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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leinenkugel's DC Tasting Party

I want all you Leinenkugel's fans to be jealous of Kevin and I. We got to drink some of Leinenkugel's new Classic Amber, nosh on sliders, shrimp, bratwurst, and cheese, and hang out with Jake Leinenkugel himself. Jake was in the DC-area to promote the new beer. After having a pint or two (or three) I must say they've got a hit. It's a well-rounded beer that can be quaffed during a football game or while having a good steak. The best part is Leinenkugel's is smart enough to have gotten DC-area bars to have it on tap.

Beer Tasting with Jake Leinenkugel

Kevin also took some pictures, but notice none were of him and Jake.

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