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Monday, October 30, 2006

Doyle Rap Sheet Project

Charlie Sykes posted this Doyle rap sheet. However, he's missing the all-important links. We can fix that. I've put together a Google document so we can add the links. If a bunch of people document one or two of the scandals the project can get done in a few hours. It would be a nice tool for undecided voters and Green supporters who need some ammunition to help persuade their undecided (or even Doyle-backing) friends. I've sent out some editing invites, but if you didn't get one and want to help send me an e-mail (sean--at--theamericanmind--dot--com).

UPDATE: Jenna, the person who has the least amount of free time (school, GOP volunteering, etc.) has done her part. There are some citations that will probably not be found (I'm looking squarely at those two Madison newspapers), but if you can find a similar story add that.

P.S. The Coalition for America's Families which runs ripped off Sykes' list. The lazy bums didn't even add any additional links.