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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Child beating, colleague assault, and mom's drug trafficking have no bearing on "aldermanic duties", says Willie Hines

So Chris, do you think Ald. Ashanti "No Wire Hangers" Hamilton will do jail time yet?

Council President Willie Hines won't try to remove Hamilton from his committee assignments "at this time" because "it is a domestic issue not related to his aldermanic duties."

So I guess none of this had to do with his aldermanic duties either:

Hamilton has a reputation around City Hall for being smart and hard working, but his personal life has been fraught with problems. His divorce from Muhammad dragged on for two years, and he obtained a restraining order against her shortly before they filed in 2006. His mother, Myra Hamilton-Horton, pleaded guilty in 2007 to maintaining a drug-trafficking place.

In 2007, a bank foreclosed on Hamilton's previous house because he had failed to pay the mortgage. A few days later, he was ticketed for disorderly conduct for allegedly getting into a fracas with a political opponent.