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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tear Down This Wall

That's pretty much what's going to happen here.

A southern fence is a waste of money.

Here's why: Without significant guard patrols, it's just one more not-too-steep hill to climb for illegal border-crossers. With significant guard patrols, it's a money pit.

A possible solution is to put up quarter-mile markers (or less where indicated) with beams that can be checked by satellite, then enforced by a reasonable ratio of guardsmen per linear mile, provided by the state whose border is in question.

These can be focused around known traffic areas, freeing up patrols to cover the less-traveled sectors.

Just the appearance of the markers would be truly intimidating, unlike a bit of wire that can be cut through a week before anyone gets around to checking that sector.

I'm for law enforcement, and against amnesty for law-breakers. But additional solutions need to be sensible, not wastefully extravagant.