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Friday, October 27, 2006

No Wonder He Needed the Loan

Final "Pre-General" FEC finance reports came out last night for the WI-08 race, and they tell an interesting story. (Gard here, Kagen here.)

As of 10-18-06, the final day of this reporting period, Gard roughly had a 3 to 1 Cash on Hand (COH) advantage over Dr. Kagen.

According to FEC reports, Gard had $236,263.34 COH, while Kagen had $86,434.55 COH. Check the links above yourself to verify.

Since then, these numbers are bunk. The next day, Kagen robbed his four kids of another $400k from their inheritance, and Gard's taken in over $100k in fundraising. Most of it from the past three days.

Isn't the amendment process to these reports fun?