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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jim Doyle and the State Socialists are cowards.

"Doyle plan would allow more young people to clear their criminal records"

Now seeing that Jim Doyle is doing something that is pro criminal is not a surprise is it. Governor Doyle has shown in that past he is all about being pro criminal and is more worried about criminal rights than victim rights.

But what really bothered me was this line in the story

"The Legislature’s budget committee is scheduled to vote on the matter Tuesday. It is one of dozens of policy changes lawmakers will consider in writing the 2009-11 budget over the coming weeks."

Why are all these policy changes being done through the budget process why are Doyle and the Socialists trying to hide these changes? What is wrong with making these changes in the light of day, by going through the State Assembly and State Senate. Lets get on record for each change make people vote for the actual change not cover them and just say "I voted for the state budget. I did not know that was in there"

We need to start demanding that the budget process stays about funding not about policy and we have to make both Republican and Socialist politicians keep their policy changes out of the budget process.

It is a shame we cannot round up all the politicians in America and have a round or two of decimation, maybe the rest would wake up and remember who they work for. I mean when the Romans would decimate a unit it usually got it shat together in a hurry and started working the right way. ;)

(Dept of Homeland Security disclaimer, that was a joke ok, black humor(are we still allowed to call that type of humor black humor) I am not advocating anyone doing any harm to any elected official at any level ok. but I would not shed any tears if Zombies or Aliens ate a bunch of them for lunch)

Time for politicians to grow a pair and start voting for the "Changes" they want in the light of day not hiding it in the budget and hoping no one notices what their up to.