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Friday, October 27, 2006

Falk down in the polls, resorts to lies

How do you know when your campaign as hit an all-time low? When you resort to outright, blatant lies.

Kathleen Falk and her cohorts in the GWC have decided to blame JB Van Hollen for something he had absolutely no control over. In fact, the case they try to blame him for happened before he even took office as District Attorney.

In October of 1999, Stanley Newago was released by another DA and judge on bail for a charge of 2nd Degree sexual assault. The same DA and court gave him probation for this charge in November of 1999.

In December of 1999, JB became DA in the area, after the bail and probation had already been given to Newago. He had no control over it, nothing to do with it, and he legally could not reopen the case.

A few months later, Newago attacked and assaulted another person. In this case, the only one that JB had any control over in regards to Newago, JB got a life in prison sentence without the possibility of parole for Newago, along with a few other charges for other crimes.

However, these "facts" don't really matter to Kathleen Falk and her dirty little friends in GWC. She's decided to blame her opponent for events before he took office that were out of his control. Down in the polls, she's getting desperate--and she's lying.

Perhaps this just shows her inexperience when it comes to criminal matters--she may not understand how the prosecution of criminals works, having never done it herself. But that doesn't give her or GWC the right to lie.

Fraley released this statement last night:
"This commercial, which tells less than half the story, is the sleaziest ad in Wisconsin political history. This shows that Kathleen Falk and her allies are willing to revictimize survivors of crime for their own political ends. To give the impression that J.B. Van Hollen is in anyway responsible for the brutal murder and assault by Stanley Newago is dishonest, disgusting and desperate. To blame Van Hollen for the decisions of a judge who set bail in this case at half of what Van Hollen's predecessor requested, and prior to Van Hollen becoming DA, shows that the Falk team has no comprehension of how criminal prosecutions work.
GWC didn't really respond to questions about their false, inaccurate ad, and never will. I don't usually have a problem with third-party expenditures, but this group has shown they have no moral integrity whatsoever and will perpetuate outright lies at any chance they have.

As a side note, I've decided to blame Ms. Falk for the severe flood damage Dane County sustained in 1996. I know, I know, she wasn't County Exec. until 1997. But still, I'm going to blame her. Apparently, that's how she likes to do things.

ADDED: The liberals are continuing to attempt to blame Van Hollen, citing a certain statute. Here are JB's lawyer's comments on it:
"Bail revocation in Wisconsin is controlled by Wis. Stats 969.08. As set forth in 969.08(2) and 969.08(5), bail can be "revoked" under only one circumstance--the defendant must be released on bail for the alleged commission of a serious crime, which Mr. Newago was, and then be charged with the commission of a second serious crime (see attached statute). This did not occur. The Wisconsin Judicial Benchbook further specifies that a district attorney seeking bail revocation must submit a motion and that a "copy of criminal complaint for new charge must be provided." (See attached Judiical Benchbook excerpt."
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