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Saturday, April 25, 2009

As expected, a surprise move

Wow, the Packers traded up to get another first round pick. Kid better be worth it.

Clay Matthews, LB, USC. 6'3, 240 pounds. Long blond hair. But we've already got a long-haired linebacker!

They're gonna start calling them the Barbie defense.

He was a walk-on with the Trojans and worked his way up to a starting spot. Must have a pretty good work ethic.

Huh, a third-generation NFL player. Wonder how many of those there are.

JSOnline's blog has a round-up of opinions. Some good, some bad. All guessing.

Let's go to the tape:

CBS Sports has another highlight video.

I like Ted Thompson's usual policy of hoarding draft picks - nobody really knows which pick is going to pan out and which isn't, so you're doing yourself a favor by having more.

Still, trading up like that is bold, it's exciting, it gives Green Bay not one, but two headliner picks. The cold analytical part of me wishes he hadn't done it, but the rest of me likes it.