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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He pimp whipped a 6 year old girl

Hamilton accused of felony child abuse

If this story turns out to be true and he gets convicted I would be willing to bet a large part of his voter base would still vote for him.

He is charged with whipping a 6 year old girl with a coat hanger you know what group of scum bag uses that motivational method also? Pimps

What is it about the Milwaukee that as a community you suffer politicians like this.

If these charges are true this guy is a lower form of life than Mini McGee and that takes some work to gain that status.

Has there been any outrage from the Socialist Bloggers who live in Milwaukee? Do actions like this from one of their politicians bother them?

My guess is they will look the other way and go on writing how Scott Walker is evil personified.

No wonder Milwaukee is the shat hole it is.