantly ignoring a rights law like this they would he already suing someone one. But then we remember the ACLU really only cares about the rights of Liberals and Socialists and Non Americans.

Every day I get up and my view point that Milwaukee really sucks just gets reinforced.

Hey Chief Flynn why don't you stop worrying about people who are not breaking any law and start worrying about the real crime in your shit hole of a city?

Chief Flynn it is not a menu you do not get to pick and choose which laws you will obey.

Fight the Power ;P