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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

While I am at it, Screw Police Chief David M. Banaszynski of Shorewood too.

Chief David M. Banaszynski is the police chief of Shorewood and head of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association and he is on the radio flapping his gums saying now we should have to take some sort of training before we are "allowed" to practice our Open Carry Right which to his credit he admits is legal unlike that asshat Chief Flynn in Milwaukee.

So what other rights should we have to get training for before we practice them how about political correction classes before you use your free speech right.

I know someone will say "well you have to take classes to drive why not for carrying a gun" Sorry driving is a privilege not a protected by the constitution right. You should not have to earn the right to practice a right.

Time for a quick disclaimer if you have not figure it out I personally have little to no use for the Police. I think they are little more than Armed tax collectors who would rather give out a speeding ticket than stop a mugging because the speeding ticket earns their municipality money where stopping a violent crime actually cost money. If you are putting your hopes on a Police Officer actually protecting you from a crime you are waiting for a train that will not come. These are personal opinions of mine and do not reflect the views of the other posters here.

As for taking a class before I carry a firearm sorry I do not need one Chief I have been carrying handling and shooting guns since I was 10 years old I have never shot anything I did not intend to shoot I have never had a accidental discharge of a firearm I was carrying. My guess is I could out shoot most "beat" cops and would give most tactical officers a run for their money. I resent Chief Banaszynski saying I must earn the right to practice one of my rights. By not breaking the law and becoming a felon I have already earned the right to practice my gun rights.

I am sick and tired of these police chiefs always coming out when we have a debate about Concealed Carry or Open Carry and acting like we gun owners are a bunch of Anarchists. Chief Banaszynski most gun owners probably believe in the rule of law more than most of the elected officals you and the rest of your chiefs work for.

I am tired of these people assuming that just because you want carry a fire arm that you are going turn into some sort of maniac. If you trust people who believe in the rule of law and acting civilized you will have nothing to fear from people like me carrying a weapon.

To be honest after some of the scandals that Milwaukee Police dept it is funny they are so worried about people like me(let the record show I have never helped beat a man half to death at a party like members of the MPD)

Here is an idea why don't these police chiefs go worry about important things like making sure their troops meet their traffic ticket quota for that month you know your municipality is counting on that revenue stream.

Once again this is my opinion and not the opinion of my fellow BBA posters


Just wait till I do my State Patrol Rant ;)