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Sunday, October 15, 2006

A follow up to my post from this morning

Here is a photo of the yard with the Block and Green yard signs. At least one Dem looks like he or she is going to be splitting their ticket. My guess is not every Dem in Wisconsin is willing to vote for a known crook like Doyle, some of them must want to be able to face themselves in the mirror on Nov 8th.

I mean sure slime like Xoff and the GWC crowd have no problem that their Puppet master is crooked or that he is for sale to the highest bidder. But I would think it has to bother some of the rank and file Dem's.

The end to the Doyle Crime Syndicate is in sight, please keep doing what you have been doing and remember what your old track coach taught you run through the finish line don't pull up early.

Chris SH2