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Friday, October 20, 2006

Ladies & Gentlemen...Start Cutting Your Checks

We emerge from the cave with HUGE news.

Dr. Steve Kagen, Democratic Candidate in the 8th Congressional District,
has officially triggered the "Millionaire's Amendment" of McCain-Feingold (Russ must be so proud a Democrat in Wisconsin was the first in the State to do so.).

What this means -- besides the fact Kagen's private fundraising is non-existent and he's trying to buy the seat --
is that the money floodgates can now be opened wide for Gard.


When a House candidate's "opposition personal funds amount" exceeds $350,000:

  • The contribution limits for the candidate triple ($6,300 per election for 2005-06); and
  • The national and State party committees may make unlimited coordinated expenditures on behalf of the candidate.

11 CFR 400.41.

What this means (and I wouldn't be at all shocked if Gard's campaign already has the calls going out) is that Gard can contact his BIG money donors to give an additional $4,200 to his campaign coffers. Recall that they're all maxed out currently at $2,100. Plus, the amount the RNC and NRCC can give to him now is practically endless.

With Gard having some 4,300 individual donors (so says
their press release on this development), and likely hundreds of donors who've maxed out, FEC reports due next Thursday are going to be a sight to see.

If anything, all Kagen's done with this move is doom his own campaign.

Gard's got better fundraising, and probably spending his money more wisely that Kagen up to this point. After all, a quick look at his
last FEC Report showed that without a personal loan of $250,000 in the last month; Kagen's Congressional Campaign would be broke.

(So much for being a "Fiscal Conservative," Dr. Kagen.)

Kagen's just helped a Democrat get elected elsewhere (and made the Christmas wishes come true for a lot of Green Bay TV sales people) with all the RNC/NRCC money coming to Wisconsin, because the DNC and DCCC doesn't have the money to compete.

So, as the gaffes come a mile a minute from "Dr. Millionaire," the likelihood of a Congressman-Elect John Gard increases. The activation of the "Millionaire's Amendment" helps in seeing that end come true.

Makes you wonder if the new photoshop circulations of "Kommando Kagen" come with him in the jacket of "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase as he goes to kick terrorist ass on that airplane.

Back to the cave.

UPDATE: Daniel @ GOP3 has a take on this as well. Unlike him, I don't think Gard will be the one on the phones calling contributors.

UPDATE II: JS is reporting that Kagen 'can not be reached for comment.' Bad sign as the "Dr. Millionaire" nickname now sticks as this story gets told on every station in the Green Bay area.

Think Fiscal Boom, P.R. Nightmare for Dr. Kagen.