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Monday, April 20, 2009

Why do we live in this tax hell again?

I was in Minneapolis this weekend and I was able to buy gas for $1.88 per gallon. When I bought my wife gas this morning back in Oconomowoc it was $2.15 a gallon a difference of .27 cents a gallon.

Now for a 20 gallon fill up our Socialist Friends will say that is only a measly $5.40 difference the price of a Soy Moca Latte on the fashionable East Side of Milwaukee.

But stop and think of that $5.40 times the number of times you fill up a year lets say one tank a week I do more than that but I travel to West Allis from Oconomowoc 4 to 5 times a week for practice so I am most likely above average.

So 52 weeks a year 1 fill up per week that is $280.8 more a year to fill up your car just because you live in a tax hell like Wisconsin. And that is only one car what if you are a two car family that number could jump to $561.60 more to fill up in Wisconsin.

It is the same gas, but it costs more in Wisconsin due to our sky high gas tax. Now I know some our Socialist friends will say paying even an extra $561.60 is not that bad. Funny how people who say they do not have any money since we evil rich Conservatives have it all think numbers like $561 and $91 do not add up over time.

And please do not tell me they do not repair their roads in Minnesota because their gas tax is lower than ours, every where I turned they had roads tore up and being replaced. Highways and surface roads were both being replaced all over the Twin Cities. Have you driven on most of the roads in Wisconsin? They suck unless you use the Marquette Interchange or that wonderful stretch of redone freeway in Wausau or as I like to think of it, where David Obey's pork goes to die :)

We pay a ton more in gas tax and get little to no benefit from it, Doyle steals the money from the Transportation fund to give our tax dollars to the fools who make up WEAC or what ever other special interest group he owes favors to. Then we are told we must pay more so we can fix the roads that were not fixed because Governor Doyle game the money to his special interest masters.

I am stuck here until Doyle and his fellow Socialists finally drive my Wife's Evil Multinational out of Wisconsin, but why are you people still here? What is your excuse for staying in a state that sees you only as a ATM machine?