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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's only $172 a year, Right

"Proposed Regional Transit Authority tax: $172 for average household"(this is the Dane County RTA not the SE Wisconsin one)

The Socialists will say "it is only $172.00 a year pocket change. But then you add that to the $91.00 a year on your property tax bill and the higher fees we are going to pay for everything and lets not forget the gas tax increase that is coming one way or another.

Don't these dolts in Madison realize or care that all of these "little" increases add up over time. Remember you are already spending more on your gas just because you live in Wisconsin.

At what point will the Socialists say it is enough? $1000.00? a year $2000? $3000 a year? Sooner or later the people in this state who actually pay taxes are going to say enough is a enough and either leave if they can or hopefully start voting these tax and spend Socialists rats out of office.

A great quote in the article shows you the mindset of the Socialists in Madison.

"Pocan said the more contentious debate will focus on a separate RTA proposed for southeastern Wisconsin. "Our hope is that as people are debating and critical of that RTA that they leave ours alone," he said."Mark Pocan Socialist Legislator Madison

Nice so their plan is to use the fight over the SE Wis RTA as a smoke screen to hang this loser of an RTA on the taxpayers of the Dane County area. It is amazing how the party of the "people" is trying to sneak and ramrod through a lot of their agenda. That is why they are hiding all this shit in the budget. They have seen that we can mobilize to stop individual bills like we have in the past so they are just not going to give the voters and taxpayers a chance to stop their pet projects and tax increases this time.

Every day we see how important the 2010 election cycle is going to be we have to stop this madness and start the trend back to some sort of legislative sanity with that election.