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Monday, October 23, 2006

It Was Never About the Name...

It's about the Compacts.

(Curse this cave for coming with cable TV and internet access.)

Truth be told, the reaction from both the Menominee and Oneida tribes on the "Injun Time" comment from Dr. Kagen should have been expected.

The two tribes (though the Oneida are continuing their tradition of political neutrality) only care about one thing - their casino compacts with the state.

Gard's been one of their chief antagonists in recent years. First by suing Doyle to kill the giveaway compacts, then by writing AB 461 that would have given legislative oversight on the Casino Compacts.

Kagen could have come out in full headdress and make-up and called himself "Tonto," it wouldn't have made a difference.

The tribes -- especially the Menominee as it tries to get the Kenosha Casino -- only care about who has (or in this case hasn't) tried to stop the gambling money train, not what's said about them at Health Care clinics.