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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Worth another look

I just had my second-best-ever hit total for a single day. (Note: my best days of traffic would be severe disappointments to most other BBA members.)

That made me look back at my best ever day - May 24, 2006, when I wrote this:

What's a conservative to do?

Conservatives are disillusioned. One doesn’t have to read blogs to know that. They – we – are upset with political leaders who seem to be ignoring conservative principles, and we’re asking ourselves a very circular series of questions:

If we re-elect Republicans in November, aren’t we telling them we approve of the job they’re doing?

But as bad as the Republicans have been, aren’t they still better than Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Henry Reid?

But as bad as that would be, won’t it be better in the long run if the Republicans lose, take the hint, and get back to their conservative roots?

But what’s the point of sending a message if the Republicans don’t have any power to implement that message?

And, if the liberals take Congress now, what’s the guarantee we’ll get it back anytime soon?

We’re mad, but whatchagonna do? Vote for Tammy Baldwin?
Seems like these are questions worth revisiting, since we're a week away from Election Day.

What Happens If You're An Imbecile

Cross-posted at Texas Hold 'Em Blogger.

From Michael Ramirez via FullosseousFlap’s Dental Blog:


A Democratic member of Congress tells ABC News:

I guess Kerry wasn’t content blowing 2004, now he wants to blow 2006, too.

Strategic Vision Poll

From a member of the RDW Field Surveillance Team:

Strategic Vision is reporting Mark Green ® in the WI governors race down only 2 points, 45% to 47% in a 3 day sample of 800 likely voters with 8% still holding out. For the poll, 272 (34%) identified themselves as Democrats; 216 (27%) identified themselves as Republicans; and 312 (39%) identified themselves as Independent or other party affiliation. Note the web version of the release linked above does not include the party break down which was listed in the email version I received. (From Polipundit)

Note the % Republican response. We all know that is not reflective of the Wisconsin break down by party. The Republican response should be around 34% too. That said, we are in great shape to move in the next week to an overwhelming victory. Get Out The Vote efforts will win this.

I guess the MJS figures it takes a criminal to catch one.

I dare you try to read this MJS editorial endorsing the most corrupt Governor in Wisconsin history, Diamond Jim Doyle as being the choice to fight crime without laughing yourself silly.

How do all these holier than thou libs make it through the day knowing they are supporting a crook?

Is it any wonder the MJS has become a joke to anyone in Wisconsin who isn't a Liberal Zombie. No wonder the Journal Communications the parent company of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel stock has dropped like a stone over the last 3 years. Who would actually pay to read a paper that says Jim Doyle is the answer to crime?

Jim Doyle is crooked as a country road its a shame the blind sob's who make up the MJS editorial board will not open their eyes and see what is right in front of them.

Chris SH2

Monday, October 30, 2006

Two new Van Hollen TV Ads for your viewing pleasure

The next Attorney General of Wisconsin JB Van Hollen has two new TV Ads.

The first goes over the fact that his opponent Kathleen Falk has never put one criminal behind bars.

The second is a reply to the lying full of shat ad that the legion of slime other wise known The Greater Wisconsin Committee led by their head slime merchant Xoff put out over the weekend.

I like the title of the first one but I would have called it the Liberal/Moonbat/Tree hugger/Madison Politician vs the Prosecutor


The Gov. Race Reports are In

In the money race Gov. Doyle and Rep. Green are pretty close. Doyle [PDF] raised a little more than $2 million, while Green [PDF] raked in $1.85 million. Both governor campaigns spent over $4 million with Green topping Doyle by $200,000. In the all-important cash-on-hand going into the final week Doyle leads by $685,000.

[Cross-posted to The American Mind.]

Doyle Rap Sheet Project

Charlie Sykes posted this Doyle rap sheet. However, he's missing the all-important links. We can fix that. I've put together a Google document so we can add the links. If a bunch of people document one or two of the scandals the project can get done in a few hours. It would be a nice tool for undecided voters and Green supporters who need some ammunition to help persuade their undecided (or even Doyle-backing) friends. I've sent out some editing invites, but if you didn't get one and want to help send me an e-mail (sean--at--theamericanmind--dot--com).

UPDATE: Jenna, the person who has the least amount of free time (school, GOP volunteering, etc.) has done her part. There are some citations that will probably not be found (I'm looking squarely at those two Madison newspapers), but if you can find a similar story add that.

P.S. The Coalition for America's Families which runs ripped off Sykes' list. The lazy bums didn't even add any additional links.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Injun Time" Costs Kagen AP-C Endorsement

Anyone with a bead on Fox Cities News and Media knows that there's been a coordinated effort by liberals in the greater Appleton area to overthrow the Editorial Board of the Appleton Post-Crescent. A look at their stances in recent weeks -- endorsing Doyle for re-election, urging the defeat of the Marriage Amendment, endorsing nearly every Democrat in the GOP-heavy Fox River Valley -- tells you as much.

It also tells you they've been successful.

On some level you have to congratulate them. I for one wouldn't mind if conservatives rose up and took over the Editorial Boards of the MJS, WSJ, and Cap Times; if just to mess with folks.

But anyway, in the AP-C's endorsement for the 8th Congressional District, you can almost hear the Board grind and wail its teeth as it endorses John Gard for Congress.

Given the pros and cons of both candidates, it's a tough call. But, ultimately, John Gard's experience makes him the more effective legislator for northeastern Wisconsin. He receives our endorsement.

Gard has clear positions on many of the key issues in the race. He favors extending the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, as well as the child-tax credit and the marriage tax penalty relief act and the elimination of the estate tax and the tax on Social Security benefits. He says this can be accomplished by capping discretionary spending and will lead to the job creation the nation needs.

On health care, he favors the expansion of health savings accounts and association health plans, and says cost disclosure and medical-lawsuit reform will lower costs. On immigration, he takes a harder line than President Bush, including tighter border security and making any illegal immigrants re-enter the country legally, no matter the effects. On energy, he supports opening access to untapped domestic energy sources, along with developing alternative sources.

He supports the Patriot Act and accuses Democrats of "weakness and appeasement." He talks of "a strategy to stabilize Iraq and bring our troops home," without getting into further specifics.

We definitely know where he stands, even if we disagree with him on some issues and are skeptical on others.

But Gard's value to the 8th District is in his political skill. Just as he navigated the ins and outs of the Legislature in rising to a position of power, Gard can be expected to find his way around Congress — to his own benefit, yes, but also to his constituents' benefit.

We admire Kagen's willingness to enter politics to serve the public. As a wealthy allergist, he certainly wouldn't need to.

We also admire him making health care reform the centerpiece of his campaign. He understands how important the issue of rising costs is to people. He has a unique knowledge of the system and some seemingly practical ideas to change it for the better.

He proposes disclosure of all health care-related prices, a single insurance risk pool in an attempt to lower insurance prices for everyone and deductible rates set at 3 percent of a household's taxable income.

Mostly, we're grateful someone is paying so much attention to the nation's health care crisis and is offering bigger-picture solutions.

After that, though, Kagen's stances are less solid. There are ideas and concepts, but some of the specifics are lacking. He's relatively strong on budget and tax issues, including a rollback of tax cuts for the wealthiest people, targeted tax breaks to businesses that create higher-wage jobs and pay-as-you-go budget practices.

But he's fuzzier on issues such as education, energy and, like Gard, what to do in Iraq. They sound good but there's not a lot of substance or practicality behind them.

Mainly, though, our concern with Kagen is with the uncertainty of how he'll react in Washington. Will he talk himself silly? Will "Injun time" type of gaffes be a regular occurrence? Will his sincerity be viewed as naivete? If so, how will that help in serving his constituents?

As we said earlier, it's a tough decision. And, as much as we applaud Steve Kagen, we realistically have to endorse John Gard as the better choice for effective representation.

Translation: "Crazed Loose Cannons might fly down in Milwaukee (i.e. Gwen Moore as its Congressional Representative), not in the socially conservative, down-to-earth area that is Northeast Wisconsin. Curse you Steve Kagen for your mouth. We're not the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and aren't stupid enough to fall on the sword for you."

As if newspaper endorsements matter anymore these days, Gard got the Green Bay Press-Gazette's endorsement as well. No "Injun Time" mention was necessary.

MJS Drinks the Bryan Kennedy Koolaid

Hmmm lets see the MJS ed board has no trouble that the only thing Kennedy has figured out how to do this election run is pay himself and his babysitter out of his campaign fund.

They have picked the soon to be two time loser Bryan Kennedy as their dog in the 5th CD. Too bad that dog won't hunt. They play the he is a poor middle class guy card. Still funny hearing the party of Herb Kohl and the Commando/Great White Father Kagen playing the poverty card.

Face it Bryan Kennedy would be a vote in Congress for Higher Taxes, Weaker Defense, Open Borders and Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.

I do find it funny the MJS can complain about Congressman Sensenbrenner "trips" but continue to look the other way when it comes to Diamond Jim Doyle's pay for play scandals.

Does anyone outside of Jay and Bryan Kennedy's family believe he has a chance in Hell of winning the 5th

Byran Kennedy is Wrong for Wisconsin

Wrong on Defense

Wrong on Taxes

Wrong on Illegal Immigration and Amnesty

Make the right choice on November 7th and Bryan Kennedy isn't the right choice.

Chris SH2 a 5th CD voter who will not be voting for Mr Kennedy.

Re: Cheese economics


Excellent analysis of the situation.

I have heard stories of people from out of state (way out of state) coming to visit their relatives in Wisconsin and running to the store to buy Wisconsin's famed cheese. What do they come away with? Velveeta! We are not going to win a competition to produce the most Velveeta and to try to do so would cause more of the hated mega-factory farms to appear.

I agree, the Wisconsin cheese industry needs to concentrate on is the high quality specialty cheese market.

Ever have six year old cheddar? It contains crunch. The crunch comes from sugar crystals.

Pro-Illegal Group Calls For Ads' Removal

Cross-posted at Texas Hold 'Em Blogger.

Proof that the ads from Mark Green and J.B. Van Hollen targeting Gov. Jim Milhous Doyle and the Democrats on illegal immigration are resonating with voters: a group advocating illegal aliens has labeled them racist and demanded the Green and Van Hollen campaigns pull the ads.

Officials of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) said U.S. Rep. Mark Green, who is running for governor, and attorney general candidate J. B. Van Hollen are airing commercials regarding immigration that are misleading and designed for short-term political gain.

LULAC is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that doesn’t endorse candidates.

Spokesmen for Green and Van Hollen said they had not heard from LULAC, but both campaigns noted they have no intention of taking down their ads.
Yippee. Another non-profit involved in — surprise — liberal political activism.

And they claim to be nonpartisan while all the time attacking only Republicans.

No doubt they support Diamond Jim’s plans for taxpayer-provided home loans, in-state tuition rates and welfare benefits for illegal aliens.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Interesting discussion

Hot on the heals of the news of another man being murdered after a paperwork snafu allows the killer to slip through the cracks and stay on the streets, I have both Milwaukee D.A. candidates commenting on the news. The similarities to the murder of Frank Moore by a man that should have been locked up, are striking.

Over at Badger Blogger, I have responses from both candidates for Milwaukee District Attorney, Independent Lew Wasserman and Democrat John Chisholm.

Click here to join the discussion.

Falk down in the polls, resorts to lies

How do you know when your campaign as hit an all-time low? When you resort to outright, blatant lies.

Kathleen Falk and her cohorts in the GWC have decided to blame JB Van Hollen for something he had absolutely no control over. In fact, the case they try to blame him for happened before he even took office as District Attorney.

In October of 1999, Stanley Newago was released by another DA and judge on bail for a charge of 2nd Degree sexual assault. The same DA and court gave him probation for this charge in November of 1999.

In December of 1999, JB became DA in the area, after the bail and probation had already been given to Newago. He had no control over it, nothing to do with it, and he legally could not reopen the case.

A few months later, Newago attacked and assaulted another person. In this case, the only one that JB had any control over in regards to Newago, JB got a life in prison sentence without the possibility of parole for Newago, along with a few other charges for other crimes.

However, these "facts" don't really matter to Kathleen Falk and her dirty little friends in GWC. She's decided to blame her opponent for events before he took office that were out of his control. Down in the polls, she's getting desperate--and she's lying.

Perhaps this just shows her inexperience when it comes to criminal matters--she may not understand how the prosecution of criminals works, having never done it herself. But that doesn't give her or GWC the right to lie.

Fraley released this statement last night:
"This commercial, which tells less than half the story, is the sleaziest ad in Wisconsin political history. This shows that Kathleen Falk and her allies are willing to revictimize survivors of crime for their own political ends. To give the impression that J.B. Van Hollen is in anyway responsible for the brutal murder and assault by Stanley Newago is dishonest, disgusting and desperate. To blame Van Hollen for the decisions of a judge who set bail in this case at half of what Van Hollen's predecessor requested, and prior to Van Hollen becoming DA, shows that the Falk team has no comprehension of how criminal prosecutions work.
GWC didn't really respond to questions about their false, inaccurate ad, and never will. I don't usually have a problem with third-party expenditures, but this group has shown they have no moral integrity whatsoever and will perpetuate outright lies at any chance they have.

As a side note, I've decided to blame Ms. Falk for the severe flood damage Dane County sustained in 1996. I know, I know, she wasn't County Exec. until 1997. But still, I'm going to blame her. Apparently, that's how she likes to do things.

ADDED: The liberals are continuing to attempt to blame Van Hollen, citing a certain statute. Here are JB's lawyer's comments on it:
"Bail revocation in Wisconsin is controlled by Wis. Stats 969.08. As set forth in 969.08(2) and 969.08(5), bail can be "revoked" under only one circumstance--the defendant must be released on bail for the alleged commission of a serious crime, which Mr. Newago was, and then be charged with the commission of a second serious crime (see attached statute). This did not occur. The Wisconsin Judicial Benchbook further specifies that a district attorney seeking bail revocation must submit a motion and that a "copy of criminal complaint for new charge must be provided." (See attached Judiical Benchbook excerpt."
Crossposted from Right off the Shore, by request. More in the comments here, and in the post below.

Falk vs Van Hollen poll numbers and the Lying GWC Ad

Yes poll numbers good or bad are not the be all to end all in Politics but I do find it funny the MJS found time to write about the WPR/St Norbert's poll when it showed The Crook up 13 point or so on Mark Green. Even though no campaign worth anything would trust a WPR/ST Norbert's poll if their life depended on it.

But if they have not found time to write about the poll, sponsored by the state Realtors association that showed Van Hollen leading Falk 42 percent to 35 percent. The poll had a margin of error of 4 percentage points. The only place you can find it, is in a article at where they mention it in passing.

Now that poll is still within the margin of error but you would think it would be worth a mention. If the numbers were reversed you know the MJS would find time to write about it.

I am guessing the internal polls are close to this or even better for Van Hollen, why else would Xoff and his band of LYING BASTARDS that make up GWC running ads against JB that are so false that Democratic DA's are lining up to denounce Falks/GWC's ad.

As of 4:20pm Friday 3 Democratic DA's have already denounced the Falk/GWC ad.

Dem DA number 1 "I’m ashamed to say this is being done to help a fellow Democrat" said Pepin Co. District Attorney Jon Siefert. "I’m proud to be a Democrat but I want the world to know I don’t tolerate that kind of garbage. I hope the ad never runs, but if it does, shame on the Falk team."

Dem DA Number 2 "That television commercial by the Falk supporters is off base," said Iron Co. District Attorney Martin Lipske. "It’s disgusting and not true. JB Van Hollen achieved the ultimate disposition on the Newago case and that is a sign that he is the only true prosecutor in this race. Fighting crime and bringing justice to victims is not a partisan battle. I’m a Democrat, but I support JB Van Hollen because he is the only candidate running who has experience bringing justice to victims of violent crime."

Dem DA Number 3
"An ad such as the one now running shows the Falk team's lack of understanding of the way the criminal justice system works," said Thibodeau, a Democrat.

So there you have three DA's who are not part of the VRWC or Charile Sykes Stormtroopers saying your not telling the truth Xoff.

Hey Xoff this ad is even low for a slime merchant such as yourself. But then again when you have no honor who cares about the truth right.

Your girl Falk is having her head handed to her and you know it. Why else would you stoop to something that is low even by Greater Wisconsin Committee standards.

GWC= a pack of Lying Bastards.

Come Xoff comments are open tell us all how true your GWC ad is/was since it will be pulled by Sunday night if not sooner.

We are winning and the Rats know it.

Chris SH2

Help Wanted

If anyone has a copy of the clip from Charlie Sykes' show today of the Indian woman ripping Steve Kagen a new one let me know. I want a copy.

Cheese economics

I did a little further thinking about that Jim Doyle quote where he insists that Wisconsin will not lose its cheese production lead over California while he is governor. I know that being the nation's number one cheese producer is a source of pride for this state, but it doesn't make a lot of sense to get into a production war with California. Cheese, like anything else, is subject to the laws of supply and demand. If the state government offers incentives that encourage state cheese producers to increase their production, not to meet demand but merely so they can produce more than another state, then there is going to be related drop in the price of cheese as a glut starts to form on the market. California is probably going to win that cheese price war because they have larger, newer, more efficient production factories. Governor Doyle is going to do Wisconsin cheese producers no favors by taking them down that road. It is better that Wisconsin cheese producers follow the strategy that it sounds like many have in mind-capitalize on their competitive advantages and dominate the speciality cheese market. Those cheeses can command better margins, and the Wisconsin Cheese brand already stands for quality. It may sting the pride a little to see California pass us in total cheese production, but fighting to keep that crown may not be what is in the best interest of state cheese producers.

No Wonder He Needed the Loan

Final "Pre-General" FEC finance reports came out last night for the WI-08 race, and they tell an interesting story. (Gard here, Kagen here.)

As of 10-18-06, the final day of this reporting period, Gard roughly had a 3 to 1 Cash on Hand (COH) advantage over Dr. Kagen.

According to FEC reports, Gard had $236,263.34 COH, while Kagen had $86,434.55 COH. Check the links above yourself to verify.

Since then, these numbers are bunk. The next day, Kagen robbed his four kids of another $400k from their inheritance, and Gard's taken in over $100k in fundraising. Most of it from the past three days.

Isn't the amendment process to these reports fun?

Can a Governor make cheese?

I guess Jim Doyle can.

Gov. Jim Doyle said that he'll do everything in his power if he wins re-election to keep the state No. 1 in cheese production.Doyle said that he'd increase state incentives to help cheese plants upgrade and train their workers. He said that Wisconsin won't take a backseat to California as long as he's governor.

The good news for Doyle is that California isn't going to catch Wisconsin in cheese production in the time remaining in his term. Congrats, Governor. You've found a campaign promise you can keep.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tear Down This Wall

That's pretty much what's going to happen here.

A southern fence is a waste of money.

Here's why: Without significant guard patrols, it's just one more not-too-steep hill to climb for illegal border-crossers. With significant guard patrols, it's a money pit.

A possible solution is to put up quarter-mile markers (or less where indicated) with beams that can be checked by satellite, then enforced by a reasonable ratio of guardsmen per linear mile, provided by the state whose border is in question.

These can be focused around known traffic areas, freeing up patrols to cover the less-traveled sectors.

Just the appearance of the markers would be truly intimidating, unlike a bit of wire that can be cut through a week before anyone gets around to checking that sector.

I'm for law enforcement, and against amnesty for law-breakers. But additional solutions need to be sensible, not wastefully extravagant.

Hmmm Did the NJ Supreme Court just help elect Mark Green?

You all know my views on the Gay Marriage amendment I am a no vote. That being said I cannot help but wonder, if this ruling will not help Mark Green get that last little section of the Conservative movement that may still be on the vote don't vote fence to vote.

With the race being this close between Green and the Crook anything thing that helps rile up the conservative base hurts Doyle. Since the Rats whole plan this year is trying to depress the GOP vote since they cannot win unless Conservatives stay home.

This issue and the reemergence of the specter of "Activist Judges" can only help get the GOP base out to vote. I wonder how Carl Rove was able to make the NJ Supreme Court do this inside of 2 weeks of the Governors election.

This ruling might the hit in the engine room that the NO people and Diamond Jim cannot recover from.

Just a thought

Chris SH2

Update Prof McAdams has similar thoughts but with the effect on the Federal level.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New Jersey mandates same-sex unions

I believe that the black robed moonbats in New Jersey have dealt the opponents to Wisconsin's marriage protection amendment a fatal blow. Now Wisconsin voters will see that judges are able and willing to mandate law, a law that most people oppose, people will come out strongly and vote YES for the amendment.

I have posted my comments at, but I want to know if you agree with me that this ruling all but ensures that Wisconsin will pass the amendment?

Conference Call with Ken Mehlman

In a weblogger conference call with RNC chairman Ken Mehlman he felt confident the Republicans would hold both houses of Congress. He admitted his party has endured a "very challenging year," but the distinctions between the Republicans and Democrats are "stark." Mehlman mentioned taxes, Democrats don't want the Bush tax cuts to continue if Rep. Charles Rangle is any indication; and anti-terrorism. He also mentioned federal judicial nominations as a reason to back GOP Senate candidates.

On the question of partisan intensity Mehlman noted the RNC had a $46 million advantage over the DNC. On the grassroots level he mentioned they've had more neighbor-to-neighbor contacts than at this time in 2004. In both Arizona and in the Florida district formerly represented by Mark Foley the GOP is 34% ahead in absentee ballots.

In the Q&A time Mehlman thought Leftwing 527s would probably out spend Rightwing groups.

On a question about a controversial RNC ad running in Tennessee against Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. Mehlman said it was part of an RNC independent expenditure. The party only writes the check to someone else. Mehlman's prohibited from controlling the content or placement of the ad. Only that doesn't square with the narrator at the end of the commercial who says, "The Republican National committee is responsible for the content of this advertising."

On Pennsylvania efforts the chairman said there would be a "great get-out-the-vote" effort because of the Sen. Rick Santorum and Lynn Swann campaigns.

Mehlman addressed the Michael J. Fox embryonic stem cell commercials. He called the issue a "matter of principle." He pointed out that Sen. Jim Talent and Michael Steele only oppose public funding of embryonic stem cell research. They don't oppose private-sector efforts or public funding of stem cell research that doesn't destroy embryos.

In his closing comments Mehlman praised webloggers as being the "vanguard of the movement" and the "grassroots of the communications world." They're "the people [that] will decide the election."

[Dreamhost is acting up again. So the BBA gets this first.]

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Greath Eighth on Special Report.

Britt Hume's Special Report had a ...special report on the race between Dr. Kagen & Speaker Gard. Didn't mention Dr. Kagen's oral flatulence. They had quite a bit of shots from....APPLETON! The angle was how people are fed up with the ads.

Lookey Here

Michelle Malkin has picked up on the good Dr. Kagen's epithet.

Since I am blogging by phone I leave to you as an exercise to go find Michelle's commets on the matter.

Now I back at home in the luxurious RoadStar Inn I provide the url of Michelle's blog. Actually, its a link to a Suntimes Article.

Hey Michelle, there is a detailed discussion going on about it here!

Did you listen?

I hope you had a chance to listen to Charlie Sykes today, he was broadcasting live from the White House and had several great guests from the administration.

Charlie spoke with Carl Rove (codename: The Puppet Master), so the Neo-Con Zombie Brigade will be receiving fresh marching orders in the usual encrypted posting at Sykes Writes.

I'm sure Charlie will have plenty of audio up when he gets to a real computer.... He was stuck on dial up at the White House... Tell me that isn't a Lefty conspiracy!

Guns In School?

According to todays article out at the Mises site, Frank Lasee is planning to introduce legislation allowing teachers and administrators to pack heat.

"In fact, Rep. Frank Lasee (Republican) of Wisconsin plans to introduce legislation to allow teachers and administrators to carry guns here in the United States.

I have not seen Lasee's proposal, but I'll tell you one thing - no way would I support this idea unless everyone else had concealed carry first.

Lasee seems to congenitally get his priorities reversed. Non-government employees (regular citizens) should have concealed carry rights way before rank and file government employees - first things first, Frank...

Max Fill @ OTBL

Re: It was never about the name...

I'd say you are correct about that assessment, Kevin. Tribal politics are an art that I think most people outside the reservation only dimly understand, and I'm not going to be the guy that claims to be one that understands them, but I will say that one thing about this story is being overlooked a little. Tribal politics, perhaps influenced by history, are very fluid and at times harsh and brutal. Friends in tribal politics are fleeting. This is more true when it comes to their internal politics, but it is also true in their external politics. They may view Kagen as a better 'friend' than Gard right now, but I'd wager that Kagen's comments did not go unnoticed. If Kagen were to manage to win that seat, the tribes would cultivate a relationship with Kagen until such time that they could find a better friend. With his words in mind, they'd gladly throw him overboard in two years unless he sells his political soul to them. That means that if Kagen wins, he'll have to answer to them or they'll go looking for a sympathetic Republican that they can enthusiastically throw their weight behind. They may be viewing Kagen's stupid epithet as a gift, an inroad to having a lot of control over him. That's my two cents, take it for what it is worth.

Monday, October 23, 2006

It Was Never About the Name...

It's about the Compacts.

(Curse this cave for coming with cable TV and internet access.)

Truth be told, the reaction from both the Menominee and Oneida tribes on the "Injun Time" comment from Dr. Kagen should have been expected.

The two tribes (though the Oneida are continuing their tradition of political neutrality) only care about one thing - their casino compacts with the state.

Gard's been one of their chief antagonists in recent years. First by suing Doyle to kill the giveaway compacts, then by writing AB 461 that would have given legislative oversight on the Casino Compacts.

Kagen could have come out in full headdress and make-up and called himself "Tonto," it wouldn't have made a difference.

The tribes -- especially the Menominee as it tries to get the Kenosha Casino -- only care about who has (or in this case hasn't) tried to stop the gambling money train, not what's said about them at Health Care clinics.

Shock. Overwhelming shock. The Post-Crescent Sunday said Governor Doyle has a “pretty good track record.” Pretty good. Just what Wisconsin deserves. Kind of like this year’s Packers. Pretty good.

And Doyle is more “believable.” What? Believable is determined by one’s basic political beliefs. Believe what you want about the issues, but don’t tell me one of these two very qualified public servants is more believable. Be more honest. Tell me you believe more strongly in his basic fiscal policies.
From:Gannett: Liberal bastion in a sea of red ink? - (Jo Egelhoff)

So begins Fox Politics by Jo Egelhoff. Jo is a friend of mine and is a frequent contributor to WisPolitics. So, I would suggest to the manglement that Fox Politics be added to the Red Wisconsin blogroll!

X-Posted at the Blogger Beer.

Dr Steve Kagen "The Great White Father"

Charlie is all over the use of a ethnic slur by Liberal Moonbat candidate Dr Steve Kagen.

Once again a well to do Liberal shows his elitism streak. Dr Kagen showed what he really thinks about the "little people" when he was in what he thought was a safe environment. I wonder what kind of "Injun" Jokes Dr Kagen tells in the health club locker room, if he is willing to use a slur like that in public?

Charlie is right the Moonbat/Progressive/Liberal left in Wisconsin will just look the other way. Hey its only a little bit of Liberal Elitism no one died right.

Our friends on the left love to paint we conservatives as the evil ones I myself was called a Nazi, skinhead, Klansman, beer sucking knuckle-dragging moron in a comment thread over at Owens outstanding blog(a founding BBA member) by a Rat, for the crime of celebrating Capitalism. They love to call us the racists but they always over look when one of their own uses language such as the language used by Dr Kagen.

Everyone all together now "Double Standard"

Come on Chris why are you bringing this up you know that Dr Kagen didn't mean Injun in a bad way. That is why he wants to be the Congress Critter for the 8th CD so he can take care of all the Injuns in his district.


As usual imagine the wailing and mashing of teeth if Gard had said this.

Chris SH2

I'll be back!

As some may havbe noticed, my server move hasn't gone off as smoothly as say the least. I am down, but not out.Everythig is there and safe, it's just going to take more time than expected.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Re: Ladies & Gentlemen...Start Cutting Your Checks

(So much for being a "Fiscal Conservative," Dr. Kagen.)
In my conversation with the good Dr. Kagen last week he pushed me on the spending issue. Well, come on now. Does anyone believe the left is going to watch the money any more closely than the right, especially when the chief complaint about No Child Left Behind is it isn't spending enough? If the left gets in charge of things we can all say No dime left in the bank.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Ladies & Gentlemen...Start Cutting Your Checks

We emerge from the cave with HUGE news.

Dr. Steve Kagen, Democratic Candidate in the 8th Congressional District,
has officially triggered the "Millionaire's Amendment" of McCain-Feingold (Russ must be so proud a Democrat in Wisconsin was the first in the State to do so.).

What this means -- besides the fact Kagen's private fundraising is non-existent and he's trying to buy the seat --
is that the money floodgates can now be opened wide for Gard.


When a House candidate's "opposition personal funds amount" exceeds $350,000:

  • The contribution limits for the candidate triple ($6,300 per election for 2005-06); and
  • The national and State party committees may make unlimited coordinated expenditures on behalf of the candidate.

11 CFR 400.41.

What this means (and I wouldn't be at all shocked if Gard's campaign already has the calls going out) is that Gard can contact his BIG money donors to give an additional $4,200 to his campaign coffers. Recall that they're all maxed out currently at $2,100. Plus, the amount the RNC and NRCC can give to him now is practically endless.

With Gard having some 4,300 individual donors (so says
their press release on this development), and likely hundreds of donors who've maxed out, FEC reports due next Thursday are going to be a sight to see.

If anything, all Kagen's done with this move is doom his own campaign.

Gard's got better fundraising, and probably spending his money more wisely that Kagen up to this point. After all, a quick look at his
last FEC Report showed that without a personal loan of $250,000 in the last month; Kagen's Congressional Campaign would be broke.

(So much for being a "Fiscal Conservative," Dr. Kagen.)

Kagen's just helped a Democrat get elected elsewhere (and made the Christmas wishes come true for a lot of Green Bay TV sales people) with all the RNC/NRCC money coming to Wisconsin, because the DNC and DCCC doesn't have the money to compete.

So, as the gaffes come a mile a minute from "Dr. Millionaire," the likelihood of a Congressman-Elect John Gard increases. The activation of the "Millionaire's Amendment" helps in seeing that end come true.

Makes you wonder if the new photoshop circulations of "Kommando Kagen" come with him in the jacket of "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase as he goes to kick terrorist ass on that airplane.

Back to the cave.

UPDATE: Daniel @ GOP3 has a take on this as well. Unlike him, I don't think Gard will be the one on the phones calling contributors.

UPDATE II: JS is reporting that Kagen 'can not be reached for comment.' Bad sign as the "Dr. Millionaire" nickname now sticks as this story gets told on every station in the Green Bay area.

Think Fiscal Boom, P.R. Nightmare for Dr. Kagen.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Re: "They’re asking for help. That’s why they’ve committed a crime. "

Does this mean the good Dr. Kaen would support granting a get out of jail card for the Enron convictees?

Did they poll anyone outside of Dane County

Does anyone on either side believe the current Wisconsin Welfare Radio/St Norberts poll? Every other poll has show it much closer to a dead heat. Now this poll comes out and says Doyle is miles ahead. I really wonder did they call anyone outside of Dane county? I am sure when people look into the methods used by this poll and the survey sample it will turn out to be this poll is the garbage we all think it is.

But for our Liberal/Moonbat/Progressive friends please believe it hell the election is over you can all go home Wisconsin Welfare Radio said so. No need to do anymore work in the last three weeks.

Doyle getting 51% now that is funny has Doyle ever gotten 51% in the last year?

"Don't You Believe It"

Chris SH2

Chilli Willies

Everytime I insert a picture or diagram in a blogpost and I want it on the left side I have to insert into the image tag [align=left]. I get the willies every time I think of it.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"They’re asking for help. That’s why they’ve committed a crime. "

Don Charlie has a funny(not ha ha funny)post about the millionaire moonbat Steve Kagen who is running for Mark Greens old congressional seat(I bet Bryan Kennedy would vote for Kagen he would look past the whole millionaire thing)and how he is soft on crime.

"They are asking for help. That's why they have committed a crime." Hmmm but what if they are just criminal scumbag jerks?

I would love to hear the conversation if the good Dr Kagen found a intruder in HIS home at 3am. I mean what would Dr Kagen do if the scumbag oops misunderstood individual didn't respond positively to his attempts to talk the problem through. Oh wait what am I talking about this is the Commando Doctor he would "Take him out" but then feel bad about it. Since confrontation is never that answer if your a moonbat. Surrender is ok but never confrontation.

I sure hope the good people in the 8th CD don't really want this guy as part of the team protecting them from terrorists.

Once again another lib whose motto's is "Stop that or I will ask you nicely to Stop again"

Chris SH2

The last time a battle plan was guarded this poorly .....

Was when the Nazis thought their Enigma code was unbreakable lol. What am I talking about The story of the Rat Battle Plan being left behind after being illegally copied on a state machine in Madison. This is right up there with one of Lees officers losing his copy of Lee's Special Orders 191 orders which led to Lees narrow defeat at the battle of Antietam.

Lets just hope the RPW and GOP leadership does better with this than Little Mac did lol.

Always be thankful for enemies who forget what Operational Security is all about.

Loose Lips sink Democratic Ships lol.

Chris SH2

If Kennedy is pulling crap like this what would he do if elected?

While they stink as bloggers when the Spice Boys stick to their day job they tend to find the neatest stuff about politicos. In today's MJS they point out another example of Liberal political Zombie(he may be walking around but politically he is dead)Bryan Kennedy wading deep into the legal/ethical grey area.

It may be legal but it still strikes me that Mr Kennedy thinks that those political donations were given to support him and his family. Can you imagine the wailing and mashing of teeth if it was his opponent Jim Sensenbrenner who was using his campaign money to pay babysitters.

So if he wins(Bwaaahahahahahahahahaha if he wins damn I can write some funny stuff sometimes give me a moment while I catch my breath) Once again if Mr Kennedy wins (snort holding breath so I don't laugh again) Ok I am going to get through this if Kennedy wins will the tax payers be force to pony up for a nanny?

Mr Kennedy likes to play himself off as the victim

"I find it interesting, though, that you guys are going after the middle-class candidate instead of going after the multimillionaire," Kennedy said." quoted from the MJS. Only when the middle-class guy is a jealous baby always playing the class warfare card.

Senator Kohl is a multimillionaire and I bet Mr Kennedy will be voting for him. Tom Renyolds is a middle class guy I bet Bryan doesnt have any problem with the shots the Spice boys have taken at him.

Can someone explain something to me, didn't a State rep from Milwaukee get busted by the Feds for doing basically the same thing using campaign money to pay personal expenses? I am sorry babysitting is a personal expense we don't receive any money from my wife's Evil Multi National to pay our kick ass babysitter(me)

I wonder how many yard signs or pieces of lit $8,794 would have bought him? All you Kennedy supporters should be asking that question after he loses.

Makes you wonder if he is gaming the system like this already what would he do if he (snort) won. It is a good thing we will never have to find out. LOL.

Chris SH2

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Recall for Michael McGee / Jackson

Someone from the district has finally filed a recall petition against Michael McJackson.

Why are they ashamed that they own Governor Doyle?

Why are Rats who are WEAC members so quick to deny that Governor Doyle is their bought and paid for puppet?

I mean Jay took the time to point out two times that Diamond Jim "crossed" Big Education aka WEAC. But who do you see on TV as the center piece of Greater Wisconsin latest batch of lies ad, why another of WEAC member who just happens to be a English teacher. Come Jay tell me how much money has WEAC spent to get Mark Green Elected? How many ads has WEAC run in support of Mark Green? How many pieces of Lit has WEAC sent out supporting Mark Green? I can answer that one, not one red cent, not one ad and not one piece of lit.

But we all knew that, the question is why do WEAC members like Jay try and act like Doyle doesn't have "Property of WEAC" branded on his ass(can I say ass here? lol) Jay said in the comments that other post that Doyle on two count them two occasions didn't follow WEAC's marching orders gasp How many times has Doyle done their bidding?

Come on Jay, don't be a ninny all the time. If your side has bagged a trophy as big as Governor Doyle you don't hide the rack in the basement bar, you mount that bad boy in the foyer so its the first thing everyone sees as they enter your home. Come on just say it "We are WEAC and Governor Doyle is our Bitch" Be loud be proud.

Now the Tribes that run those casinos may have a bone to pick with you all, over ownership of our crooked Governor. But maybe you could work out some sort of "custody" arrangement WEAC get Doyle Tuesdays and Thursdays and The Tribes get him Monday Wednesday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday will be reserved for meeting with those willing to pay to play for state contracts.

Why spend the money if you cant show the new toy off?

Chris SH2

A reminder for WEAC members.

This came from the RDW education reporter Randy, I thought it a great idea to pass along here as well.

To any WEAC members out there. Don't forget to request a refund of your Political Action Committee dues.

Write a letter, polite but to the point, to:

President Stan Johnson
P.O. Box 8003
Madison, WI 53708

You will receive a rebate of $19.99 and your local president will receive notification of your request. I guess that puts you on the naughty list. The elephant in the room no one is talking about is...

They can buy off Doyle with only 20 bucks per member? I doubt it!

"There were other women ahead of her"

The Mayor points out a story that everyone, every single person, that thinks "universal health care" is a good idea should read.
For those of you American's who are envious of Canada's vaunted socialized health care system, you might want to read this:
Anita Hellum of Hinton, Alta. miscarried at 18 weeks and was forced to carry the dead fetus in her womb for a week because she had to wait for doctors in Edmonton to remove it. She says the awful situation has left her emotionally scarred.

Hellum's doctor said she had to wait an agonizing week to have the baby removed because it was Thanksgiving weekend and there were other women ahead of her. Hellum wonders why she had to suffer so long in one of the richest provinces in the country.

"It's even more horrendous for a woman to spend an entire week knowing she has something precious dead inside her," Psychologist Pam Algar of Edmonton's Centre for Family and Health Psychology said.

Steve Buick, a spokesman for Capital Health, an integrated health network in Alberta, said waiting a week to have this procedure was not "abnormal" and wasn't due to growing wait times.
Imagine, this isn't even *abnormal*, this is considered *normal*. Does this strike you as normal?

When all is said and done, there will only be one answer to this problem: More money is needed in our health care system.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Put Down Your Drinks!

The original Tali-Tubby! There are more TerrorTubbys at The People's Cube I was going to post this on Blogger Beer but I share with you all BBA readers.

Doyle votes with WEAC and the Indian Casinos 100% of the time

Does anyone think we will ever see that head line in the MJS? More proof Doyle is in trouble the paper is trying to paint Congressman Green as being a "rubber stamp" for President Bush. Hmmm a Republican congressman supporting most of the initiative's a Republican President has put forth. At least President Bush didn't have to give state contracts to congressman Green to get his support.

Doyle is a lap dog to WEAC and the Indian Casinos, but the MJS cant find time to talk about that can they? Its times like these that remind me why the alternative media such as blogs sprung up in the first place.

So you people over at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel when are we going to see the Headline

"Doyle votes with WEAC and the Indian Casinos 100% of the time"?



Cross posted @ SH2

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Useful Idiots

A useful idiot is someone who, while choosing to zealously promot a cause, ends up advancing a very different one through stupidity, naivete or inattention. The useful idiot never sees the big picture and typically are driven by blind hate and ignorance. They are led by and feel they belong to, an arrogant and self proclaimed leftist intelegensia, who think you are too stupid to know the truth of any subject matter.

There are many examples of individuals, of institutions, and of organizations that inadvertently become victim to the insiduious reaches of such propaganda.

We have Muchlinski’s, Sjoberg’s, and Baumanns in Hudson. We have O’Brien and the local WEAC mafia in New Richmond. We have Murtha, Kennedy, Kerry, Dean, Polosi, and Reid on a national scale touting cowardise and lack of conviction to confront their enemy. Democrats are poised to re-enact a version of the Vietnam-era drama that helped them lose five out six presidential elections between 1968 and the end of the Cold War. Who is leading them? This frightens me because they are on the pearch to garner power.

Such is the case of the media as well. In fact they are the duplicitious in in excerbating the lies and propaganda put forth by these individuals and groups. On a national scale we have PETA, the ACLU ( The greatest subversive entity in the U.S), NOW (The reality is the group is a radical feminist, man hating, liberal insane assylum), etc… We have CBS fabricating documents impuning the President. We have ABC not being forthright in there reporting of the Foley case. We had CNN helping Hezbola stage pictures in Lebanon. Addionally, we have the local Rivertown news as well, vocalizing and touting the leftist agenda.

If the left can say that Bush is causing more terrorism around the world by confronting the ones who want to kill us in the name of Radical Islam, then couldn’t you conclude that the examples above are doing the same by energizing groups who don’t agree with them? Everyone is for animal rights. But to become a vegan because of it is foolish. CBS and ABC seem to have a vested interest in anything that they can call a failure of the Bush admisitration. Notice how many shows and supposed news has about the reduced numbers of hurricanes this year, about the economy doing so well, how much more tax revenue the feds are collecting, about the number of Iraqi’s that are now going to school, how Bush has quadrupled the amount of education spending in the last 5 years, or the fact that we have not been attacked on our soil since 911?

I’ve always said there is no such thing as the political middle, and anyone who claims to be in the middle is one of two things; a confused and clueless fence-sitter, useful idiots for either side and great pawns, or outright liars.

We are staring into the face of a crossroad between a potential takeover of the congress and senate by the ilk of Pelosi, Murtha, Reid, Kerry, etc… I don’t need to point out the differences between the radical left and what one could call the center, Humphrey Democats, Liberman, and Zell Miller. Hold on to your wallets, your religion, your guns, your civil rights, and anything else this intelegensia crowd will try and tell you is in your best interest.

The same can be said for things manifesting themselves at the local level as well. Do we want four more years of Doyle and his illegal henchmen at the helm for another term? Do we really need a new library? Do the actions of the School Board give you confidence in their underhanded tactics? Why has their propaganda machine used your tax dollars to tell you they know better? The answer is easy. The cog in their machine are “useful idiots”. They want to assimilate you as well. What say you, to be a “Useful Idiot”?

Chris @ OTBL

A follow up to my post from this morning

Here is a photo of the yard with the Block and Green yard signs. At least one Dem looks like he or she is going to be splitting their ticket. My guess is not every Dem in Wisconsin is willing to vote for a known crook like Doyle, some of them must want to be able to face themselves in the mirror on Nov 8th.

I mean sure slime like Xoff and the GWC crowd have no problem that their Puppet master is crooked or that he is for sale to the highest bidder. But I would think it has to bother some of the rank and file Dem's.

The end to the Doyle Crime Syndicate is in sight, please keep doing what you have been doing and remember what your old track coach taught you run through the finish line don't pull up early.

Chris SH2

On Meeting Dr. Kagen.

Last night at a benefit for a friend stricken with cancer Dr. Kagen showed up. Dr. Kagen & his family are good friends with a friend of mine.

Nice guy, seemed sincere and all. What? Did you expect I would say he was a slobbering fang-faced monster? It seems on a personal level him and I would get along well.

However, as you all can expect I still am voting for and supporting John Gard.

The left is trying to turn these races into national referenda on President Bush. Why not? The choice is clear President Bush or terrorist coddling dems. I do not mean to say Dr. Kagen is a terrorist coddler, but the other members of his team sure are. Remember, politics is a team sport and I definitely do not like some of his [Dr. Kagen's] teammates.

This tells me that Green's mud is sticking better than Doyle's

The Sunday editorial by the MJS calling for everyone to play nice is a sign. I believe the current run of Green attack/tell it like it is ads are starting to really hurt Diamond Jim. Why else would the MJS be trying to play the "hey everyone play nice card"

Where was the MJS earlier this year when Doyle and his Shadow puppets at the slimy Greater Wisconsin Committee were doing this all the time with no reply from Green's side?

Now as Green's ads start to gain traction and with the polls showing Green surging into a statistical tie with our thief of a governor. The MJS wants both sides to talk about issues. Why my guess is Jim Doyle's record as governor cannot stand the light of day.

Where is the MJS denouncing all the Indian Casino money that makes GWC work.

You can tell GWC is getting nervous using that English teacher they are using in their latest ad trying to say 300,000 teachers will lose their job if Green is elected lol. And its not just the race for Governor have your seen their ad supporting Falk. I like to think of it as the Sniper ad where they imply that everyone who gets a concealed carry permit will turn into a murderous sniper. Whats up with that Xoff? I guess Falk cannot run on her tree hugging, attack companies has never tried a criminal case record? (Oh and a quick note to the ad people for GWC most people don't put scopes on their self defense handguns it makes them really hard to carry in a concealed manner but you already know that don't you)

We are in the home stretch and on the state level things look much brighter then they do on the federal level(and the fed level isn't as bad as the MSM tells you)

The Doyle Crime Syndicate and their allies in the Wisconsin MSM are worried lets keep doing what we are doing and make them go from worried to down right upset on Nov 7.

A quick yard sign sighting that also showed me that Diamond Jim is in trouble. On Wisconsin Avenue in Oconomowoc there is a home that has two yard signs one for Mr Block the poor Gentleman who is running against Joel Kleeficsh and will lose but that is ok even Oconomowoc has some Rats living in it. But here is the kick in the pants for Doyle he has a Mark Green Yard sign right next to it. So even some of the Dem's in Wisconsin cannot pull the lever for our current crooked Governor.

Chris SH2

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Gard Won 1st WI-08 Debate

I hope I don't get in trouble for this post.

(Then again, it's not about the campaign I'm working on.)

Caught the full 8th Congressional District Debate last night on Green Bay TV and there's no doubt that John Gard won it last night.

He may have come out of the gate stumbling
a little, but once he found his stride, John Gard was on and scoring points with every question.

How do I know?

Well, a good sign you might be winning is when you have your opponent saying "I agree with John." so many times that watchers lose count. Another is the moment that to many will likely be the defining one of this first debate.

Let's just call it "The Airplane Moment."

In another instance, the audience broke into laughter when Kagen, defending his position on the Patriot Act, said he would stand up to a terrorist if the two were in the same airplane.

"That's the difference," Gard said, adding that he would not let a terrorist get on an airplane in the first place.

You can view the full debate here. See it for yourself.

Finally, I thought Gard got hosed on the order of statements. Usually, the one who gets the last opening statement, gets the first closing statement; unless a coin toss is announced. Kagen got both the last opening statement, and the last closing statement.

No coin toss result was announced by the moderator. Other than that, WBAY's Jeff Alexander did a superb job.

That's my take on that debate. Back to the cave.

Friday, October 13, 2006

If only it was made of cheese curds

A woman in Ukraine wore a wedding dress made of cream puffs. Thank goodness this was in Ukraine. If it had been here in Wisconsin, there would have been a two hour line for the dollar dance and the bride would have been lucky to make it out alive.

This one time, on the band trip to Michigan...

The hazing by the University of Wisconsin band is leading off every state/local news segment right now. I'm not going to defend the band's behavior because of few of their actions were truly boorish. Is this really a story that deserves this much attention, though? Many of the hazing activities are, at worst, a little embarrassing. I'm not here to criticize UW for how they are handling today's social/legal climate, they have to act to head off any potential future lawsuits. My concern is how blown out of proportion this story has been on the news. When I first saw the allegations, I was really neither surprised nor shocked. In my experience, bands can be a little wilder than the image most people of in their brains about 'band geeks'. The upperclassmen in this story showed very bad judgement and poor taste in several of the hazing incidents, but minus anything else coming out of this like a harassment suit, it is being way over covered by local media.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

U.S. Deficit Is Smallest in Four Years


WASHINGTON — President Bush got some welcome news Wednesday as the federal deficit for the last fiscal year shrank to $247.7 billion, the smallest in four years, because of a nearly 12% jump in tax revenue. Bush said the numbers were more evidence that the economy was booming thanks to tax cuts that he wanted to see extended.

At two separate briefings, Bush used the news as an opportunity to reassure voters less than a month before midterm congressional elections that the economy was still in good shape, with more new jobs and investment leading to greater tax revenue.

Tax relief fuels economic growth and … when the economy grows, more tax revenues come to Washington. And that's what's happened," Bush said at his afternoon news conference, where he was joined by Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr.Bush said "pro-growth policies" that congressional Democrats had resisted had helped him deliver on a 2004 campaign promise to halve the deficit, and three years ahead of schedule.

MPS is failing (No, not a surprise, but check these numbers)

Tracy, from The Fraud Files Blog has posted on the overwhelming number of Milwaukee students that are failing. A third of all high school freshmen are taking the grade for at least the second time, and 636 are three or more years behind.

Go check out Tracy's post for more details. Also, the paper's School Zone blog has more numbers.

As Tracy says, "And they wonder why School Choice is so important."

I had to show the Navy some love too

This is the Van Halen Video for the song "Dreams" which featured the US Navy's Blue Angles this from my era of the Navy when the "Blues" were still flying the A-4 Skyhawk. Soon after this video was shot the Blues switched over to the F/A 18 they fly today.

Chris SH2

Something to warm a good conservatives heart on a cold night

The Army's video for their new slogan.

I found it moving I hope you enjoy it I hope it annoys some peaceniks too.

Chris SH2

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jenna on The Factor

Here it is:

Congrats, Jenna!

Helen Thomas is from Wisconsin?

Oh,'s not this Helen Thomas:

It's this Helen Thomas:

On this date (in 1908) Helen Davis Thomas, wife of Wisconsin Governor Vernon Wallace Thomas, was born in Viroqua, Wisconsin. Throughout Governor Thomas' term from 1957-1959, the first lady devoted her time to raising their children, philanthropic work with the Red Cross, and gardening. Before marriage, she earned a degree at the University of Wisconsin in home economics and taught in Viroqua.
Oddly enough, the timeline still works. Helen Thomas the "reporter" started covering the White House in 1961, two years after Wisconsin's Thomases left office.

Jenna Enters the "No Spin Zone"

Jenna talked about Kevin Barrett on Bill O'Reilly tonight. I missed her so if you saw it let me know how she did. I'll try to catch it later on the repeat.


My weblog has not stood up to my constant updates so I'll be posting here.

A small plane helicopter aircraft just hit the Bellaire building in New York City. It's a 50-story building built in 1988. It contains 183 apartments. Two stories are on fire.

I firmly believe this was a terrorist attack. Planes don't just fly into buildings. Since it's become more difficult to hijack airliners--mostly due to passengers who will fight back like United 93--small planes would become easier, though less powerful tools for attacks.

"Plane Crashes into Manhattan Building"

UPDATE: NYC police and firemen now agree it was a helicopter instead of a small aircraft. ABC Radio reports traffic helicopters have crashed around the city. Usually pilots crash them into the East River.

UPDATE II: ABC Radio reports the staff of the Bellaire Tower say no one was hurt in the crash and fire.

Kim Priestap at Wizbang is also covering the story.

UPDATE III: Again from ABC Radio: The FAA says the aircraft was fixed wing and not a helicopter, didn't file a flight plan, and didn't talk to air traffic controllers.

UPDATE IV: The NYC fire department reports two people have died.

WTMJ radio reports an FBI spokesman has said there's no indication of terrorism.

ABC Radio reports people in the area say they saw a helicopter in distress.

UPDATE V: From ABC Radio: The Justice Department doesn't see this as a terrorist attack.

Here's the location of the building on Google Maps. It's almost touching the East River.

An apartment in the building is (was) going for $455,000.

ABC Radio now reports NORAD has scrambled fighters over cities as a precautionary measure.

UPDATE VI: Via Allahpundit here's the web page of the Belaire Apartments.

There's more coverage with video at Stop the ACLU.

UPDATE VII: After an initial fall the Dow Jones fought back to only being 15 points down for the day.

The market's concerns about this being a terrorist attack were eased. From reports from people in NYC seeing a plane looping strangely I'm thinking it wasn't terrorism.

UPDATE VIII: WNBC reports the plane was a Cirrus SR20.

UPDATE IX: ESPN reports New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle was killed when his plane crashed into the apartment building. Thanks, DJ, for the link.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Top Ten Doyle strategies for re-election

10. New commercial ties Mark Green to the Teapot Dome scandal. Demands Green give back all campaign donations from Warren G. Harding.

9. More photo ops with John Menard.

8. Extreme green beans. Extreme Green Bay Packers. Extreme Green Day. Extreme green jello.

7. Plans to ask WEAC for his scruples back, but just for a couple of weeks.

6. Has the lost Thompson brother on hand to run for Governor, just in case.

5. Plans to crack down on gambling in Wisconsin. Just kidding.

4. More Tony Earl!

3. Is going to raise cash by selling state contracts on eBay.

2. Will keep throwing bull crap against the wall to see what sticks. Has an endless supply at the Governor's mansion

1. Stick it to 'em! After all, it worked for Tommy.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Gas Price Spike

Gas prices around Milwaukee seem to be spiking on the news out of North Korea, that they have detonated a nuclear bomb.

As of now, 11:30 a.m., there are are still a few gas stations selling regular unleaded for $2.16, but this morning, most stations have spiked their gas prices to $2.27 to 2.29 per gallon.


Two stations in my neighborhood were at $2.16 when I started my lunch break, by the time I went back to work, they were both at $2.27

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Banned By YouTube

Cross-posted at Texas Hold 'Em Blogger.

Check this out while you can.

It's the "First They Came" video put together by Michelle Malkin, which was banned by YouTube as being potentially offensive to — you guessed it — The Religion of Rampage, which objected to YouTube.

You Tube, in turn, showed all the spine of a jellyfish and yanked this and other videos, even terminating accounts to keep the jihadists pacified.

This posting is from a conservative YouTube group, which means check it out while you can — the Religion of Piece (of arm, of leg, of torso) may complain any day and have it yanked down by the YouTube cowards.

The reference "First They Came" is from the writing of Pastor Martin Niemoller about people who remained silent during the Nazi reign of horror in Germany.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Why do they hate the word Big?

I was watching some sporting event yesterday I cannot remember if it was a college football game or a playoff baseball game yesterday was a sort of a sports blur. And I was lucky enough to catch Senator "Empty Suit" Kohl's campaign ad where tells the good people of Wisconsin he is going to get those evil "Big Oil" Companies? I just found the ad kind of silly since gas is now closer to 2 dollars a gallon than 3. We have already asked people like Senator "Takes up Space" if Evil Big Oil has that much control over the prices why have they ALLOWED the price to fall so far so fast?

But I guess Herbie has to pander to his base and we know how the left hates big oil. Most of them still drive cars but they hate big oil. Actually I think the moonbats hate anything that has big in front of it Big Oil, Big Tobacco Big Pharma etc you get the picture. I bet if you put Big in front of the Democratic Party the moonbats would start hating it in a sort of Pavlovian Conditioned Response to the word big.

But then again they like, no correction they love Big Government and they love Big Taxes so maybe it isn't just the word big that sets them into fits. I guess you have to tie the word big with a industry that knows what its doing and makes a profit. Then they really hate Big_______ (fill in the blank)

I wonder when was the last time Senator Herbie even bought a gallon of gas personally not had an aide do it?

Chris SH2 CP@SH2

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

An Inconvenient Spoof

Al Gore is really lucky that I don't have more free time. I wanted to do so much more with this parody.

Cross posted at Subject to Change.

Even Doyles Toadies will only stoop so far for their master

The Wisconsin Election Board a major cog in the Doyle Crime Syndicate today refused to return to the scene of their last crime. The Board refused to order the next Governor of Wisconsin Mark Green to divest the remaining $750,000 left from his federal campaign war chest. That money was not stoled from Green in the daring daylight smash and grab robbery the Election Boards carried out a couple of weeks ago on Jim Doyles lawyers orders. When the board stoled 467,844 they must have figured they would never be able to pull that stunt again. Either that or the email instructions from Jim Doyles campaign never arrived leaving the Election board henchmen without orders.

To be honest I am amazed the board didn't order this money divested. I mean the DCS is so worried about the November election that they are becoming more and more brazen and I cannot believe they will be happy they couldn't steal this money from Greens war chest.

I am sure Doyles people are on the phone expressing their Dons displeasure with the boards ruling. I wouldn't be surprised if the cement is already being mixed up ;)

Not a bad day for the Green Team now on to the Supreme Court and see if they can get the rest of their money back.


Now Adleman Travel can "Pay to Play" in two states

The MJS Daywatch is reporting that Adelman Travel has Aquired a Texas based travel firm .

I wonder if it is as easy to buy state contracts down in Texas as it is in Jim Doyles Wisconsin?
SOLD to the nice man from Adleman's Travel

I am just asking? ;)

Chris SH2

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's Aaron's fault

This morning on The Early Spin, they were talking about the recent stories of kids with guns in schools, and one of the callers was the Cheddarsphere's own Aaron, from Subject to Change.

As soon as Dan said, Aaron from West Allis, I knew we were in trouble, so I put down the coffee (that's how I avoided spraying the windshield) and took a good grip on the wheel and awaited the wisdom...

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After his call, I phoned Aaron to yell at him for making me laugh so early in the morning!

Green's Latest Ad

Mark Green's latest ad hammers Gov. Doyle on illegal immigration. It's another good one.

Shameful Dem Strategery

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According to Hotline, the Democrats’ playbook on the Mark Foley resignation is right out of the sewer, filled with lies, smears, insinuations, guilt by association.

Here’s a sample:

Pay no heed to the distinction between the e-mails and IMs. There’s no evidence (yet) that any Republican leaders knew about Foley’s cybersex IMs. There’s plenty of evidence that they knew how uncomfortable the “overly friendly” e-mails made at least one page. So the Dems will press the GOP on what they knew about the former and will constantly, in their press releases, refer to the “GOP’s knowledge of the sexually explicit e-mails.”

In other words, lie, obfuscate and smear. The Democrats know there is a difference between the e-mails and the IMs. They’re betting you don’t — or won’t after they get done muddying the waters with help from the drive-by media.

The IMs were sexually explicit; the e-mails were not. The Dem strategery deliberately tells their people to lie and confuse one with the other.

Also, trying to connect Terry Schiavo to this and even Jack Abramoff.

And the money. That started already here in Wisconsin, with lefty bloggers trying to smear Mark Green and John Gard by demanding they return every penny even remotely connected with Foley.

Use the Foley cash. Already, the DSCC wonders why George Allen didn’t immediately return the Foley. The quotable Phil Singer: “It is more than a little disturbing that Allen apparently sees nothing wrong with holding on to contributions he got from an adult who has been caught sending sexually explicit email to children.”

This is shameful and needs to be called for what it is: political opportunism at its worst and exploitation of a child to the same level as what Foley exploited him.

The Democrats don’t give a tinker’s damn about this young man’s well-being. They’d use him in the same manner as Foley did — and in some ways are — just to regain power.

Just wondering ... how much did this cost George Soros?

Monday, October 02, 2006

A Good Question

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J.B. Van Hollen asks a good question of “Catch And Release Kate” Falk:

Why is a sex pervert still on the Dane County payroll?

In addition, Van Hollen notes it raises several other questions as well:

  • Who discovered the image?
  • Whose genitalia were photographed?
  • Was this picture disseminated using taxpayer resources?
  • Was any other county employee affected by this incident?
  • Did he share this image with anyone else, including minors?
  • Why was the picture taken in the first place?
  • Was law enforcement notified?
  • What did Kathleen Falk know and when did she know it?

Pictures of genitalia and other porn images on computers is a serious matter, especially when it is on the taxpayers’ dime.

This is a violation of the public trust and reflects very poorly on Falk’s administrative abilities, let alone her qualifications to be the state’s Top Cop.

Contrast this with the wall-to-wall, almost 24/7 coverage of Mark Foley.

You’d think the Journal Sentinel would have some interest in this story, wouldn’t you?

RE: Foley and Green

Foley's actions will effect the election in only one district:

The 16th CD in Florida.

Fortunately, all politics is still local, even while most other lines are blurred.

Fortunately, Wisconsinites are smart enough to see that this is a race between Governor Doyle and Mark Green, not Doyle and Foley. The Democrats are going to try to tie Foley to each and every person who considers themselves a Republican, but it won't work.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Re: Foley and Green

By itself, I don't think the Foley mess has any effect on any other Republican running for office this fall. If it is shown that the House Republican leadership sat on this for any amount of time, though, then I think all Republicans are going to have to deal with varying amounts of tarnish this month, even though almost all have no bearing on the Foley story. In that case, it will have an effect on Green. No one will hold him personally responsible for anything, but the general disgust with Republicans could be a bit of a problem.

Foley and Green

Does the Mark Foley scandal affect Mark Green? Or a better question: when will the Doylies blame Green for being a House Republican?

Great American Beer Festival winners

For our beer lovers out there, the Great American Beer Festival has concluded. Wisconsin breweries were well represented amongst the awards, with the New Glarus Brewing Company winning Mid-Size Brewery Company and Midsize Brewing Company Brewer of the Year. Leinenkugel's, New Glarus, Miller, Lakefront, Central Waters Brewing Company, Capital, and The Great Dane all won medals in various categories. Leinie's, the official beer of the BBA, came home with a silver for Autumn Gold and a gold for Creamy Dark. Click here for complete results.

Shameless Plugs

This past week, I found two shining examples of what happens when good liberal policy goes bad.

The first includes video. I watched an old woman returning aluminum cans at a Michigan grocery store. She must've been there for at least twenty minutes after I arrived. I thought to myself, "there's something fundamentally wrong with this picture."

My second report explores scare tactics run amuck. I share with you a reaction to a hazardous chemical that somehow you and your family are allowed to purchase and handle as if it were no more threatening than a jar of peanut butter. Then, I ask why we're exposing ourselves to this hazard in the name of "enviromental safety."

Speaking of scare tactics, my Halloween decorations are certain to scare the pants off you.