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Friday, April 24, 2009

And the people who work at Newspapers wonder why people are happy they are going out of business

The Wisconsin State Journal ran an editorial on Tuesday with this headline

"Gun nuts misfire with ammo panic"

There unnamed editorial writer goes on to chastise those of us who have been buying ammunition in bulk and used the term "Gun Nuts" or Nuts multiple times.

Nice very nice and you expect me to pay to read your paper hmmm, as the first commenter on the article points out the WSJ or its sister "paper" the Capital Times would never use the terms

Global warming "nuts"

Animal rights "nuts"

Madison biker "nuts"

Doyle administration "nuts"

Obama administration "nuts"

Left-wing extremists "nuts"

Socialist "nuts"

Tax and spend "nuts"

WSJ editorial writer "nuts"

But they are totally cool with calling people who choose to buy ammunition in bulk "Gun Nuts" technically wouldn't they be ammo nuts. People purchasing ammunition in bulk are breaking no laws, they are paying for a product it is their money and they are free to use it as they see fit. I have been buying ammo in bulk for years long before the current Socialist Administration was elected. Once again it is my money and I can spend it as I see fit. Ammo price rarely go down so I try and save my money by going the bulk route. Volume discount is the American way. Ammunition does not go bad if stored properly and I use a fair amount of it over a year and guess what I am guessing buying today will still be cheaper than buying in 3 years like I said ammo prices rarely if ever go backwards.

Oh and the article goes out of its way to say as a gun owner I have nothing to fear from the Current Socialist Administration. To that I will say this in the less than 100 days since "The One" took office how many promises has broken? I would not trust a promise from the Obama Administration for longer than 5 minutes since we see that any promise he makes comes with an expiration date. And if my mistrust of my government plays a small role in my reasoning for buying bulk ammunition so be it. Last time I checked this was still America and I was free to spend my money on any legal product I choose to.

Now if some ammo manufactures like Scott Young of Wisconsin Cartridge do not want to sell to people in bulk that is his right but I am sure there are other local ammunition manufacturers who will be a happy to take that business I have never bought ammo from Wisconsin Cartridge and guess what I doubt I will in the future.

But lets get back to original premise of this post why does the WSJ think it is appropriate to call bulk ammunition buyers "gun nuts" did they ever even take a second and think they might be insulting current or future customers of their newspaper? I doubt they care which is why the Industry is in the mess it is in.

It is this condescending attitude from newspapers like the WSJ that has turned many of us against the whole industry, it is why many of us see the industry as an enemy of our way of life and take great pleasure every time a paper goes out of business.

Unless you are a comedian at a comedy club insulting your customer is not a very good business plan

Some day in the future if the WSJ is forced to shut down or go to online only like its weak sister the Cap times I will take a special moment of Schadenfreude as these newspaper nuts are laid off

And they wonder why we do not like them