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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Democrats voting for illegal additions to the state pension system.

Assemblyman Robin Vos is accusing state democrats of breaking Wisconsin Law.

His release.

How Much Will Democrats Cost Taxpayers?Budget Vote for New Pension Program Could be Milwaukee Pension Scandal Part II

Madison…Democrats on the Joint Finance Committee rubberstamped a Doyle budget proposal today that irresponsibly adds thousands of part-time school district employees to the Wisconsin Retirement System without a study detailing the actual costs to state taxpayers. State Representative Robin Vos (R-Caledonia) cautioned that they could be setting the state up for another Milwaukee-style pension scandal.

“In a time when most individuals in Wisconsin are worried about losing their jobs and having their pensions and benefits reduced,” said Vos, “The Democrats are giving away entirely new full-time retirement benefits to part-time employees.”

Under current law, modifications may not be made to the state retirement system unless they have been heard before the Joint Committee on Retirement Systems in order to vet the possible costs and effect on the actuarial soundness of the retirement system. Since this law was not followed today by the Democrats on Finance, it’s possible this provision isn’t even legal.

Vos warned this unlawfulness is eerily similar to the 2001 Milwaukee County scandal in which county supervisors approved a plan without fully understanding the details, allowing hundreds of county employees to bilk the fund of almost $50 million.

“It’s obvious the Democrats are using this provision as a political payback to the union machine that worked to get them elected last fall, said Vos. “They know that the only way to get it done is to quietly slip it into the budget because it wouldn’t hold up in the light of day.”

Finally, Vos noted that not only does this provision threaten the potential solvency of the Wisconsin Retirement System, but it also puts an undue burden on local property tax payers by requiring schools to provide the 10.4% contribution required to fund the system.

“There is no higher priority in Wisconsin than a quality education for every child,” remarked Vos. “It’s unfortunate that the Democrats have eroded that priority today by forcing school board members to choose between funding education programs for our kids and paying a brand new pension benefit only available to government employees.”