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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Since I am telling everyone off today, Screw Americans United for Separation of Church and State

As the resident Atheist here at the BBA I am all for separation of Church and State. But filing a federal lawsuit to stop a Public High School from holding their graduation ceremonies in a church building is down right stupid.

Here is the story on the Brookfield Now website.

First just because you are holding a ceremony in a Church building you are not "practicing" any form of religion. It is just a building hell you could hold a Rave in there if they let you and I doubt you would call it a religious activity.

Idiotic lawsuits like this give the rest of us Atheists a bad name.

It would be different if they were asking the students to attend a mass before the ceremony or during the ceremony. But they are not, nothing will happen if they hold the ceremony at Elmbrook Church that would not happen if they held it our on the football field. There is nothing religious about this other than the High School Seniors thanking what every power they believe in for letting them finish school.

Save these lawsuit for important fights not stupid ones like this.

Oh and the supposed Anonymous Senior they are filing this lawsuit for is a coward. If you believe in this enough to try and to go court to mess up everyone graduation be man or woman enough to put your name on the lawsuit.