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Monday, April 20, 2009

Most Polled think Doyle Sucks

Doyle's approval rating at all-time low

Damn my day just keeps getting better first I find out I can actually practice my 2nd amendment rights and openly carry a holstered hand gun and not be hassled by the Police or as I like to think of them armed ticket and tax collectors. You have to love it when the Just, are backed by the Constitution and the Law.

But than I see that Governor Doyle's approval numbers are at historic lows for him, with less than 45% of those polled approving of our tax and spend governor.

You want to know why his numbers suck because of wonderful ideas like this?

"Doyle would consider gasoline tax hike instead of tax on oil company sales"

Ok, I am supposed to think a 3 cents hike in the gas tax is a good thing Oil Company tax that is passed on to Consumers or straight up increase to the gas tax either way we private citizens will pay. Does Jim Doyle think we are all as stupid as the Residents of Milwaukee and Madison? How is this any better than the Oil Company tax other than we will not have to spend tax dollars defending a increase in the gas tax like we will if they pass their moronic Oil Company tax. Hey Jim maybe if you had not raided the transportation fund to balance your budgets you would have money to fix bridges and roads. And you would not be talking about raising taxes on gas or oil companies at all.

I think the people of this state are finally seeing Diamond Jim Doyle for the Tax and Spend freak that he is.

Yes to Quote the Prophet Ice Cube,

"Today I didn't even have to use my A.K.
I got to say it was a good day."