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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why are they ashamed that they own Governor Doyle?

Why are Rats who are WEAC members so quick to deny that Governor Doyle is their bought and paid for puppet?

I mean Jay took the time to point out two times that Diamond Jim "crossed" Big Education aka WEAC. But who do you see on TV as the center piece of Greater Wisconsin latest batch of lies ad, why another of WEAC member who just happens to be a English teacher. Come Jay tell me how much money has WEAC spent to get Mark Green Elected? How many ads has WEAC run in support of Mark Green? How many pieces of Lit has WEAC sent out supporting Mark Green? I can answer that one, not one red cent, not one ad and not one piece of lit.

But we all knew that, the question is why do WEAC members like Jay try and act like Doyle doesn't have "Property of WEAC" branded on his ass(can I say ass here? lol) Jay said in the comments that other post that Doyle on two count them two occasions didn't follow WEAC's marching orders gasp How many times has Doyle done their bidding?

Come on Jay, don't be a ninny all the time. If your side has bagged a trophy as big as Governor Doyle you don't hide the rack in the basement bar, you mount that bad boy in the foyer so its the first thing everyone sees as they enter your home. Come on just say it "We are WEAC and Governor Doyle is our Bitch" Be loud be proud.

Now the Tribes that run those casinos may have a bone to pick with you all, over ownership of our crooked Governor. But maybe you could work out some sort of "custody" arrangement WEAC get Doyle Tuesdays and Thursdays and The Tribes get him Monday Wednesday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday will be reserved for meeting with those willing to pay to play for state contracts.

Why spend the money if you cant show the new toy off?

Chris SH2