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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hmmm Did the NJ Supreme Court just help elect Mark Green?

You all know my views on the Gay Marriage amendment I am a no vote. That being said I cannot help but wonder, if this ruling will not help Mark Green get that last little section of the Conservative movement that may still be on the vote don't vote fence to vote.

With the race being this close between Green and the Crook anything thing that helps rile up the conservative base hurts Doyle. Since the Rats whole plan this year is trying to depress the GOP vote since they cannot win unless Conservatives stay home.

This issue and the reemergence of the specter of "Activist Judges" can only help get the GOP base out to vote. I wonder how Carl Rove was able to make the NJ Supreme Court do this inside of 2 weeks of the Governors election.

This ruling might the hit in the engine room that the NO people and Diamond Jim cannot recover from.

Just a thought

Chris SH2

Update Prof McAdams has similar thoughts but with the effect on the Federal level.