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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Death of a 1000 Cuts.

I was wandering through some blogs that popped up on the the old BBA sitemeter.(I am a huge sitemeter whore)

On one of the Socialist blogs who I will not name or link to they were going on about how the Doyle Tax increase would only raise your taxes $91 and then went on belittling those who were not just pleased as punch that Government was taking more of their money.

Yes it will be an EXTRA 91 dollars if your house is assessed at 166k if your house is worth more that amount EXTRA will be higher.

The comments were amusing as Socialist after Socialist was more than happy to spend other peoples money saying "it is less than .25 cents a day blah blah blah.

Two thoughts on this:
The first one is, if the Socialists think paying more in taxes is so great then put your money where your mouth is and send the Government an extra $365 this year. come on it is only a $1 a day you can afford that, if giving the government your money is so noble then why not double or quadruple that number. Send the government $1,460 dollars more than you owe on this years tax bill hell lets just round it up to and even $1,500. Lets see one of you tax loving socialists step up and sent that amount in above and beyond your current tax bill. Prove to us how painless it is to just hand your money over to Madison and DC. It would only cost you $4.10 a day for that $1500. Come on that is one less Latte a day and it is for a good cause.

Now we know that will not happen since Socialist like to pay their bills with other peoples tax dollars. It is easy for them to say we should all freely give more when they know they will not be the ones required to do the sacrificing.

What our foolish friends on the Socialist Left to not understand is that it is not the $91 or more increase in our tax bill that we are upset about, it is that increase on top of the already too high taxes we pay in this State and Country. That $91 dollars does not include the increases in Fees and other taxes we will also be suffering increases in. The outrage over that $91 dollars is coupled with the fact that in a down economic period our idiotic Governor and his fellow Democratic idiots in the State House are going to increase the amount spent in his next Budget they are going to spend more money at a time when they should be making Budget Cuts. It is the cumulative amount of taxes that has us seeing red.

The tax payers of this state are dying the death of a Thousand Cuts, and it will only get worse if we do not do something about it.

I will tell you this I believe that you and your family deserve that $91 dollars more than MPS or Governor Doyle new Choo Choo train.

Remember issues like this and how the Socialists just laugh and makes jokes as the Government takes more and more of results of your hard earned labor.

Start to understand these people are not our friends or our countrymen. The Socialists are as big a threat to our nation and our way of life as any Muslim terrorist hell in some ways they are more of a threat to us.

We must stop trying to reason or work with these people because it is a total waste of time, they will not stop till they have destroyed the country our Great Grandfathers and Grandfathers left us.

The Tea Parties today were a nice gesture but that in the end is all they were gestures we need to start working to stop the madness that is the Left in this country.

And for starters we need to stop interacting with these people. Why bother leaving comments at their blogs they do not want to hear what you have to say. They laugh at what your believe are, they think you are selfish and greedy and trust me they think we are all stupid. If you stopped and wrote out a list of things you believe in I can guarantee you that they would be against and would mock most if not all of your beliefs.

You need to start seeing the left for what it is, a threat to your/our way of life

It really is that simple when you get right down to it.

It is time to turn out backs on these people and start spending our time digging in to fight for the Country we really do love and cherish. It is time to stop sitting idly by as they kill us one cut at a time.

(here is the disclaimer for any Dept of Homeland Security personnel who are reading our little blog in their efforts to identify and keep track of us scary Right Wing Extremists, when I say fight I mean in the totally legal non violent way ie by winning elections so relax no need to send a squad of DHS personnel to make me an Unperson.) ;)