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Monday, April 13, 2009

Once again Wisconsin loses Jobs to a Right to Work State.

Thomas Products plant in Sheboygan to close.

Once again Wisconsin with its high cost of living and anti business atmosphere is losing jobs to a "Right to Work State"

I am sorry but no company in its right mind would pick Wisconsin to move to or consolidate in.

Kevin at LL asks the $64,000 question "Anyone know off-hand when was the last time any company consolidated work in Wisconsin?"

Seriously, Wisconsin is a known anti-business pro Union state with some of the Highest Taxes in the United States. The Weather Sucks 7 months out of the year and our Governor and State House are tools to the trial lawyers.

I am amazed we still have any Industry left in this state at all. I go to bed every night asking my Ganesha statue

That I wake up to a head line in the MJS that the Evil Multi-National my wife works for is relocating out of Wisconsin to some place in the South East. Just leaving Wisconsin would be a massive pay raise. Between the lower taxes and lower cost of living.

This why the Unions are so fired up to get Card Check because they know when they have to compete on a fair even playing field they will lose almost every time.

Look for the Union Label then run away as fast as you can.