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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Better to be the Tea Bagger than the Tea Baggie

I know the MSM and the Moonbat Socialist blogs have taken to calling those of you who went to or supported the Tea Parties "Tea baggers"

This is their attempt at being snarkie and condescending because that is what the smartest people in the room do when they do not like what the great unwashed are doing.

But they screwed it up this time in my opinion

In the Video game world when you Tea bag someone it is the ultimate sign that you had totally defeated them and are showing them no respect on top of beating their ass like a drum. I will not describe what Tea Bagging entails but you are all worldly adults use your imagination. ;)

So if you are the Tea Bagger, it means you are the one standing over your fallen opponent. You are the Victor.

Now we know when it comes to taxes and bending over for the Government most of the Socialists would rather Catch than Pitch ;) But that is not how we on the Right roll

So if the Socialists want to paint themselves as little bitch's let them it is their right as Americans