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Sunday, October 15, 2006

This tells me that Green's mud is sticking better than Doyle's

The Sunday editorial by the MJS calling for everyone to play nice is a sign. I believe the current run of Green attack/tell it like it is ads are starting to really hurt Diamond Jim. Why else would the MJS be trying to play the "hey everyone play nice card"

Where was the MJS earlier this year when Doyle and his Shadow puppets at the slimy Greater Wisconsin Committee were doing this all the time with no reply from Green's side?

Now as Green's ads start to gain traction and with the polls showing Green surging into a statistical tie with our thief of a governor. The MJS wants both sides to talk about issues. Why my guess is Jim Doyle's record as governor cannot stand the light of day.

Where is the MJS denouncing all the Indian Casino money that makes GWC work.

You can tell GWC is getting nervous using that English teacher they are using in their latest ad trying to say 300,000 teachers will lose their job if Green is elected lol. And its not just the race for Governor have your seen their ad supporting Falk. I like to think of it as the Sniper ad where they imply that everyone who gets a concealed carry permit will turn into a murderous sniper. Whats up with that Xoff? I guess Falk cannot run on her tree hugging, attack companies has never tried a criminal case record? (Oh and a quick note to the ad people for GWC most people don't put scopes on their self defense handguns it makes them really hard to carry in a concealed manner but you already know that don't you)

We are in the home stretch and on the state level things look much brighter then they do on the federal level(and the fed level isn't as bad as the MSM tells you)

The Doyle Crime Syndicate and their allies in the Wisconsin MSM are worried lets keep doing what we are doing and make them go from worried to down right upset on Nov 7.

A quick yard sign sighting that also showed me that Diamond Jim is in trouble. On Wisconsin Avenue in Oconomowoc there is a home that has two yard signs one for Mr Block the poor Gentleman who is running against Joel Kleeficsh and will lose but that is ok even Oconomowoc has some Rats living in it. But here is the kick in the pants for Doyle he has a Mark Green Yard sign right next to it. So even some of the Dem's in Wisconsin cannot pull the lever for our current crooked Governor.

Chris SH2